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  1. Thank you for the words. I feel the same, now suffering from asthma as well. Feel awful on ADs, have tried them all. I feel awful and very sad .
  2. I was put on Sertraline 100 mg ( again) and know that I´m not gonna take it. The doctor also put m on Topiramate 50 and Clobazam. A zombi will do better... I already feel bad and depressed like hell and can´t tolerate the side effects of these meds.. Might as well find something else that works. Sertraline takes at least a month to kick in so I decided not to use it. These P-docs are all the same- just write you a prescription and off you go to hell.. So i am not going to have 1 month of panic attack sertraline. Might as well just work out whem my knees don´t ache... Good luck to you all. Depression is the worst pain that a human can endure.. I so wish there was a way... counting to 50 doesn´t help, I´ve tried.. Lately I´ve been feeling so bad that am having high blood pressure!! Never have experienced this before, the head stomping, Jesus, this is crazy!!!
  3. I am on 150. Been using it for months. I've tried using 300 but didn't notice difference in depression, My doc wanted me to mix w/ sertraline which I used for one day and felt awful. There are days that I still feel quite depressed but am quite better than before when couldn't get out of bed and cried all day long. I guess I'll stick w/ the 150 and focus in getting more exercise.
  4. I tried using Cymbalta twice but the s.e. were so strong that I thought I was gonna die. And stopped. I´m not using any meds . I can´t tolerate the adaptation phase. So I´m crying all day long, don´t leave bed and feel suicidal. Stopped working and now am 40 pounds heavier. I used to be a runner . Donn´t see a way out. Have lots of Ads in my drawer: have tried them all: Prozac ( makes me want to drink), Zoloft, makes me dizzy and nauseated, Wellbutrin( terrible tachicardia). I have an appointment with my pdoc tomorrow.
  5. Hi, I'm not new here but thank you all for such valuable feedback. I have very bad depression and have tried all ADs. Today is day 1 on Cymbalta for the 2nd time trying the med. The side effects are really strong, but gotta think positive that 2 weeks will pass and things will get better. Got to invest in life because right now all I do is cry all day and wish to die. Thanks!!
  6. This is day 1 on Cymbalta. I stopped with the Wellbutrin as I could´t sleep. Have took all of Ads since i was in the 20s. I hate to have to use these meds but I´ll try the Cymbalta despite what you say of the severe side effects. My Pdoc says it acts fast, is that true, like in 1 week? Hope to seeing you soon. all stay well. i so hope it´s worth trying something , as I´ve been feeling so bad and sad. thanks
  7. I am so glad I found this part of the forum on Wellbutrin! I'm only on day 2 taking 75 mg but sure that I'll feel better. This was by far the best AD med I've taken. I've always been afraid of everything and WB on the past gave me courage to fly and go on a good 1 month trip. I've tried all meds and none of them worked as good. I have to increase the dose but will do in a week or so. I really feel the Side effects and will try to stick with WB. Also love to workout and want to lose weight , and felt like dying after slipped disk surgery as I once was a marathon runner and gained + 30 pounds.( or more, something like 15 kilos). Thanks for all the good feedback. Lucy
  8. I started in a low dose too. I just can't stand the initial side effects of these AD meds. I tried Effexor and almost freaked out and stopped right away. I used Wellbutrin some years back and did fine. Today I broke the 150 mg pill in half and will give a try to start this way. I guess it's best to take something than to stay a wreck in bed and crying . Thanks folks for being there!!
  9. I dont see how u can manage a combo of two anti depressants. I tried to use Wellbutrin but felt like I was going to die. I really wished I could tolerate the side effects. Been feeling so tired, can´t sleep at all. I take meds to sleep but they don´t work ! This insomnia is ******* me. Can´t concentrate and feel like dying. Feel like a zombie. I hate all AD meds, can´t seem to tolerate the side effects. my sex drive has long gone. Sertraline once worked ok, but can´t manage the first days again. Piling up on benzos. Can´t find relief...
  10. I am new here. Used over the years for depression all kinds of meds. Prozac for a year or so then Zoloft. Both didn't work and went to my doctor who started me on Bupropion 150 a day. I'm on day 2 and already wanting to stop cause I have a big headache and feel very anxious. Also didn't sleep at all last night. I get so confused as I can't cope with the side effects of these meds. I guess the Zoloft was the best. Think I'll stop the bupropion and return to the Z. I am using a benzo and sleeping pills, but didn't help with the bupropion side effects..
  11. Hello I´m new here and on Zoloft 50 mg for 1 month . Iwas really deppressed most of the time, but guess the Z is kicking in now. but still feel like a zombie too. Used to run a lot and it really helped but developed a knee injury. This year of 2012 has been hell, cause all I want is to stay in bed felling sorry for myself... I also have substance abuse problems and used to mix meds w/ alcohol and just wanted to die. It was so hard to stop drinking alcohol that i´d go on and on for 10 days in a row without stopping. I had panic attacks and very bad withdrawals to stop the alcohol. I felt like dying but I HAD TO HAVE THE BEERS THERE or I´d freak out. Now I´m clean for 5 days and back on the Z. Mixing meds with alcohol is HELL. I need to get back on track and lose like 20 pounds. I was really skinny when I used to run and swim. Well , guess it´s like they say at AA meetings. one day at a time... One word on Zoloft- it´s the best med for depression and i´ve tried them all!! I also have trouble sleeping and take zolpidem and a benzo too. The worst was Prozac because it didn´t work at all. it only gave me cravings for alcohol because my mouth was always so dry... it really triggered my alcoholism. thanks for being there. I´m from brazil and hate it here. i´m trying to leave this country to live in Ecuador which i love.
  12. I've been using Zoloft for 6 weeks and feel great . But the nausea is strong sometimes. Wonder why... Can't mix w/ alcohol or some pain meds.
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