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    Im a Northerner
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    Living TV (sad yes i know) Crisps (not cheese and onion though) Flowers..ooh ohh and wine! I have now decided after a long and turbulent time - I LOVE creme eggs. (Justmes fault)<br /><br />Oh and I dont like Gnomes. Especially ones that like me.

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  1. Happy Birthday, hope you are doing well :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. I hope you have a good day.

  4. SKY!!!!!

    Where are ya - I miss shouting your name.


    Comeback to us soon


  5. Ok I have two I need to share on the basis - that they need to be out there for all to see and laugh at! ZZZZZzzzzz I am lying in bed and I see a miniature man (like an action man) commando roll across my floor to behind my slippers. he is looking for something and he keeps running and hiding behind items on the floor. I see him running across the floor and notice there is holes in my skirting boards he roles into one of the holes. I get out of bed and crawl over to the skirting board and I as i peer through the holes I see a miniature world - all little people going about there daily life. I shrug and get back into bed - I look up at the ceiling and notice that where the light used to be is now a bats bum. The bats bum opens and poos on my head. ZZZZzzzzzz (MrSnappy I apologise for this) I am in a warehouse and I am having a meeting with my accountant (I dont have one and dont need one) the door bangs and in walks MrSnappy - My accountant starts giving him a lap dance in the middle of the warehouse. Snappy gets up and gets on to a skateboard of mushypees and skates off I love SSRIs!!!!!
  6. I look at them with one eyebrow cocked and ask them to bite me seriously
  7. Lander ((((()))) By no means are you hurting anyone - you do not whine or whinge - you are hurting and we all understand that. Please please - keep talking to us - i wish you would have mentioned something tonight in chat. Im still in - if you wanna come chat xx
  8. 3 Months later and still hurting, dwelling on what could have been...... Right there with you Dave - one week before christmas - knobhead he is!
  9. Do you know I wouldnt even know where to start!! tell me more
  10. erm.....honestly no - i dont believe it. I have had my heart broken recently and I have broken hearts - what goes around comes around! I dont believe in soul mates although i do hope that some day i will meet someone
  11. SN is totally right - it is temporary and it is treatable -Please dont lose help - we are all here for you - we do care! Keep talking to us x
  12. I totally get where you are coming from I used to visit my GP every three or four days - She was extremely supportive, however depression is such a nasty disease in that, it makes your self confidence and self belief take a nose dive - I used to CONVINCE myself that she was getting fed up with me - but each time i came out of there - i used to feel a little better - and thats what your GP is there for. If she /he is supportive of depression then they will know that your behaviour is common and also expected - DO NOT feel guilty for reaching out to your GP. Good Luck and Keep Talking
  13. Hi!! I have had - and still have extreme memory loss- Example - driving somewhere not really remembering how i got there. Once I have taken my med (Zoloft) i seem to be in a daze a couple of hours later I PROMISE you this is normal. I lose track of what I am saying half way through a conversation and I cant for love nor money work out what i weas talking about Rest assured it happens to the best of us - Talk to your p doc - she may adjust your meds or change them if it severe
  14. One thing my cousellor said to me about my hatred and anger towards my ex - was that it was a positive step to healing. Anger moves you forward gives you energy to think stuff ya! - DO NOT have any contact with her - and liquid skins advice was right on the nose Keep us posted
  15. Anyone know idea how i take this up - i live near liverpool?
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