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  1. I have been Bupropion for years and it has gradually started declining in effectiveness. I spoke with my Doctor and he recommended Abilify I really wasn't expecting much. I had been on other antidepressants in the that just didn't do a lot or it took forever. About day 4 on this i was like wait a minute all of a sudden I feel kinda normal something I hadn't felt in a long time. It's only been a week so far but damn this stuff is really working. I know not everyone will respond the same but so far for me it's been a godsend.
  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  4. A little background I was involved in a pretty bad Mountain Bike accident last summer. Ended up with major depression most likely caused by post traumatic stress and I think a little SAD. Anyway have been on Celexa then Lexapro with Bupropion then Name brand Wellbutrin only. Nothing seemed to work as well I expected. Even at my best was still having depression to some point almost daily sometimes to a meltdown point. I was also prescribed Ativan as needed and ambien CR for sleep. To make a long story short I started looking at the meds and doing as much research as possible. Decided to stop ambien after 4-5 months of continous use. Guess what very little to actually no depression and feel absolutly normal. Still having some trouble sleeping but the way I feel during the day is a major major improvement. I guess what I'm trying to say is problems or no improvement may be meds used to counter side effects and not the main med. I will have to say It will be a long time before I use ambien again. I guess I was sleeping ok or just didn't remember sleeping bad ( another problem with ambien) however during the day it was bad tired even on 300 WB XL. Anyway hope some of this info helps.
  5. It's hard for me to believe that the same realease is achieved by the "caplet" as the white shell of name brand. I'm not by any means a pharmcist and does this formulation make a difference? It may not and some will hopefully notice no change at all I feel like it did with me personnaly. I know some meds and generics work for some and some don't. As far as the fillers. Based on US laws "Colors, Flavors, and certain other inactive ingredients may be different" Again does this make a difference It's obviously not supposed to but I think in some people it does. I also found based on US copyright laws a generic can't look exactly the same as the name brand. I didn't know this until recently. Anyway up the second day back on name brand feel a whole lot better. Hope it's not just in my head LOL.
  6. Heres my followup. Was on 150 WB up to 300 Bupropion XL. Seemed to work ok at first. Now about a month in. Starting feeling bad seemed to get worse over a 3-4 day period. Felt Bupropion was quitting on me. Asked to go back on Name Brand. Now back on WB300Xl. 1st day back on name brand seem to feel better may be just me. Anyway Generics are supposed to contain the same formulation however I beleive certain "fillers" are allowed. My daughter was on ritlan for adhd she could not take generic. We could see a major change in her. I have had issues myself in the past with generics. Anyway back on name brand will let you know if it makes works. I did notice name brand WB is in a "shell" Bupropion 300 XL is a caplet.
  7. How long have you been on WB. I had the same problems with Lex but not with WB. I have been in WB at 300mg for 3 weeks. I noticed a big improvement in that area after a couple weeks
  8. I have been on Budeprion XL 300 mg from TEVA for about 2 weeks. I was on 150 mg wellbutrin XL prior to that. So far it's the best AD I have taken except for the "0" tolerance for stupid and rude people. I think it's the aggitation side effect. At least it has stopped the depression dead in it's tracks.
  9. The Generic XL was made available in December. I just got the 300 Budepropion XL also at CVS
  10. I have been on WB now for several weeks. I went from 150 to 300 xl. each day seems to smooth out a little more. I was also on Lex and Celexa prior. Both of these knocked me down no energy. I found going to WB increased my energy levels also which I needed. I also found myself thinking constantly about how I felt which in turn made it hard to tell what was really normal and what was not if that makes any sense. I think you will see things level out some with time. Good luck.
  11. I was on Celexa then Lexapro I was tired on both. Obviously all medications and the way people respond to them are varied. I found out the more active I was the less tired. This takes alot of pushing yourself but the more Cardio the better.
  12. I was on Wellbutrin 150 XL to begin with then when I was upped to 300 XL. At this point I was changed to Generic. Seems to be as good but can't really compare because dose was upped at same time. The one big diff. from a coated pill to a caplet.
  13. I have been taking the Ambien for a few months. Started out with regular ambien and went to the CR. Before all this started I seemed to do best on 4-5 hours of sleep. The thing I'm noticing most the last few night is vivad dreams not bad just very vivid. Ever had these ? This has got to be due to the WB.
  14. Still working well. The only thing I don't like is when I wake up then I'm up. I guess this is a minor issue. For me it's good for about 5 hours so I watch when I take it so I'm not up too early.
  15. I have had insomina since being on AD's and take Ambien CR for this. I have also found a few other things that help. Take the WB as early as you can I take mine right after waking up in the morning. If you can try to get some cardio in late afternoon if possible a brisk walk, biking, running etc. for 20-30 min. Prior to bed a hot bath. I have made the following changes in the past several months. Celexa to Lexapro to Lexapro with low dose regular bupropion. to 150 to 300 Bupropion XL. I can honestly say the change to Bupropion was the best yet. SSRI's were knocking me down too much mentally and sexualy if you know what I mean. The Bupropion has taken care of both. I really have not had much anexity. Like the rest of the Meds give it time to work. Not all people respond the same to a certain med but again my switch has allowed me to go back to "feeling pretty much normal" Pretty long reply hope it helps. Hang in there. David
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