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    I love my husband more than anything in the world. My cats are a close second and I have a baby on the way.

    Depression, anxiety, si and eds.

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  1. I went to a doctor today, I didn't mention cutting obviously but he wasn't concerned about anxiety hurting the baby and that was all I care about
  2. I dont care if nobody reads or responds to this but I need to write it somewhere and I have no one. My heart is going to explode. 6 hrs I have had palpitations and im so afraid its doing something to my baby boy :( I need to cut so badi know it will calm me down. I don't know if it is pregnancy palpitations or anxiety I cant tell anymore
  3. Thanks jmg :) Think I will speak to midwife Pinga, I was supposed to be referred to the mental health midwife anyway. Thanks
  4. I work at stupid o clock in the morning because of this. If I am up too long before work I panic. Your not alone
  5. Im not new to anxiety and since being pregnant I haven't taken my meds and obviously depression has gotten worse again and I can deal with that but anxiety is physically hurting my chest and im worried it may be harmful to the baby, which I guess adds to it.
  6. In my experiences; therapy no, meds take the edge off. I agree with the SAD theory for you, does sound likely. Set up a light room in the winter
  7. We in the uk are behind ( as always) with the us but has anyone else seen this or have kids watching it? Basically one character Marley is 'forced ' into puging by a fellow student and taking laxatives. She eventually faints publicly and it all comes out in the open blah blah lah. I think it was terribly done and not at all good for the younger generation it is aimed at. Just wondered if others had haughty on this and it's effects on kids watching?
  8. Thanks for your reply! Im not sure that its the pain im concerned about, although i have already told hubby i want all drugs going lol Guess just see what happens
  9. Have you tried drinking lots of water before going to bed? I know that means getting up to pee at some point but hopefully you can go back to bed and not the kitchen. I used to binge at ridiculous times of night occasionally when I was ana but i am aware that is because my body was litrally starving to death and it was craving food. I am the heaviest i have ever been since going on meds 5 years ago all my weight has done is go up. I am currently pregnant so thats only gonna make it more lol but am seriously considering not going back on meds after the baby so I can have my ED back :/ Anyways, currently lots of water at night has helped when i felt the need to eat.
  10. I have no useful, helpful advice as i have no idea how to deal with it myself other than stay at home, avoid going out and no doing :/ Some nice advice above though so just want to say I hope you find some way to deal
  11. Hello, wondered if any mommas could help or anybody really. I am freaking out a little about giving birth even though its not for another 6 months. Basicaly im scared about having a panic attack whilst giving birth as I regularly have one when having sex (the begining not during lol). Hubby is really good at understanding and calming me but what if as soon as baby starting coming I panic? Has this happened to any mommas here?
  12. Pretty sure I was just born this way. But has happened along the way to keep it going
  13. I would like very much to know if you have any luck with switching meds or higher dose as I am in the same boat as you with meds. 40mg does nothing it seems and been on it for 5 years also. I asked one doctor about changing and he only pushed cbt on me so I said forget it and didn't see him again.
  14. Unfortunately, yes is the short answer. Many people with eds usually switch between 2 or 3 at some point. I was anorexic, then a purging anorexic, then bulimic, then ednos. I believe some do overcome eating disorders but I have also read that if it has been more than 3/4 years there is significantly less chance of it ever going away completely. This I fully believe.
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