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  1. Your partner needs time. All you can do right now is be supportive. No offense, but this isn't about you right now. Wondering what you are doing wrong, and if he still loves you is not going to help. Are you able to speak with your partners counselor? Perhaps look into some counseling as well for yourself? It might help the pain and help you understand the disease a bit more. Most importantly, this is a disease! Don't forget that. Best wishes to you.
  2. Him being away for three months of more will give you the time to think about what you would like to do without him constantly there berating you. I am wishing you all the best.
  3. Sad and alone sums it up. And ANGRY! Lord, am I ANGRY!!!
  4. I am feeling as though I should not be here. On these forums again. So incredibly sad and angry.
  5. Today I just want to sleep and sleep. No energy at all, whatsoever. I at the very least have to make dinner.
  6. If you are feeling the need to cut, ESPECIALLY while pregnant, you need to call your midwife and/or go to the hospital stat. Your baby deserves a mother, and you could hurt you and your child.
  7. Your boss gets annoyed with you if you don't say good morning? That sounds weird to me. I dunno, perhaps I am overly sensitive on this subject at the moment. I would look for something else just for peace of mind.
  8. 1. I woke up. 2. My kids are off at school, healthy and happy :). 3. No headache or migraine today, so far. Fingers crossed!
  9. The one thing I have learned growing up in a family of mentally ill people is that in most cases you cannot force them ino treatment. They have to want the help themselves. That being said, if they are a true danger to themselves and/or others please do not turn a blind eye to it. Get your girlfriend the help she needs. You said that you have been afriad to talk to her about getting help. Someone who has taken the time to receive a bachelor's degree would appreciate some logic, even if they are not well. Perhaps some literature on the newest meds out there? Heck, even a powerpoint presentation of concrete information might help. Seeing it on paper might just be the way to go. Best of luck to you.
  10. I am torn. Going through the same thing in an office at one point, the strong part of me always wanted to be the better person, say GOOD MORNING in a supercheery way. Plaster a smile on my face, fake it, and show them that they cannot bring me down. They can no longer make me feel like crap. Screw them, they are worthless and petty! And my depressive side wants to crawl into a ball in my bed. Crying leave me alone, can't you see how much you have hurt me? Usually my anger wins out and I do give them a bit screw off mentality. If that doesn't work, perhaps it is time for a new work environment? A fresh start?
  11. It has been a minute since I have been here on the forums. I feel bad. So, so bad. Like a have such a heavy weight sitting on my shoulders. Though I am in a bad place, I do NOT feel like hurting myself. Others on the other hand, that remains to be seen ;). I know how I came back here. I do. Now I just wish that things could be "normal" again.
  12. This is something I am going through at the moment. I have never in my 38 years had an issue taking a shower. It was ALWAYS the very first thing I did when I woke up. Now it is noon. I am not going days and days without. I never understood how people do that, no offense to them. Now I am going every other day at times. I feel so completely disgusted with myself. I love my showers, love feeling clean afterwards. So, what the heck is the problem? Guess no job, no life, and no motivation will do that to you :(.
  13. I just wanted to send you some hugs. I am thinking of you. You are not alone. Is there anyone you can go to, anyone you can stay with. Walking away is so hard. I sware though, you will be so much happier in the end.
  14. This is a wonderful topic. I would like to contribute to this on a regular basis. Just need to gather my thoughts. Hold my spot ;)
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