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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Happy Birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday :)

  4. New here...

    There are times when I think I am. Sometimes no matter how great things are going for me Im still not happy. I think thats part of the reason my 2nd marriage (the marriage after my ex wife Ive been talking about) failed. I guess I never really been truely happy since my daughter left. I never even got treatment for depression or any sort of counseiling which is probabily what I need
  5. Hello Im new to this site and wanted to share my story... My daughter died of anorexica back in 2000 when she was only 13. She was getting treatment and seemed to be doing very well. It looked like she was eating all her meals and was even gaining weight. In realitiy she was actually skipping meals or making herself throw up. Even though she was slowly improving her heart just could stand it anymore and it just gve out. It really hurt the morning she left and was a total shock since it looked like she was getting better. It hurt even more being that she was our only child. Most likely she went into a coma and then into cardiac arrest. She left us peacefully in her sleep. Mostly I regret not being there enough for her. I had a busy lifestyle and was always out on business. I was even out of town the morning she died. Natrlly it was tough on her mom. I know I was no help in that. Right away I blamed her for the death of our daughter. Since she was w/ her all the time and during treatment I felt like she could have preventded her death. Just 2 weeks after our daughter left I decided to file for divorce. I know it wasnt the best time for a divorce but we
  6. Where Do You Live - Closed

    im from phoenix, AZ
  7. Am I topic safe yet.............

    yeah i agree its strange and a little annoying. but if it keeps people safe i guess
  8. How did you find Us?

    I googed depression forums nd this site was the first thing that came up. Im so glad i found it