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  1. I've been taking Effexor XR 75mg for a few years, and despite the side effects (i.e. feeling like I'm on autopilot, and libido issues), it's been a decent medicine. However, I am more stable now, and feel like I'm no longer making progress on it. After researching Trintellix, I was wondering if anyone on this forum has experience with it. Like Venlafaxine at standard doses, It primarily works on SE , but it also has indirect effects with NE and DE as well. Was wondering if it's nearly as good as Effexor, but with much less side effects like it's touted.
  2. There was some literature that due to the multi-modulation and stimulatory effects, Trintellix has some activity increasing norepinephrine and dopamine (although data suggests that it lacks much of a clinical impact). Anyone have further experiences or data that this medicine can be as effective?
  3. Hi Greg, I've had a similar experience with Viibryd, it just wasn't as good as I hopped. -Sexual Side Effects (Slightly better than other SSRIs, but not completely gone like I had hopped -OCD (This medication doesn't help nearly as much as others with regards to OCD, so if you have it, it may not work as well) -Weight Gain & Bloating. Yeah I had some of this, not as bad as others, but there was a bit of bloat. The weight gain wasn't so bad, but I was hardly eating and not losing a pound which made no sense. -Stoned, medicated and dizzy. Yes but far worse at the beginning. -Lethargic, my energy to do things was worse -Vision, didn't seem to be effected much -Feeling awkward in public, not wanting to socialize as much. Maybe this was the depression All in all, just not so great. If you've been waiting for better results, not sure if this one is going to do it for you. Basically i'm screwed may have to go back to older medication
  4. I'm still taking Viibryd about 40 days, although, I'm not so sure why I'm taking it because it really doesn't do much. I still have to take other meds to control anxiety and lack of concentration.
  5. Do you guys take it at night or morning? I'm still about 12 days into the trial, but a morning dose leaves me quite dizzy and a tad medicated feeling. Yesterday I took it with a couple crackers before I went to be bed and the dizziness wasn't as pronounced. Also for those tapering off stronger medications like Effexor and Cymbalta, does motivation come back on Viibryd? I've felt kind of lazy the last week and 1/2
  6. I've been on it for about 8 days now. It's definitely not as 'activating' as some of the other antidepressants, but I can tolerate it so far, so I would like to continue treatment with it and hope it gets better along the way. Any particular things he likes about it? Do you know when I will be able to notice when it 'kicks in'? I was thinking about taking it at night, but the rx info advises to be taken with food.
  7. I too have just started with Viibryd; as it started to become readily available since late June. So far I am having somewhat mixed results, but I hope continuing it will start improving the efficacy. I'm anticipating Viibryd may be a good solution for long term use. I was on Pexeva (reform of Paxil) for several months, and liked the calming effect, but I slowly put on some weight and there was some libido issues as well. The idea that Viibryd may have less sexual and weight gain side effects is definitely one of the reasons I decided to give it a try. The reason why it comes in a titration pack is most likely due to the side effects. There is pronounced, nausea, tiredness, dizziness, and loose stools as I started on taking 20mg/day. I'm on about day 8, at 30mg and was thinking of taking it at night instead because of the sleepiness effect. Although, the prescribing information states that it should be taken with food to avoid changes in the plasma concentration which can alter the effect. I have noticed in some anxiety relief, but haven't really been too impressed with it's ability make me more motivated or social. I'm hoping this will come; although I'm currently withdrawing from Effexor and in a depressive episode which may be impacting my results. As mentioned by a previous poster, there does seem to be a reduction in the so called 'zombie' effect it which you are separated from your emotions. It was very hard to be creative or even daydream on some of the classic SSRIs due to them basically blocking out introspective thoughts. Unfortunately I don't think Viibryd is revolutionary in any particular aspect of treatment, but I'm hoping that it will offer near or better efficacy and different side effect profile of the other SSRIs on the market.
  8. Viibryd, last approved back in late January, is finally available in some pharmacies. My doctor wrote an rx for it and I got the pharmacy to special order it. You have to taper it. I tried 10mg today and it was somewhat sedating, the taper goes up until 3 weeks until 40mg is reached. Suppose to have less incidence of sexual side effects and weight gain, but there isn't a whole lot of experience with it yet.
  9. Lexapro is known to be slightly more effective for generalized anxiety than Prozac, but Prozac can be effective on anxiety as well since it was FDA approved Panic Disorder. The key with Prozac is that it usually is activating at the start and takes awhile before the anti-anxiety effects kick in. Since it sounds like its already working for you, just raise the dose slightly and see if that helps first. That way you know if it worked whether then leaving and restarting a whole new medicine.
  10. I had the same problem with Pristiq, it hardly had an anti-anxiety effect. Unlike Effexor, its not indicated for both anxiety and panic because it doesn't work as much on serotonin.
  11. Hi Alex, I am in a similar situation as you and in the same line of work. Unfortunately, jobs that require intense concentration (like engineering and computer work) require a lot of mental concentration and thought. Its tougher for guys like us that have some ADD/anxiety issues that make it difficult to stay on task. Stimulants and/or antidepressants can be an option, but Stims have a comedown, and even on them, its still easy to drift away. There is a psychological component to it as well.
  12. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  13. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  14. Has anyone participated in a clinical trial for this medication or have some inside information?
  15. The NDA was submitted to the FDA in May 2010. If there is an approval it could come as early as in the beginning of 2011.
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