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  1. I am very sorry for what you are currently going through. I went through something similar with my ex wife. I had been working up north in the oil patch and when I came home one rotation she told me that she wanted a divorce which took me completely off guard since I thought things were good between us. Like what happened to you my ex wife said she was unhappy for the past three to four years except she told me that she just didn't know that she had been unhappy until a month ago. Tried to do counselling but she wouldn't go and like you I did a 180 doing all the house keeping and trying to do whatever it took for her to try to make her happier. In the end after 5 months she said that she still loved me but that she feels like she's a completely different person now and wanted to date other people. Love can be like a switch sometimes turning on and off in an instant for some people.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I'm not seeing a therapist to talk things threw but I think I'll try to find one since I think I need one. The past year has been hard I lost my dog and cat to old age, I had a really good friend I met at work that I knew for 7 years who past away from stage 4 lung cancer that spread, grand mother passed away last summer and still hurting from my dad who passed away from heart failure a few years ago. He wasn't very old only 67 with two months to retirement. The recent job and the girlfriend loss feels like it pushed me over and broke something inside me. The friend now kind of feels like a loss to. The one thing I really miss about my dog was that he was always there for me and only death took him away. That's what I love about dogs they are always loyal and your friend to the end no matter what.
  3. I guess I'm looking for advice on what I should do whether it be still maintaining the friendship with him since I've known him so long even though I put in all the effort to stay in touch or if I would be better off just losing him as a friend after all these years since it feels like he really doesn't care about me and has other friends now.
  4. I have a friend whom I've been friends with for 20 years now. He was the best man at my wedding 7 years ago and before that we were best friends and did everything together. He never had much friends growing up with times I remember I was his only friend. Over the last 5 years he's made a lot of friends though and I kind of feel like I come last now over everyone he knows. I've been working out of town lots over the past 7 years or so but have always stayed in touch with him and called him up to do stuff. Last few months though I have had a rough time. My girlfriend of 4 years who I met after my divorce broke up with me and moved out recently and shortly after I got laid off from work due to the project shutting down. It's really hit me hard since I won't be able to keep the house and will lose my equity in it if I sell due to housing prices crashing with it being a bad recession. Coupled with the fact that my girlfriend is gone and I don't have that many friends due to being rather quiet and being away at work all the time I lost touch with a lot of people except for this friend. I have made some good work friends but they live far away some on the other side of the world so it's always been hard to keep in touch when a project finishes and you move on to the next. This past week with the project ending unexpectantly and being out of work at home by myself with my girlfriend gone in this large empty house that I don't know what I'm going to do I've been in really bad shape. Even started thinking of ending it. I tried getting ahold of my friend, let him know what happened and asked if he could come over or if we could meet up somewhere to talk. He hasn't been able to meet up with me or come ove for the past week since he has other things going on. Movies, clubs house parties etc and texts me back several days after rather than calling me back. I don't like to look weak but he was my friend for 20 years so I opened up to him and just confided to him via a text message since I couldn't get ahold of him and told him that I was in really bad shape and really hurt over everything that happened. I told him that I felt like my world was ending and really needed a friend to talk to and if he could give me a call. He did get back to me via text message but just said he has plans tomorrow And over the weekend but doesn't know what's happening next week. Im a little bit hurt that I've been his friend all these years and that I opened up and reached out to him but he doesn't seem to care now that he's made new friends. Just kind of always figured that he of all people would be there for me as my oldest friend if something bad happened. It's really made me relook at our friendship.
  5. I would move on. He sounds more like a jerk than someone who is deeply depressed. Likely you just found out what he is really like. They say it takes about 6 months to see what someone is really like before they start behaving like their true selves.
  6. I feel the same way. In the last 6 months my shepherd collie that I always had with me for 16 years and was my best friend passed away. Wife left me shortly after since she said she wanted a chance to date different people. Dad died shortly after that. It all affected my job which was stressful enough that I had been with the company for 8 years and was quite high paying. As a result I ended up losing that too. Having few friends or at least no friends who were really there for me things seem to get worse rather then better. Where ever I go I get memories from the past that still seem so real but really aren't. I cant get them out of my head no matter how hard I try since everything had been so much a part of me. I don't really enjoy anything anymore and just feel shattered, broken and used up like its my time to go even though I am only 31. The only thing that has kept me going was a promise I made to myself on new years eve that I would give it one more good chance and wait a full year until next new years before I ended it just in case my feelings changed or things got better in my life. Sometimes things can get better but sometimes they just keep getting worse which I feel is my case with the depression being situational. I think all the failed suicide attempts that people have are more just cries for help then anything. Sometimes being alive is not really being alive and you have just been dead along time and just have not realized it. I would not consider this living but only existing with a persons death being a long time prior to their physical death. Sometimes their just is no point in going on other then to exist in misery all the time. For the OP I would set a year's time to give yourself a chance and see what happens in case things change and improve.
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