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  1. I was on 100mg zoloft for 2 years. Last week on the 8th I asked to increase to 150. My doc wanted to add 2mg of abilify and not increase the zoloft. I called insurance and it would have cost too much my doc did increase to 150. I took 125 for a couple days and this is my 3rd day of 150. I am hopeful. I didn't want to try anything else because the zoloft worked for me the past 2 years.
  2. Ok, this is making me think... I am going to cancel the appointment for now while I gather more information on this decision. You all really have me thinking! It is normal life circumstances.... Just tough ones. Also, it was a child counselor, not a MD. She is in the pediatricians office one day a week and other doctors offices other days. He is not severely depressed just in a funk since Christmas. I think I will try the counseling and giving extra attention and talking more. Just a hard decision and I want to do what is best for my son. I love him so much. Any other comments are appreciated. Thank you all! It wasn't long ago I was on these forums daily. Several times a day dealing with my divorce and issues. This site got me through and I am very happy in my life. Whatever your struggles are they will get better. Love you all!
  3. My son his having issues accepting his parents divorce. It has been over a year and he was doing really well for a while. I have a boyfriend who moved in 6 months ago. The divorce was 14 months ago.He wants BF to move out so dad can come back home... which wont happen. He no longer wants to do anything outside the house. He is having quite a bit of anxiety. He doesn't want to go to movies, out to eat, bowling, anything outside of home really. I took him to counseling today and we did some anxiety assessments. She suggested journaling and Zoloft. I think it is a good idea and I am ok with trying it for a few months and see how we are with counseling combined. She wants to see what he writes to talk about it and get to the bottom of the issues. Does anyone have experience with kids and zoloft? Did it help? Was it long term? Dosages? I am on Zoloft myself. It has helped me tons. I am not against it, but his father is. Appointment is tomorrow.
  4. I have started loosing hair too and I am a woman. Not cool. Just started coming off Zoloft last week and I have joined a gym as well. I am hoping to have some regrow after stopping but hair loss can also be due to stress and not the meds so who knows!
  5. Well, after having much success and Zoloft being a huge help getting me through a divorce I am ready to come off of it. Life has slowed down and I am doing great! I have cut from 100mg to 75mg for a week. Then two days ago I started 50mg. I am going to do this for a week and drop again. The first week was ok, then when I dropped again I have been having crying spells, moodiness and anxiety. I know this is all part of the journey and I am ready for it. Still sucks when in the moment but I tell my self it is not forever. I haven't been on here in a while but I got more support here during my start up of Zoloft and through my divorce than anywhere else. I wish you all the best. If you have any advice/comments for the tapering off of Zoloft I would appreciate it.
  6. My sister is keeping my kids from thursday - saturday and he will be staying the entire time with me. I think we will just hang out for valentines day. :) Sounds perfect to me. It is so nice to do something for vday. I already got roses and he will get me more i know it! Plus he will cook for me. I love to be cooked for! LOL. V day was always ignored in the past as well. nothing ever. blah. Glad that is over! Weird how the ex's change. Wonder if this is normal. It is nice because I dont have to talk to him. The funny thing is I almost feel sorry for him! I know I shouldn't and he is a big boy and can make his own way. I just feel that I am in such a better place than he is. He is 12 days late paying child support and has nothing to show for his life in my opinion. But things are good. Life is good. Im happy that you are doing so well! xxxxx
  7. Hello! I am doing very well!!! Still seeing my new guy. He bought me roses and took me on a date. I love being swooned. Things with the ex are really quite awkward. We truely only speak because of the kids and that is it. He has even stopped (as of yesterday) coming inside to get the kids. He wants to meet somewhere because coming into the house is too difficult for him he says. I wonder if he is having seconds thoughts or what? I am sure not. Maybe my happiness is ******* him. Kate are you on FB yet? I am waiting on your request. :)
  8. Its ok. Divorce isn't always a bad thing. Best of luck to you.
  9. Really? Hard to see so many in favor of happiness and getting out of a bad marriage? I don't understand.
  10. Things are going good. Seems like I don't have time as much to get on here. I have been very very busy now as a single mom. It is a big adjustment when you are used to having someone else to help with daily activities like teeth brushing, baths, laundry, cooking dishes, etc... It is a much bigger job than sharing duties with my ex... i wouldn't change it for anything, still much happier divorced but my stresses and such have shifted. And I get kind of frusterated that my husband is staying somewhere that he can't keep the kids overnight. His roommate doesn't want them there... SO, i would love a break. Chris gets to pick them up and got on fun outings and play "Disney Land Daddy" and I get to be the meanie. My kids are getting along as good as expected I think, but like your son, mine is angry. My daughter gets sad and closes up. It is sad to see. They both ask for dad daily and he is doing a good job being around for the kids. I hope they adjust quick because that is hard on the heart. I hope all of you out there are doing well. Thanks for the support and I am rooting for each of you. You can face it. What ever it is.
  11. We are actually doing quite well. The kids are still adjusting of course and we still have lots of tears but right now it is expected so we are getting through it. I am doing very well and feel alot happier in most things. I still talk to my new BF all the time and see him about once a week. The kids are doing well in school and Abigail has quit crying in the mornings. :) It is such a relief. I will try to give more updates tonight but I must get back to work! :) xxxxx
  12. As for the ex, I dont talk to him much at all... Feels funny calling him the ex and meaning it!!! He is truely my ex husband! Thank god! LOL! I have truely learned to not care if he is upset with me. Used to rock me and I was a mess. Now it is like, whatever!!!! I don't have to deal with it and that is awesome. Friends going throught this stuggle.... Please stand up for yourself. You can and will succeed with getting out. Not easy, but not what you are experiencing either. I have been through hell and back and feel better than ever for it. Message me anytime. I got your back.
  13. Kate, thanks for the info. I really need all I can get at this point. My 7 year old son is so angry. One minute he is happy and the next he is raging. I just don't know. I am glad that I have him in counseling but it is still hard. I know that everything is still really new and it is an adjustment for all of us. I will definately work towards being more strict because I find myself being more lax to compensate for his pain. Which is really not what I should do because he will learn to walk all over me! But in all I am happy. I am talking online to this guy I have known for 16+ years daily and he is so caring and understanding that it makes my heart smile. I feel that it is alot like what your boyfriend does for you. When I sink he picks me up and when I am happy he makes me happier than I thought was possible. I get to see him about once a week and the time we spend together (he comes after kids are in bed, they are not ready for that yet) is amazing. Seriously when we kiss the world stops. There is so much chemistry it is incredible. Best feeling ever. Kate, I appreciate your support so much. I would have had a much harder time without you and others on this forum. :bear_wub:
  14. I have been taking it at night for 5 months but have been wanting to switch to morning. I forgot to take it one night and switched to morning. I am on day two of taking it in the morning and it is going good for me so far. I think it is a trial and error thing. Good luck to you.
  15. It is so nice to say that I am doing really well. The less I see or speak with the ex the better I am. The other day I didn't take a xanax all day! I have been chatting a lot with a guy who I am really getting close with. It is so nice to see what a real relationship feels like. We vent to each other and he is so helpful all the time with my ranting or crying. I just want to spend time with him all the time. :) When we kiss the rest of the world disappears. It is amazing. I don't stress over little things as much. I am finding my way and working into a groove. The kids are stuggling and I got them into counseling. The counselor said that my daughters behavior is completely normal and just give her time. She doesn't need to go back but my son has a lot of anger issues we are going to work on. My stresses have shifted and we are all adjusting to the new way... I am finding that I need to be harder on the kids because they are walking all over me. The past few days I told them they needed to listen and be respectful or they were loosing privelages. It has helped a lot already. We will survive. Hang in there folks. If you are in a bad relationship get out. It is not easy but totally in your power. If you have any questions PM me anytime. XXXXX
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