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  1. Trace, Thank you for reminding me that it will take a while for the medication to start working. I will need at least two more weeks or so. Thanks, uneh
  2. If you have an experience with Zoloft, can you tell me how much dose you were taking? I am taking it for anxiety and depression. I am taking 100mg now for 3 weeks but have not worked to relief my symptom yet. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for the encouragemnt, both. It is day 6. I feel all right but not taking my anxiety and depression off. Starr, do you remember how long it took to feel better? I should probably need to stick with it for a little longer.
  4. I started to take abilify 4 days ago and taking Zoloft 100 for 16days(depression&anxiety). It seems my anxiety seems more since abilify was added. Does anyone have an experience with these combination and when I should see some improvement? Thank you!
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