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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Things just are not going well in my life, the big picture, yanoe?
  3. Hi violetspike... :)
  4. It sounds to me like you have emotions, they are buried, and muted. Some people are stoic about funerals, and such, I am too, unless it were someone very close. About the angry email, if it was someone you care nothing for, that might be why you did not react. Or maybe you are just not that "reactive". It surprises me about the girl though. It makes me wonder what your emotions were like before you became like this? It makes me wonder if there was an "event"? Some types of things you may be non-reactive to, and that does not mean you have no emotions.
  5. Hi leonarda! ((((L))))

  6. Reading "Knife of Dreams" -- Apparently Moiraine sedai is alive. I kind of always figured that. I wonder if Lanfear is too?

  7. Hi Lindsay!


  8. Hi VS!!!!


  9. Hi all, I have been just bumping along. SUMMER: Summer has been LONG to me. We work for ourselves and daycare is $600/per month or let the children go to work with us. So they are here. They have a play room in the building and have 4 friends who come to play. They play playstation, ride bikes, and climb trees, etc. It's okay, but it isn't easy to work all the time, distractions... There is one kid, who has ADHD hyperactivity, he literally stalks us! haha He is 10. He showed up at our house this morning and asked when we were going to get to work so he could play. Other than that we have been doing a lot of talking and soul searching about our careers. We have not ridden dirtbikes a lot lately... I suspect we will more when it cools off. We have had Everlasting rainfall this year here in our area. I got my office moved to a new building in May 2007. I went on a week holiday in July... We went on a float trip and I got to swim in the river while it poured rain, that was the neatest thing, honestly! READING: I am reading two books right now, no not HP #7 yet... Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins and that is excellent, and Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan, which is pretty good so far (Wheel of Time Series). CAREER: I think what I am doing most this summer is taking stock of my situation, trying to evaluate, and make a game plan for career. It is not easy being self employed as we are. But there really are benefits. I just need to make things work in the best possible fashion, and when you work for yourself, you CAN do that, but you have to be smart, and planful, and thoughtful. You are in control. That can be good or bad, it is what you make of it. That is about it, excluding all the little details! Hope you all are fine. :bathbubbles:
  10. hi, you


  11. hello there! Hope you are well

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