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  1. Hi NotMeHere, welcome to DF. Does your wife know how you feel? Is it something you would feel comfortable talking to her about? Please know that you are not alone with these types of thoughts & feelings and a lack of friends and having issues with interaction. Have you thought about speaking with your GP/family doctor about how you feel? I hope that we can support you here on DF, this is a very friendly and supportive community. Make good care, Girly
  2. Hi flight01 welcome to DF, it is good to have you here with us. Many of us have or currently do struggle with weekends. Personally I find getting out there helps. A short walk, a trip to the shops or the park. Some human interaction. Have you looked at the website meet up? There may be things of interest in your local area that you could go to. Or do the local places of worship organise anything that interest you? There are also non religious groups that organise meetings at weekends. What interests you?
  3. r90

    Hey there, still doing great? :)

    1. Girly


      Hi :) I've not been well physically for a long time and it had a knock on effect on my mental health... I'm ok now. How are you?

    2. r90


      I am okay I guess. We grow up, you know. Lots of life changes, yet still struggling with my mental heath. Can't really believe that it's been 7 years since I joined these forums!

      Sorry for the late reply, by the way. :)

  4. Hi pixie pops I can't offer any advise as such, just wanted to let you know I'm in a similar situation as my work are looking to retire me medically. I have bpd too. Can you do some voluntary work?
  5. Hi Alex Welcome to DF, good to have you here. There is a chat room, once you have 20 posts you can participate in it. I hope DF helps you. Take good care, Girly
  6. Hi Therapy can most definitely help you to work through your anxiety and depression. There are a number of different types of therapy available. It is important to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with and that you feel can work well with you. A good therapist will help you to work through your issues and move forward in your life. Good luck.
  7. So your parents have to know or could you go without them? I understand in US you may be on their insurance.
  8. Hi Mouse90 Welcome to DF, it is great to have you here. I hope the forums really help you. Take good care, Girly
  9. Welcome Talie, it is great to read that you are 92 days free of self harm. You are really strong too. Take good care, Girly
  10. Hi sadfighter, welcome to DF. I'm so sorry to hear that you are feel in a dark pit right now. Hopefully new meds will really help you. Take good care, Girly
  11. Hi superlameworld welcome to DF. I read your whole post too. I can relate to a lot of what you have written. Have you spoken to a counsellor or doctor about your depression & the self harm? It is treatable and you can recover from this. I know that you feel sad about the guy & I don't think it is pathetic. Take care, Girly
  12. It is difficult when your sleep routine is out of whack. Where do you live? There may be options available that aren't specifically focused on BPD. I've recently been on a stress control course that was open to anyone. (I'm in the UK) and I've learnt some good techniques.
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