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  1. Thanks everyone to responding. I haven't talked to him since that night, which was a week ago. I do miss him terribly, but I don't miss the roller coaster ride and his scary behavior. Thanks again! I don't know what will happen, but I will keep in a holding pattern, I suppose. Not much else I can do. Wendynu
  2. Hey Pinga: Thanks for replying. I really needed to hear that. I am going to take a break. He is the closest I've ever seen anyone come to "losing his mind." His pdoc knows about the daily living activities decline, and I just called to tell the nurse about how his behavior scared me a few nights ago. He also is delusional. Thanks for your words of wisdom! Wendynu
  3. Hello. I hope someone here has some insight on my situation. A few months ago, my boyfriend, who has bipolar disorder, started not remembering things. He's been on medication for a very long time for bipolar. He was taken off of Abilify he was taking and then put back on it. Ever since he was taken off of it, he hasn't been the same. He's been manic and gets angry very quickly for what seems like hardly any reason. He lost about 10 pounds, doesn't feel like eating, seems manic, can't remember things, gets very confused and angry. On Saturday night, he got scary angry and I feel like I need to back away from him. He was horribly unreasonable and wasn't like his normal, caring self. He also has trouble with personal hygiene and cleaning his room, and has trouble filtering what to say and what not to say, like talking about something cute his ex-wife used to do, which I said I didn't like him talking about. He keeps saying comments like that, and then I tell him it sounds like he's still in love with her (they divorced many years ago and she remarried). When I told him I didn't like it, he said he felt like he was being brow-beaten and I was too sensitive. Then we went to my house to talk it out, and I repeated how it affected my feelings and he said he didn't understand and then said with a very evil look on his face, "Leave me alone." I started crying, he apologized and I got my shoes on and drove him home. I feel like I'm on a horrible roller coaster. I'm sure he does too. I had never seen him so angry, so defensive, so mean and uncaring. Is this how people with bipolar act? They are taking him off some meds to see if his meds are causing these confusion and memory symptoms. I did not sign up for this when I started dating him. It's getting scary now for me. I have depression, panic disorder and anxiety disorder. This isn't helping. Any thoughts from anyone would be helpful! I hadn't dated in 20 years and then decided to date this guy because he was so engaging and helping to others. He now never calls, can't figure out how to work his phone, doesn't drive because he doesn't trust himself, can't really maintain an erection because worried thoughts run through his head so much and is having trouble sleeping. He can't work now. He seems manic and depressed at the same time. I feel bad for him and have been praying for God to help him, but this is getting to be too much. Thanks, Wendynu
  4. Wow, I don't blame you for calling the police. They say "Nothing changes if nothing changes." That was awesome of you to call the police! Your brother doesn't have the right to abuse people just because he has mental illness. People listen to action more than words, anyway. Way to go! Sounds like you wanted to stop the abusive cycle. Sounds like you are the sane one around there for not wanting to live like that. Hang in there. I hope things are getting better for you. Wendynu
  5. Hello: Thanks to those who responded to my last inquiry about my boyfriend. He has been doing well on his meds for about 10 years now and wanted to get off of abilify because of the costs, so his pdoc took him off of it. He started having many cycles per day. So he was put back on abilify and his depacote dose was upped. He is feeling quite strange, where he describes having foam in his head, and can't comprehend what people are saying to him. Is this normal for someone with bipolar with upped meds? He's never had the not comprehending stuff before, he said, so I said I'd ask you guys about it. Thanks for any input! Wendynu
  6. The "things" that you did, do those sound like anything my boyfriend has done? Thanks for responding! Wendynu
  7. P.S. I also asked him why in a text late tonight why he is acting like this and why he blew me off today. He never blows me off. Wendynu
  8. I have been dating my boyfriend since late January this year. I have depression and am getting treated for it (group therapy, individual therapy and medication), so I have been on the depression forum for myself. My boyfriend has bipolar and has been pretty stable for the past 10 years, he has said. When we first started dating, he seemed fine. But he was taken off of Abilify (and is still on other medications for the bipolar) a few weeks ago. My concern is that he recently has started acting strange. Like today in public, he wore socks with no shoes, and last Friday, he went on a date with me in his pajama bottoms. He has been saying things to me that are somewhat hurtful, and he doesn't seem to be able to stop saying them. He also is having problems in the "man" area (maintaining an erection), and he started taking Cialis a few weeks ago. He also has been sleeping A LOT (like 14 or more hours per day) and not eating very well or bathing much (he stinks sometimes). He saw a pdoc who suggested he take a multi-vitamin and get on a regular schedule. He also drinks a LOT of coffee and has smoked for 30 years. He has cut back on smoking to about a fourth of what he was. He just seems like a different person after he quit the Abilify and seems to be getting worse. I am wondering if it might be the bipolar or if this is his real personality. I have known him about eight months and he never acted this strange. He is 48 years old. So, what are anyone's thoughts? I need help! I told him quite calmly tonight that he needs to grow up. He also is a recovering drug addict/alcoholic who has been clean and sober for 17 years. Tonight, I called him and he said he had taken his medicine, which makes him sleepy, but his speech was slurred. Just wondering if bipolar meds can slur your speech. I am really worried about him. I don't know much about bipolar and want to be supportive. Do any of these symptoms sound like bipolar? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch, my peeps! Wendynu
  9. Hi: I've posted to the forum several times about myself as I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and panic disorder. My meds are doing great for me now, so I haven't been here in a while. My question now is: My boyfriend has bi-polar, and about maybe a month or six weeks ago, he was taken off of Abilify by his pdoc. Since then, he has seemed somewhat distant and very, very lethargic and wants to sleep a lot. Sometimes, he sleeps for 14 hours. I don't know if he's just adjusting to not taking Abilify or what, but I am concerned. He keeps forgetting to call his pdoc to ask about, and missed his appointment. I'm not sure what is going on with him. He also seems to be forgetful. I just am wondering if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms while stopping Abilify. I'm just concerned. I know I can't make him get help, but I can express my concerns to him. Thanks, Wendynu
  10. I've been on it for about five months, and it seems to be helping me. I am way less depressed and less anxious and panicky now. You have to remember, it's usually people who have negative things to say who usually post anywhere, and the ones who are happy might just be going about their lives in a happy way, not bothering to post. I know when I'm feeling bad, I have posted more. When I feel good, I just live life. I started at 5 mg, going up in 5 mg increments until I reached 40 mg, which I think was last week or the week before. It's taken a long time, with eight increments, but I do feel a lot better. They did it with me this way because I'm so sensitive. It was rough at first, but it's gotten a lot better. It hasn't stopped working for me yet. My weepiness also seems to mostly be gone. Yippee! I'd say try it. It's worth the wait. Wendynu
  11. I am just wondering if anyone has changed brands on their citalopram and had any problems. I have been using one from a certain lab from 5 mg up through 35 mgs, going higher by 5 mg during a period of about four to five months. I finally am at 40 mg! But now the generic company my pharmacy uses for the 40 mg pills is different. I am very sensitive to meds and fear trying the new one. The fillers might be different, but it's still citalopram. Not sure what to do. i asked the pharmacist if the two pills from the two companies had the same ingredients, and she said, "Yes." Then when I get home, they look totally different and are made by two different labs. Arg. I just don't want a horrible reaction. I am very sensitive! What would you do? Wendynu
  12. I've been getting used to a medication, which I started in late July or early August. They started me on the generic Celexa at 5 mg, and then my pdoc has been upping the dose 5 mg every few weeks. We're hoping to get to 40 mg eventually to help with the anxiety and panic. I would love it if those would go away. Since I'm sensitive to meds, I was on 5 mg for about six weeks to get used to it. What I read on the web in different places was that when you're getting used to a medication, which can make symptoms worse before they get better, is to keep moving. So, I've been doing a lot of moving, like walking, cleaning and volunteering. It's helped me a lot. Between places I drive to, I have cried in the car from the depression, but I've kept moving, except for last Sunday when I slept in. I keep forcing myself to get out of bed. It's easier now that I don't feel so depressed. I'm up to 25 mg on the Celexa and feel like it's helping the depression. I don't feel weepy all the time now. One thing I've been diagnosed with is borderline personality disorder. They say one of the symptoms of that is you feel things are "unreal." Sounds like you've been having some of that. So, I started individual therapy with a therapist trained in that and then group therapy for that. They do a LOT of mindfulness with us, like someone above mentioned. Well, hang in there. You're not the only one! Maybe watch something on TV that will make you laugh, draw or call someone. Take care, Wendynu
  13. Yep, I like finding people who are like me here too! A great place to get feedback and share things that work! Wendynu
  14. I agree with everyone — volunteer! I'm volunteering and am unemployed because I was laid off from a job I had for 19 years. That's when the double depression started. Who knows, the volunteer job could turn into a job opportunity. I'm taking little baby steps and am applying to places that aren't hiring or are hiring for a job I'm not qualified for because I'm so scared to apply to a job I qualify for. After you send out your resume, do you call the place to make sure they got it and to see if you can set up an interview? Then, whoever you talk to, send them a thank-you note for helping you out. People like getting thank-you notes. Maybe getting a little assertive might help. Have you read "What Color is Your Parachute?" It's a great, wonderful job-hunting book. The man who writes it comes out with a revision every year. It has great ideas in it. Those are some of my thoughts. I wish you luck. I'm still getting anxious and panicky, although I'm not so depressed. I'm taking the generic of Celexa, and they started me at 5 mg, working me up to possibly 40 mg, 5 mg at a time. So, I'm up to 25 mg now. Yes, the economy is bad, seems like in many parts of the world. Good luck. Let us know how things turn out. Wendynu
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