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  1. My three amazing children. My dogs and cat. My parents who are finally getting it (I hope) and have sent me the money to fly me back to the UK for a break. The people I have met here on DF who are not only understanding, supportive and non-judgemental - but can see things for what they are and are not scared to tell you the truth of it, even being blunt.
  2. That I am clear of mind. I am even smiling - something I rarely do. That I have something great to look forward to and for the first time I don't feel scared about it.
  3. Be with my kids - giving them lots of cuddles, snuggle up with them this weekend and watch movies, go shopping etc then PACK! Monday can't come soon enough. It really can't.
  4. So sorry to hear about the passing of your pet Moo. We had a ceremony when my son's hamster Tiberius passed away last year - he even has a little cross as he's buried under a tree at the bottom of the garden. There are a lot of people who understand that even the smallest of creatures leave a huge impact and we all said a little prayer and thanks for having him in our lives for the time he was with us. I dread the day my elder dog goes - she's ageing quite a bit now and hopefully will be around for a couple more years yet, but that will devastate all of us. Hugs to you and I too am glad you faced your fears.
  5. A little anxious and nervous and keeping myself busy. Wanting to remain focussed and not look back.
  6. Monday, arriving at my parents' home and walking in there, looking around and the feeling of being able to breathe again.
  7. Don't ask me why, but "Jive Talking" by the Bee Gees!!
  8. Very cold here - but at least it's dry for the moment. Mum has told me to pack lots of jumpers and warm clothing for when I get to the UK as apparently it's going through a cold snap there - and it's always much colder over there!
  9. Catching up on here before I get busy busy busy and start organising stuff for packing.
  10. Book my flight to the UK for a break - YAY!!!!
  11. A little apprehensive, edgy and nervous - yet excited and hopeful.
  12. 1. Got everyone sorted, out the door, washing done so caught up with all the chores. 2. Drove into town (alone) to sort out something and took some time sitting at a cafe, watching the world go by and enjoying the quiet and confidence. 3. Receiving wonderfully supportive text messages from my best friend and my dad, checking in on me.
  13. Just sitting for a minute on DF to relax and catch up.
  14. A weak, pathetic doormat who causes far too much pain to others who are undeserving of such treatment.
  15. Take my letter from the psych in A&E along to my local clinic to try and bring forward my psych appointment. Get stronger and try again, yet again, to have that all important conversation.
  16. Pouring with rain and for some days to come apparently.
  17. Get stronger and try yet again to have a very necessary conversation.
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