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  1. Hello Prettygreeneyes, i'm sorry you are feeling bad. but ANY AD out there takes at least a couple of weeks before you can notice any improvements. however the side effects start from the first second you take your first pill. it's totally normal that u r suffering from stomach pain nauseous and diarrhea, these are the most common side effects of Zoloft and they will all probably wear off in a couple of weeks. but u dont have to wait for them to go away ! i'm 5th day on 50 mg Zoloft for depression and anxiety and experiencing the very same side effects you described, and also some dizziness... i think u should totally take medications for these " side effects". Again the side effects will probably vanish within two weeks but still " in my opinion" u dont have to endure them, go to your physician and ask him/her for pain killers, pills for nauseous. that's what i did and it's working pretty good. about the depression and OCD your gonna have to be patient hun, all antidepressants take at least two to four weeks to kick in :( .. DONT quiet ! just give it enough time. if you keep switching between medications and never give any of them enough time to kick in, you are never gonna find out what AD is right for you. for ADHD i use Ritalin, i have been on it for yearssssss, it works well " from my own experience" with Zoloft, no interactions. and maybe you can also ask your doctor for some Xanax " its GREAT for anxiety" but only short use, maybe until Zoloft kicks in. Good luck
  2. Thank you guys for the supportive and informative replies, chatting and sharing experiences with other members who r going through the same always helps me a lot and lessen my anxiety :) ellemint .. My doctor told me she didnt taper me off of Effexor and put me on Zoloft directly because both of these meds are SSRI so she thought tapering me off is gonna be time wasting and we simply cant afford that because i was feeling suicidal. Honestly, the withdrawal symptoms are not THAT bad... severe dizziness and nausea and i'm currently taking medications for both. but yeah i wouldn't advice anyone to stop taking any kind of AD cold turkey. Stevins, Thanks a lot man ! your reply has brought me some comfort. i think it's working out for me as well, i take both Zoloft Ritalin and sometimes Xanax and they dont seem to be interacting with each other..... it's been only been 5 days on Zoloft but i can tell i'm feeling a little better, weird huh ? i mean it's supposed to kick in only after at least a couple of weeks but WHATEVER i'm just gonna enjoy the good feeling :) thanks everybody
  3. Zoloft was mainly made to treat depression not anxiety, maybe it helps reducing anxiety but very slightly. i'm on zoloft 50mg for depression and Xanax for anxiety. Xanax is PERFECT for anxiety. so ask your doctor for Xanax maybe until Zoloft kicks in, really u dont have to suffer the side effects until Zoloft kicks in.
  4. I mean i know i can simply wait and feel the results myself, then decide whether there has been any improvements or not. but this SUX and i'm desperate. i spend most of my day dealing with the Effexor withdrawals symptoms and the side effects of Zoloft. and in between i panic and have anxiety over weather " is it okay to be on Ritalin and Zoloft together or not". it's ridiculous. i mean the whole point of being on all these meds is to feel better, but i'm just confused dizzy and paranoid. which eventually makes me swallow some Xanax pills. even if you guys dont have a certain answer, just say something supportive, i mean i know y'all can relate right ? it really means a lot to me. thanksssssss
  5. hey guys, My psychiatrist made me come off Effexor COLD TURKEY as it stopped working after two years of using it for some reason. and put me on Zoloft. When I talked with my physician he said i shouldn't use Zoloft since i'm on Ritalin for ADD and they shouldn't be taken together but he prescribed Zoloft anyway " since it's my psychiatrist decision what antidepressant I should use not his". i made a little online researches and i got different views, some people say it's okay to be on both of these meds and others said it's a dangerous combination, some even said Ritalin should never be used with any SSRI drugs. i'm confused, what do you guys think ? i mean i'm definitely not giving up on ritalin since it's been helping me a lot with my ADD. but i'm also severely depressed and HAVE TO BE on some AD. plz any experiences thoughts suggestions are welcome.
  6. LibraryLady, i think i suffer from self hatred and guilt complex too, that's what one of my teachers at school told me after i explained him how i feel. I didnt realize it until he told me about it, then i made my own researches and looked them up on the internet and i think i totally have these two issues, i unconsciously " and maybe even consciously" hate myself and feel guilty over everything, during this recent depression episode i gained weight like crazy, i used to go to school and other students tell me Tamer how could you gain all this weight so quickly, my clothes dont fit anymore, and i just cant stop eating " even though i know it doesn't make me feel good" actually it makes me feel worse because i have stomach pain 24/7 and have acid reflux, i'm on Venlaxine 225 and Edronax for depression, Oxazepam for anxiety, Ritalin for ADD and Ambien for insomnia. I Take all of these pills everyday and the Ambien no longer works, it relaxes me but it doesn't make me sleep at all and it makes me lose consciousness ! and i dont like the Oxamzepam so much it makes me feel numbed and dizzy but i'm guessing that is the case with all anxiety medications...isn't it ? i cant afford being numbed or dizzy, because i hate this feeling and i usually have to read and do homework for school... i tried mixing Ritalin with sedative medications and it was just horrible experience " which i still do for no specific reason except self hate" . your reinforcement IS great and i thank you for it and really appreciate it, but things just get rough sometimes that I cant possibly see the light and the end of the tunnel , i have tried to come off my sleeping pills or at least stop the abuse and the overdosing and i always fail, same with Ritalin. i cant say i'm miserable because of them though, i have had depression long before i was on any of them. but i will try, i know things will never get better if i dont..
  7. Hey everyone so i have been on Venlaxine for about 4 years now, for the past 16 months i have been using Venlaxine 150, one pill i take when i first wake up. and i can't say it helped me feel happy again but at leas i could function well enough in my life. but since last Apri i started feeling REALLY depressed all over again suicidal and careless about my health, skipping pills appointments classes and overdosing " on other medications not Effexor" anyway so my doctor raised the dosage up to 225 last week and added another medication called Edronax. but i have been feeling worse exhausted and nauseous ALL the time, so the doctor gave me other medications for vomiting and dizziness, i HATE how i have to take tens of pills just to get through the day. also why would the medication stop working all of a sudden ? nothing really sad or traumatic happened in my life to make me fall into a new depression episode.. Thanks in advance..
  8. LiLyRain, thank you so much for your kind words, i'm very happy to have found this website. Imaworrywart, Thanks for the reply and you know it's funny you want us to make a deal on looking out for ourselves, straight after i read the words i felt that " YES, deal. and hopefully we both will fee better", that's why i like it here ! a few words from other members can make me feel a little better, even though my parents ALWAYS bug me and complain nonstop about how i shouldn't be using so much pills and abusing them, and i'm always like " just shut up and leave me alone". Thanks LibraryLady. how did you manage to overcome the self medicating problem ? I actually do see a psychiatric and a family doctor but i just dont follow their directions. i mean used to .. but since my depression got really worse taking care of my health seemed pointless and i started looking for quick ways " to feel better", so i overdose and take the wrong meds on the wrong times and it's just all so messed up and awfully worsening my physical and mental health. Thanks a lot for your kind supportive words, they really mean a lot to me.
  9. Hey guys, My name is Tamer and i'm new here, found this website through Google and i'm hoping i can give and receive support, share experiences, and simply talk to people who can really understand. I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder ADD and Chronic insomnia and have been on medications for all of these since i was 18 " i'm 24 now". I live in Jerusalem but go to school in Amman / Jordan, major in psychology. I have so many questions and looking forward to connecting with you guys, i dont want my very first topic to be all so depressing so i'm just gonna keep it short and feel your warm welcomes. but basically, i had a new depressive episode 5 months ago and it's been so awful, i have been depressed for years but never did anything stupid and irresponsible like what i have been doing for the past few months, i keep on self-medicating and have problems with substance abuse. went to my psychiatric and we are trying to change medications and try to change dosages, i'm desperate and i'm losing hope. i'm the top student of the year 2011 and the second student in all the psychology department at our school. yet, none of this makes me happy and proud, I love psychology but I keep on studying because I simply desperately want to keep getting compliments from my teachers at school. thanks for reading, looking forward to getting to know each of you guys better. Tamer
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