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  1. Okay, so i was supposed to meet my shrink today for the first time and was excited and nervous about it at the same time, i went to the clinic and waited for 15 minutes and all of a sudden a woman came in and started yelling " i don't know what was going on with her" but she kept yelling and cussing, and continued even after workers in the clinic tried to calm here down. it was really scary " i don't know whether it's because i'm extremely sensitive or the whole incident had triggered some bad memories, because in my childhood my parents used to yell and fight loudly all the time and each time it happened i felt scared and went to hide under the table" anyway, what made things worse that the doctor came to me and said he is sorry but he will need to take this patient in " even thought it was my appointment" and asked me to simply wait until he finishes with her,then i decided to leave " not because they wanted me to wait " but i just felt AWFUL and really horrified. now i feel a little stupid and guilty for leaving the clinic, maybe i should have just waited and pulled myself together, but i was really really feeling bad. what do you guys think ? was it stupid that i left ? should i feel bad about it ?
  2. Your welcome, I'm not a professional but I really do believe you should stick to one certain dose, either 75mg or 100mg, bouncing between different doses wont help your depression nor anxiety and will only give you the side effects of Zoloft. and since SSRI's take weeks to start working.. i dont think taking the 25mg 2nite will make you feel any better. When i went to my psychiatrist a week after i started Zoloft and told her about the awful depression i experience at the evenings and nights, she said she doesn't have a solution for this and i should just wait for Zoloft to kick in. and she was RIGHT ! it's been a month now and i'm waaaay more stable than i was during the first two weeks. I know it's rough, but sadly there is no quick fix for depression. If you feel anxious at nights maybe you wanna try talking to your doctor about an anti-anxiety medication to help you through until Zoloft kicks in. Good luck
  3. hey Toyeboy, sorry you are not feeling well. but one week is certainly not enough to feel the benefits of the increase, you should at least wait a couple of weeks more. Today is day 30 for me on Zoloft and i remember when i first started it i used to feel somewhat good at day time but awfully depressed and agitated during evenings and nights, i even made a topic or a post about it somewhere in this forum but cant recall where. anyway I dont feel so depressed anymore at nights, and i take 100mg every morning at 8.00 AM, and i really don't think you should quiet it altogether, it will probably make everything a lot worse. Good luck
  4. Good question, I tend to tell people then start regretting it, not because they tease me or disrespect me but I have a problem with trusting people... and I also live in the middle east so people don't understand a whole lot about mental illness and abnormal psychology in general. but usually if people spend long enough time with me they can certainly feel on their own that I suffer from depression .. anyway to answer the question.. yeah i do tell most people i care about and who care about me " family friends and teachers at my school", and i'm trying also to work on my very low self esteem so i tell people about my mental illness just to prove to myself that whatever others think shouldn't matter.
  5. Hey lostingothicmusic, Thank you very much for the suggestion . I tried taking it this way for a few days but didn't really feel any difference. I talked with my psychiatrist and she said I should just give it more time, probably feeling down during evenings and nights is related to my depression not the medication. it's been 26 days now and i'm feeling much better so i guess she was right. but if taking it split into 2 x 50mg is working out better for you then that's great, Thanks again.
  6. Hey Brighterfuture, I have noticed the difference in you myself, I find your recent posts to be hopeful and kinda uplifting. I have been on zoloft for 24 days and most of the side effects are gone except for some hot flashes and night sweats every now and then but nothing too bad. I do feel a little better and I have become a lot more talkative ! when my depression was at it's worst before i started zoloft i couldn't talk nor listen to anyone, i used to literally put my headphones on and if anyone walks into my room to talk to me i would just give them a scary look then ask them to leave me alone . and that's really not me ! i'm a nice person in general but depression has brought the worst in me. anyway.. it's better now and i'm looking forward to going back to school and WINTER lol ! i'm generally A LOT happier during Winter ! I have noticed most of you guys are on Zoloft due to anxiety disorders, anyone on Zoloft here for depression ? and how are you doing ?
  7. Hey crystalclear, I'm sorry you are having bad anxiety, I understand how you feel because when my doctor put me on Zoloft ( almost 3 weeks ago ) she also took me off of Effexor 225mg COLD TURKEY, which i had been on for over a year. so Effexor withdrawals + Zoloft side effects = HORROR. but after a few weeks things got better pretty quickly and i'm noticing improvements almost everyday. So just hang in there and take it easy it WILL GET BETTER. Dont worry about sleeping too much, it's probably just a side effect and it's really not too bad i mean personally i would rather sleep too much than be sleep deprived. I also had awful time concentrating and my thoughts were simply " all over the place", but it got better eventually. Good luck and let us know how things go ..
  8. brighterfuture, i'm so happy for you and hope things will just keep getting better and better for you, you sound confident and optimistic which is great. i'm on day 22 on Zoloft and you just gave me more hope . Sorry about the problems in your marriage but as you said sometimes it just doesn't work out. breakups can be really rough, but sometimes people leave our lives to make room for better people to come along. I have a question about Xanax, i'm new to this medication " started taking it along with Zoloft 3 weeks ago", i find it TOO sedative ! it makes me really sleepy and i hate that. i wanna be less anxious but also alert and awake, specially that i'm a student. I have read some information online and a lot of people told me the sedating effect will wear off soon as it's only a side effect " Xanax is not a sleep aid, it should only work on reducing Anxiety" but i dont know, i'm kinda disappointed in this drug, it still makes me really sleepy and numbed. does it have these effects on you too ?
  9. Thanks for the info and i'm glad you are adjusting well to your medication and hopefully you will be anxiety free soon. i think i have started feeling some improvement myself " knock in wood LOL". I started Zoloft mainly bcoz of the severe AWFUL depression not the anxiety, i was not nervous and anxious as much i was hopeless and desperate. i only get bad anxiety during exams. anyway i feel a lot better now but almost always i become depressed at evenings and nights. will meet my doctor tomorrow and see what she thinks,, good luck and thanks again.
  10. hey Toyeboy, i'm sorry you are having these side effects but from my experience and i'm not a professional.. you should just wait. usually side effects wear off in about two weeks, i increased my dosage from 50mg to 100mg almost two weeks ago and in the first week i was so depressed sick and dizzy but eventually i felt better. give it sometime because when the meds kick in it's gonna be worth it, or maybe you can go for 75mg for sometime and see how you feel. Good luck
  11. Hi HappyTimes, i'm so happy for you, you do seem a lot more positive and optimistic and it gives me hope since i'm new to Zoloft myself so i thank you for that :D so basically, how long did it take until you started feeling less depressed ? I have been on Zoloft 20 days now, first 9 days on Zoloft 50mg then my doctor increased the dosage up to 100mg. almost all of the nasty side effects have worn off, some hot flashes every now and then and some mood swings but nothing that i cant handle. i'm looking forward to being HAPPY again, how long did it take you to reach that stage ?
  12. Hey Elliebean, I have been on zoloft 20 days now, first 9 days on 50mg then my doctor increased my dosage up to 100mg. i'm seeing her in few days and she will probably increase my dosage up to 150mg, anyway.. DON'T WORRY about the side effects, I have suffered all the side effects you mentioned " except for the sore gums". they all wore off after almost 5 days, however they reoccurred again when I increased my dosage. Headaches and nausea were pretty awful but i could control them by pain killers and stuff, i hated the extreme hot flashes the most and of course the excessive sweating. some people experience increased anxiety so dont be alarmed if it happens, as they say for all antidepressants "It gets worse before it gets better" so hang in there and let us know how you feel and be patient. Good luck
  13. Brighterfuture thanks for the reply and i love your nickname I dont think switching to night would be a good idea, since Zoloft kinda stimulates my brain and will probably worsen my insomnia.
  14. hey everybody, I have a question, most of the articles i read online and the information on the Zoloft package insert says the pill should be taken once a day. I take it at 8.00 AM everyday, things were normal when i was on 50 mg but ever since i increased my dosage up to 100 mg 6 days ago, my body and brain feel really weird and not in a good way. i'm all moody and just miserable. I do 100% believe that these feelings will pass once my body adjusts to the new dosage but until then.......... can i take 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg in the evening ? has anyone of you guys tried that ? does it make any difference ? all thoughts suggestions ...etc are truly appreciated. btw, yes i know i should talk to my doctor about it, but i'm not gonna be seeing her until the beginning of next month.
  15. that's GREAT news, i'm happy for you and hopefully things will continue to get better and better. How much Zoloft are you taking ? i'm on day 16 " or so" on Zoloft, i felt better for a while but ever since i increased my dosage up to 100 mg almost 6 days ago, i have become more anxious and depressed. i'm guessing and hoping these are only side of effects due to the dosage increase.
  16. just because the 50 mg "stopped working" doesn't mean the 100 mg will, Antidepressants are not like sleeping pills and Anxiety medications where you can easily build up tolerance and need to increase your dosage. Yes, Antidepressants do poop out sometimes, but only after a long time of use and not even with everybody. I think " and i'm not a professional" that the symptoms of depression came back when you were on 50 mg because the dosage was too low, NOT because your body developed tolerance to this dosage. it's Zoloft its not illegal drug.. Also... Zoloft can cause mood swings, so if you feel happy for days then feel down for a while it doesn't mean Zoloft has stopped working. be patient try the increase and good luck
  17. Ivy whispers, i'm sorry to hear that and i totally understand and relate to how you feel. i have been on Zoloft 16 days now and the mood swings are absolutely ridiculous ! I go from extreme anger to happiness to depression within MINUTES ! i woke up feeling all refreshed and happy this morning and now i'm feeling so anxious and miserable for no reason. sometimes i avoid talking to anyone in my family for several hours because i feel agitated and depressed but then .. all of a sudden i'm all so cheerful and talkative. it sux. i hope mood swings are only side effects that will wear off soon.
  18. Sambo1 i'm glad you are feeling better now, and you gave me more and more hope in Zoloft. i have been on Zoloft for 12 days now ( first 9 days on 50 mg, then the doctor increased my dosage up to 100 mg" i'm feeling a little better but still suffering from awful nausea and some increased anxiety but i take medications for both, so it's all good and hopefully it will get even better. I know how discouraging it can get when you try multiple antidepressants and suffer from their side effects to find out eventually that they aren't doing you any good, Zoloft is my 4th antidepressants, I don't remember all of them but i think i was on Citalopram for several months and it just didnt work for me and my last AD was Effexor, Effexor was great in the beginning i was on it for like two years then came off of it gradually as me and my psychiatrist thought I no longer need an AD. after 4 months new depressive episode happened and after a failed suicide attempt i was put back on Effexor immediately and it worked very well for about a year then it "pooped out" last April. it's stupid, but i didnt know that a medication could " poop out", and kept taking the Effexor for several months when all it gave me was a high blood pressure and fatigue and probably worsening my depression. anyway, i'm not a professional " obviously " but i think if you ever feel that Zoloft doesnt help you enough anymore, you should consider increasing the dosage not switching to another medication, specially that you are on a low dosage. Best of luck
  19. I understand how you feel, i have been on Zoloft 10 days now and whenever i feel better i tell myself " no way, it should take at least several weeks before the medication kicks in" so i start worrying about how am i gonna feel later and whether Zoloft is the right drug or not ! crazy huh ? I can certainly say that yes i have noticed some improvements, but it's been like an emotional roller coaster, one minute i'm all motivated and happy the second minute i'm questioning weather it's all fake and that i couldn't possibly be happy in such a short time of being on an AD. Yesterday i had an appointment with my psychiatrist and asked her about this. she said " you are making it sound worse than it really is, nobody can be happy 24/7 and at least you have started feeling better already and that's it good ! enjoy it". i'm not a professional but i think people with depression and anxiety are addicted to sadness and negative thoughts,bcoz anything that isn't sad or negative seems like a weird feeling for us to experience, i dont know maybe it's just me but whenever i get a top grade at school " and almost always do" i feel even more depressed after a few minutes of being happy and excited. it's like NO I SHOULD NOT BE FEELING GOOD. That's why i'm considering CBT... Good luck.
  20. Thank you guys a lot for the replies Actually i took it again today and surprisingly it wasn't so bad at all ! weird huh ? it did calm me down a lot and i felt a little bit drugged up but yeah, still a lot better than the first few times i took it, so i'm guessing these were only side effects that will continue to lessen by time. i'm feeling better that now i wont have to go through the whole " finding the right medication and the right dosage" with my doctor again. Thanks again.
  21. i'm really sorry you are feeling this way, and i can totally relate to what ur saying, " really not trying to go into politics here or something but just wanna share my experience and tell you it gets better " I live in Jerusalem as Palestinian and we are a minority of Arabs there and things have always been on fire there, the hate the racism ..etc. but i'm also gay so i'm even hated and discriminated against by my own people too, i have been called names and pushed around at school like crazy and they i was even called names that i didnt know what they meant until years later. I used to work at a hotel in west Jerusalem and racist people come up to me asking me about 9/11 and make stupid nasty racist jokes or " questions" !! i used to come home from school everyday after being humiliated at some israeli checkpoint and after being called all kinda of nasty names when entering our village. i couldn't even tell anybody at home about that bcoz my parents are paranoid and depressed themselves and we never really had that kinda trust based healthy relationship in our family. so basically i never found peace with anybody and had isolated myself all through the 12 years of school. now it's much better, even though i still pretty much live with the same people but look just like LilyRain said "haters gonna hate" SCREW THEM, they are nothing. work on yourself and try to improving your self esteem one step at a time. and know that wherever you live and whoever you are, you will never be liked and accepted by everybody, there will be always people who try to bring you down to their level so they can feel better about themselves. and everyone cares about what others might think of them even if they say otherwise, but i guess we are sensitive people and that's why we take it to heart. i'm also now one of the top 5 students at our psychology department at school and others ALWAYS suck up to me so i would help them with their homework and i usually don't :coophaha:, yes i do wish i had more friends to like me more for who i really am and i also wish i didnt have all these mental issues " depression and social anxiety" but it's what it's and u should understand that it's okay and it's not ur fault in anyway that have social anxiety, and you are gonna be JUST FINE ! never take things to your heart, life can get tough and there are plenty of a******s out there, but those who you are dealing with in ur every day life WILL NOT be in your life forever ! there is no ideal way to deal with these people, sometimes your gonna need to stop them yourself sometimes you are gonna have to make some sort of formal complain to the boss or school headmaster or something, but in general...try to ignore these low life idiots. and cheer up !
  22. Thank you a lot Trace for the reply Yes my doctor asked me to take it daily for now since i'm switching from Effoxer to Zoloft and Xanax is " supposed" :glare: to help me cope with the anxiety until Zoloft kicks in. " the reason i didn't mention this in the previous post it's bcoz i'm pretty sure the whole painful side effects i'm going through are caused by Xanax, not Effexor withdrawal nor Zoloft side effects." i could take it at night time but it will be pointless, i'm already on " stilnox" for insomnia so i don't have troubles sleeping. but i have problems with anxiety and social anxiety to be more specific, so i kinda hoped Xanax would be a medicine that will reduce my anxiety but doesn't make me sleepy because i go to school and i don't wanna be exhausted and sleepy at school. i know i'm all frustrating but i really appreciate the help and any suggestions.
  23. Hey everyone, My psychiatrist put me on .25 mg Xanax immediate release for anxiety and panic attacks, I actually asked her for this medicine myself after i read a lot of positive views about it online. anyway, i feel so awful whenever i take Xanax pill ! it may be reducing the anxiety but i feel so drugged tired sleepy awful headaches and drowsy that all i can do is lay on bed and feel awful. i hoped these were only side effects bcoz my body is adjusting to the new medicine but i dont know.. i mean it's been a week ! i know antidepressants take up to four weeks til they kick in but that's not supposed to be the case with anxiety medications ... so my question is, are these symptoms normal ? should i try and be patient and give it time ? will they last for as long as i take this medicine ? i mean after all this IS an anti anxiety medication so maybe it's meant to make you sleepy drowsy and tired ? i'm confused i know i should consult my doctor and i will, but i would rather hear what people who have actually tried Xanax think first. Thanks a lot
  24. Fightlesone, as a general rule with antidepressants, if they stop working " and they often do for many people including myself" it's a sign that you might need to increase your dosage. and if after several weeks of the increase still no improvements. it means you need to switch to a different AD. it's the same with Anxiety medications. i'm not a professional, but speaking out of my personal experience. Antidepressants DO stop working sometimes even if they had worked very well for the person for years, the reason us unknown, but never lose hope or wait " too long" the medication is simply no longer good for you. try something else and yes i know " easier said than done" Best of luck
  25. i would go for the increase if i were you, the side effects you are having are gonna hopefully all vanish very very soon, i mean it's been 6 weeks right ? so yeah go with the increase. but if you are afraid of the anxiety maybe you can ask your doctor for some anti anxiety medication like Xanax or something. i have been on Zoloft 50mg 5 days now and next week i'm going for 100mg, and i take Xanax to help me cope with the side effects until Zoloft fully kicks in. but honestly i think it's weird the side effects haven't lessened after 6 weeks ? usually it's not supposed to take that long but be patient and have hope, and also know that Zoloft may not be the right drug for you. that's the case with everyone on antidepressants, the only way to know whether the drug is right for you or not is to simply try it be patient and give it time.
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