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  1. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, be patient it might take a while to feel the full effect but you are on the right track ! I'm new to Zoloft myself " but not new to antidepressants" I have been on it for almost 8 weeks now. And I experinced the extreme emotional rollacoaster too during the first few weeks. I would be happy and very optimistic for an hour then feel misrable again all of a sudden for no reason. It concerned me a bit bcoz I never experienced such SEVERE mood swings on other antidepressants, so he put me on a mood stabilizer and it immidetaly lifted up my mood ! So it seems like I'm a little bipolar-ish " if such a thing even exists" LOL Anyway, please feel free to ask any questions and let us know how the Zoloft is working out for you. People here are great and helpful !
  2. Hey Craigdog, There isn't really much left to add for the great informative post Epictetus made. but if it was all placebo effect then there wouldn't be so many various kinds of antidepressants, working differently for different individuals. I cant deny that the fact that i'm " getting help" cheers me up sometimes but it's definitely not improving my depression symptoms. when you find the right medicine and the right dosage for yourself, you will know what i mean. Antidepressants DO help a lot, and I remember when i was on Effexor for a year "before it pooped out on me" I was completely depression free, but when i'm off meds or on antidepressants that aren't good for me, no self help books, psychotherapy, or any kind of supportive talks in the whole world will help me get out of my depression. i'm not a doctor nor trying to recommend anything, you should discuss these things with your doctor, i'm just sharing my thoughts. Best of luck to you and let us know how you feel.
  3. Apple_Bloom, Thank you very much. I do see a psychotherapist weekly and had two psychotherapy treatments in the past with different psychotherapists. The problem is, there is usually no particular reason for my reoccurring depressive episodes ! " well not that i'm consciously aware of". So there is usually no one particular thing that's causing me to feel so depressed and I need to talk about it, so the sessions are usually cold and dull I feel the psychotherapist is more of a listener " and i know that's what he should be " but i'm just doubting it's benefits for me, not so worth the money i'm paying. but either way, thank you very much for the suggestions, i will stick to the meds and psychotherapy and see how things will go..
  4. Hey Toyeboy, I'm sorry you are having these appetite related side effects. I had the same thing you described when I was on Effexor ! I Just couldn't stop eating and craved chocolate and sweets 24/7. But it went away as all other side effects after a couple of weeks. For me Zoloft does the exact opposite ! I have no appetite whatsoever and I like that ! Im usually nasuious so if I eat I become sick and feel like throwing up I definitely should lose the weight I put on during my last depressive episode. " that's also my psychiatrist's opinion" All I wanna say is, dont be too hard on yourself, it's common for ADs to cause this side effect but hopefully it will fade as you go on with ur treatment. Good luck and keep us posted
  5. Bumping this thread up, hopefully someone will share their experiences with these two medicstions, and give suggestions. Any help would be TRULY appreciated. :-) (""v"")
  6. Yes, SSRIs do nothing for me. Cymbalta helped for a while, Moclobemide helped. Had to stop both of these since it turns out I'm actually bipolar and they caused me more problems. Lamotrigine (Lamictal) now helps a fair bit. Velthir, I met my psychiatrist today and she took your advise LOL, So today is my first day on Lamictal 25mg and she also kept me on Zoloft 150mg..keeping my fingers crossed. I think i might be bipolar-ish too, but she said there is no certain way for us to know that, we will just keep on trying meds. did you feel the benefits right away ? any symptoms i should watch out for ? any suggestions ? Thanks a lot, I truly appreciate your help.
  7. Hey Toyeboy, I totally agree with Katersbee, you should never self medicate yourself by any means. and I know how awful things get sometimes that you just need to do almost anything to feel better " we all have been there " but still, please discuss the dosage changing with your doctor. The sweating thing is horrible for me too, i have never been sweating excessively like on Zoloft now, and i have been on many different ADs before and none of them caused me to sweat all the time like Zoloft does, it's not only night sweats but ALL THE TIME sweats. everybody is different, but unfortunately for me this side effect hasn't subsided and i have been on Zoloft two months now and it is still as bad as it was the first day i took Zoloft....
  8. Hi everybody, I met my psychiatrist today and told her that i feel Zoloft doesn't work for me whatsoever, i have been on it for almost two months and i have never been as depressed, i think i might be less anxious than before but the depression is still awful, suicidal thoughts nonstop.. She said i shouldn't go off Zoloft and it's still too early to judge this medicine, but she put me on a mood stabilizer called Lamictal. now, i'm reading about it online and i'm surprised to see that this medicine is mainly used to treat epilepsy and Bipolar disorder ! i have never had any manic episodes nor epilepsy seizures before, i'm diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. i just wanna know whether what my Dr is doing is common and " okay " and not just desperate tries to prevent me from doing something stupid to myself " not that i have any intentions to". has anyone been on this combo before ? any suggestions or thoughts are truly appreciated.
  9. Hi Jim Bow, I know you probably didnt mean it, but honestly your words were like rubbing salt in my wounds... i kinda have figured out already that i have so many issues...otherwise i wouldn't have written this post. i have been doing anything i can to overcome my conditions " taking my meds exactly as my doctor told me" and go to psychotherapy, read self help books...etc. but i keep falling again and hitting rock bottom each time i try getting better. but anyway, thanks.
  10. Hi everybody, i'm lost and confused, please bear with me.. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, GAD, ADD about 5 years ago when i was 19, and have been on medications since then. I have tried over 6 medications 4 SSRIs and 2 SNRIs, most of them didn't work at all or made me feel worse and one of them " Effexor" worked well for a while then it pooped out and i fell into depression again. I have been going insane looking for information online and in books wondering whether i have been misdiagnosed or maybe my depression is the treatment resistant type. about 7 weeks ago my doctor put me on Zoloft " an SSRI" and it has done nothing to me whatsoever except for suppressing my appetite. I have been suffering from extreme mood swings for so long, and when i told my psychiatrist i feel i may have been misdiagnosed and that's why the antidepressants are not working, maybe i have Bipolar ? she said "since you dont have manic episodes it cant be bipolar". but from what i have read so far in bipolar type two you dont necessarily go through a full blown manic episode. " you dont have a break from reality" the mood swings are insane, I mostly feel down and cant talk to anybody to extremely angry and irritable and sometimes out of the blue i become talkative " not forced speech" but simply into talking with my family about my school ..etc. and just feel good calm very hopeful and cheerful. but usually this great feeling doesn't last more than an hour. Today in the afternoon i was so sad and suicidal and lied in bed for hours looking up info about suicide " all kind of random info, what to do, how to prevent it, celebrities who have committed suicide..etc" and an hour ago i felt GREAT and watched a movie and enjoyed it. i'm seeing my psychiatrist next Sunday, and i was wondering what do you guys think i should do ? i'm losing sanity here.. forgot to mention, i'm seeing a therapist and have been through psychotherapy twice before with two different doctors and i don't think they benefited me even a bit.
  11. I don't think u would just wake up feeling happy all of a sudden, it's a process... But it's gonna take time, just be patient. And also if u r having all these difficult side effects maybe you should check with ur doctor and see if he can give u something to help you through until Zoloft kicks in. The first two weeks I took Zoloft I had to take pills for dizziness nausea almos everyday. It's been 7 weeks and I'm considering switching to a different medication :( Zoloft is just not helping me in any way.
  12. I had most of zoloft start up side effects as well, most of the ones you mentioned plus awful headaches and they reoccurred each time the doctor increased my dose. it's different for everyone but in my case it took about 10 to 14 days for these nasty side effects to disappear. 0.25 didnt work for me either but the 0.5mg worked and it does wonders, i take it before school and sometimes during the afternoon ..so maybe you wanna check with your doctor see if he can increase your Xanax dose a little bit. good luck
  13. Velthir, thank you so much. i wrote these info down and will discuss them with my doctor. i think she doesn't wanna put me on MAOIs because she doesn't believe i will care so much for the diet restrictions. have you ever been on SSRIs then went to a different type of ADs ? did it really work ?
  14. your welcome and let us know how it goes. see, basically as my psychiatrist told me there is no right nor wrong when it comes to how and when to take your medications, for instance Zoloft can be sedative for many people that's why they take it at night, to help them fall asleep. but for others like me it's actually a stimulating medication so i take it before school to boost my energy. Xanax is a whole different story, when i first started taking it i really hated it, it knocked me out and made me exhausted and sleepy. but that was only for the first two weeks, but thank god now it has lost it's sedative effect and it only relaxes me and makes me anxiety free :bathbubbles: so basically it's all trial and error process, try them together see how you feel and whatever works for you stick to it. btw, how has been Zoloft working out for you ? how long have you been on it ? Good luck
  15. thanks for the quick response well, i wouldn't say there is something REALLY stressful in my life, i mean it's only school related stuff, like exams and homework...etc. and my family is awfully dysfunctional, extreme yelling cussing and constant fighting but i dont live them since i go to school in a different country, but yeah i can certainly say that when i do visit them in holidays i feel really depressed. i guess because it all triggers some bad memories.. they used to fight violently when i was a kid and it used to scare the hell out of me and i would hide under the table for long long hours. but anyway most of the stress comes from my thinking, fear of the future and dwelling over mistakes i made in the past. I KNOW, it's wrong but i'm pretty sure you can understand how difficult it's to control your thoughts when you are diagnosed with mental disorder. I started CBT last week, one session so far and planing to continue of course and hopefully it will help. Also, i used to read A LOT of these self help books but i find them helpful only if i'm a little depressed but when i'm severely depressed and hopeless they don't lift up my mood at all, and i'm USUALLY severely depressed. thanks again
  16. sometimes i feel like giving up, you know like maybe i meant to be always down and that's how i'm gonna always be. but i try to force myself to believe it's not me it's the stupid depression thats talking. and I hate how my psychiatrist look at me disappointed because the meds are not working and she just doesn't what to do anymore ? i mean how is that my fault that the medications aren't working ?! ECT isn't an option at least now for now, i'm 24 old student. and pretty sure even if i ask for ECT my doctors wont approve it. sorry for the boring long essay, but i'm having a really rough day..
  17. Hello everyone, I have been on Paxil Citalprom Lexapro and none of them worked, then i started Effexor and it worked wonders but it pooped out after a year. i'm now on Zoloft, it's been almost 7 weeks and no significant improvments whatsoever. i have been taking Edronax as well " a drug not approved in the US but it is approved in Israel" it's supposed to work on norepinephrine, and also not feeling any improvements. I'm going next week to my psychiatrist and wanna ask her to change my antidepressants, she always wants me to stick to SSRIs, i dont know why. i mean i have tried almost all of them so far except for Prozac and i doubt it will be any different. and it's really not that fun to try a new med and suffer the start up side effects for months only to find out it's not the right antidepressant for you. what should i do ? should i try another type of ADs ? like MAOIs or maybe medications that are similar to Effexor ? Zoloft and Edronax together are supposed to work on Seratonin and norepinephrine - like Effexor- but they are no good. please any suggestions ideas or any kinda supportive words would be truly appreciated. i'm diagnosed with Major depressive disorder / Generalized Anxiety Disorder / ADD.
  18. Hey, Actually I always take them together before I go to school, I even take Ritalin along with Xanax .5 and Zoloft 150mg And my psychiatrist said its totally fine to do that.
  19. thank you, i have been on various Antidepressants and Anti-anxiety medications but never really tried mood stabilizers, aren't they for Bipolar disorder ? i have MDD so i never really experience " mania". but i will check it out with my doctor. i'm curious and hoping it's okay to ask you, but was it your decision to go for the ETC ? or it's something usually psychiatrists recommend when medications don't work ? did it cause you bad side effects like some temporary memory loss or something ? i can function and be okay when i'm on the right medication but for some reason medications seem to poop out on me pretty quickly. i could use some electric shocks to shake the sadness out of me :D
  20. Thanks a lot and i'm glad Zoloft has been very helpful for you. i think you are right, I have been feeling better lately and needing less Xanax so yeah, hopefully it will just continue to get better and better.
  21. i'm sorry you had a down day, what dose of Zoloft are you on ? if you are still feeling depressed after 11 months why not consider a dosage increase ? I dont wanna jinx it but i think the dosage increase was a good idea for me, it's been only 4 days but i have been feeling a little better and so comfortable at school " usually i have bad anxiety when i'm there". keeping my fingers crossed we both continue to feel better and better.
  22. hey everyone, so i have been on Zoloft a little over 5 weeks now and i'm still depressed, during the third week i felt somewhat better but the last two weeks have been just awful. i wouldn't say that things are as bad as they were before i started Zoloft because i got my energy and appetite back, but my mood is really really low most of the time. I called me psychiatrist last night and told her i'm feeling depressed and really hopeless so she asked me to start taking 150mg instead of 100mg. now, i know that it can take up to 8 weeks to feel the full benefits of the medication for some people but all the antidepressants that i have tried before and worked for me before they pooped out took only about a couple of weeks to relieve the depression. So has anyone of you only felt the benefits of this medication after 5 weeks or more ? I really really want this medication to work ! i'm willing to give it all the time it needs lol but i dont wanna go through the whole " finding the right medication" game again, because it would mean ... few weeks to come off of Zoloft and 4 more weeks to try a new medication that might or might not work ! Thanks everyone and ANY sorta kind words suggestions sharing experiences and thoughts will be truly appreciated
  23. hey apple bloom I feel the same way sometimes, most people tell me im truly supportive and know what to say and when to say it. I guess reading all these psychology books and self help books is the reason, and also having suffered from depression and GAD almost all my life, i can understand and relate to people's problems. anyway i just called the clinic again and told the secretary how i felt, she said she is sorry but this does happen. she implied that some of the patients who come to the clinic are psychotic and they can behave like this. she said this doesn't really happen so often maybe like once a month or something " according to her". Do you think i should go again ? i mean what's the worst thing that can happen, right ? or maybe just forget about the whole thing since it's obviously making me feel worse ?
  24. Apple Bloom thanks for the quick respond, it really did help me calm down a bit last night, i was really depressed what made it worse is the fact that i study psychology ! second year but still.... it's been always my dream to become a clinical psychologist to help myself get better and help others, but how can i ever be a psychologist if seeing a mental patient going out of control makes me anxious and feel so bad ? i have always witnessed mom having panic attacks but i just dont know what happened to me all of a sudden. anyway thanks again.
  25. This is EXACTLY how i feel, so i guess yeah it's nice to have someone to lean on when things get rough. but when i'm really depressed which unfortunately happens to be MOST OF THE TIME.. i cant stand being with ANYBODY, it annoys me and makes me so angry when someone just talks to me and i often react rudely and end up regretting it for the rest of the day.
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