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  1. Thank you very much, I also believe in self help books and will definitely check out the book you recommended. "Slowing Down to the Speed of Life" is a great book that has helped me a lot specially with my anxiety issues.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been seeing this great professional" EXPENSIVE lol" psychologist and she follows the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. I have had 4 sessions so far, and they were all about how to live a healthier lifestyle tips on what to eat and what not to eat and she keeps asking me to do sports ...etc, I do realize these are all important things to fight depression but everyone knows them, i mean i don't think it's worth the 60$ an hour to listen to someone telling you how awful fast food is, these are all simple information that everybody knows and I can look up online. I feel my Major Depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder are way deeper than that, I need someone who i can discuss my irrational fears with so he/she can show me how to stop them and someone who can focus a little bit on my PAST where most of the traumatizing depressing life events took a place. she also doesn't really listen to me, i mean regardless of what i say she is VERY convinced that for now we should only focus on changing my lifestyle, but i disagree I think working on my cognitive distortions is the MAIN step. am i overreacting ? I DO KNOW there is no quick fix but i just don't think we are on the right track. any suggestions, tips, supportive words would be truly appreciated.
  3. I have never been on Abilify so I'm sorry if my post isn't so informative nor helpful to you. But when I asked my psychiatrist if it's okay to take Ritalin or Xanax at the same time I take Seroquel XR she said there isn't really right or wrong about taking most of the psychiatrist meds it's all about what works best for you. so yeah I take Ritalin for energy and concentration and Seroquel XR along with cymbalta for depression. So you can try it, I mean both Abilify and Seroquel are antipsychotics so in worst cases you will be a little too sedated and fall asleep but I'm not a doctor. Good luck
  4. Azla, we are waiting to hear from you, I hope you are feeling better by now.
  5. I did my laundry too today it took forever because I have been putting it off for over a week so there was A LOT to wash, also didn't self medicate or abuse my meds..
  6. It's not enough until you start feeling better, we all have been through it and we all got desperate at some point, just don't get discouraged. I'm on the seventh antidepressant now and I'm only 24, its been working and hope it will continue to work. Which drug do you feel worked for you best ? Maybe try other meds that fall under that drug class, like SSRIs and SNRIs. Not all psychotherapist are the same, so do consider changing ur therapist if ur not comfortable with him/her. I have been through 3 psychotherapy treatments and they are all different even though they are all CBT. Cloudy Day, the ECT hasn't helped at all ? did it cause any memory problems ? Good luck
  7. I'm sorry you have been going through a lot and hope you feel better soon, I can relate to your situation, im also a student diagnosed with MDD and on top of that I'm a perfectionist " school wise". since we are prone to depression and stress is one of the main causes of depression we owe it to ourselves to take it easy, don't compare yourself to other students, they don't have anxiety and depression issues. I find it helpful to simply take the minimum number of courses per semester. It might take longer to graduate but school years won't be so stressful and depressing, in fact you will enjoy them more and definitely perform much better. I dont know that particular sleeping medication you mentioned, but I wouldn't recommend sleeping meds to anyone they are extremely addictive, I'm struggling with Ambien addiction and this struggle has been a serious of horror. I have been on Seroquel for 20 days for insomnia and it's just wonderful, it's often used as an add on medication to antidepressants and it has antidepressant effects and it's none addictive " at least that's what my doctor says". Yes, antidepressant do poop out for some people and it's unknown why. But I personally believe stress has always been the cause of my depression relapses. Good luck
  8. Hi everybody, should Seroquel be taken daily to build up in your systems .,,.. like Antidepressants, or is it taken when needed ? like xanax for example
  9. Insomnia, no matter how sleepy and tired i am i still go through hell to fall asleep and when I do i'm always awaken by the slightest move or sound around me.
  10. hey muggles, i'm sorry you are going through a difficult time, I think only a psychiatrist can diagnose and tell you what you have but it does seem to me like anxiety problems more than depression, however they usually come together for most people, one can cause or worsen the other.. and so on. also, i know it's rough but dont worry you are NOT going crazy, feeling like you are about to lose sanity is just a symptom of anxiety disorders. I hope you seek treatment and see your doctor as soon as possible.
  11. Hello Rachael, I'm also new to seroquel, I was on 50mg XR for two weeks and today is my first day on 100mg XR. It takes about an hour to knock me out and sleep very deeply for full 8 hours or even longer if nobody disturbs my sleep. I felt it's calming effect from the very first day, but the start up side effects weren't easy and all i wanted to do was sleep because it made me very calm but tired drowsy and very sleepy. but the hang over like feeling and the drowsiness lasted for almost a week only. so it's not too bad. so yeah it has helped me with insomnia and definitely made me calm and almost anxiety free and so more confident, the one thing i dislike about this drug is the increased appetite side effect. btw, I use it for insomnia anxiety and MDD, i don't have bipolar. good luck and keep us posted on how you feel.
  12. Thank you both for the support, I DID drop out of two classes and I'm not feeling guilty about it, I have recently bought a book called " Slowing down to the speed of life" and I definitely reccomend it ! I'm glad you guys shared ur opinions, I needed that push ! I will use the free time now to focus on my mental health and psychotherapy and probably do some vulentry work at the church.
  13. Thank you so much, I have just started psychotherapy " had two sessions" already, I think i should work on this whole perfectionism at school issue that keeps triggering depressive episodes , so dropping out of some course will give me more time to care for my mental health and more time to study for the other courses with less stress. I understand what you mean, it's been difficult for me too because it kinda make me feel like a failure " i know it shouldn't" but it kinda makes me wonder why am i so sensitive to stress while all other students are handling it very well even when holding a part time job as well and how will i be able to handle future career stress if i cant handle school stress now. but i know this is all nonsense and irrational thinking caused by depression so i'm not gonna let it get to me. Thank you again
  14. Thank you so much. I have had this since I started college, I would do perfect assignments presentations straight up As.. etc then end paying a very high psychological price, I would become paranoid and anxious over stupid little stuff that nobody really cares about, I think it's also related to my very low self esteem problem, i'm always in need for compliments from my professors and people around me. Now it got to the point where i just cant do any school related work ! i'm just too afraid it wont be good enough ! thanks again I really needed to hear that, think i will drop out of one or two course tomorrow. Nice quote " We live life like a hamster on the wheel, running furiously in a hurry to get nowhere"
  15. Hello everyone, I'm not quite sure if this is the right section for the question i'm about to ask, so if it's not, i'm sorry. I'm in my second year of school " major in psychology", and i'm doing very well at school even a little "too well", meaning i push myself too hard to meet up to everyone's expectations and my own, and since i'm a perfectionist meeting up to my own expectations is impossible no matter how hard i try. I was diagnosed seven years ago with MDD, ADD and GAD after a suicide attempt and i have been on meds and psychotherapy on and off ever since, and every time school stress gets to me my depression gets worse " suicidal thoughts, self medicating... etc". I just don't think it's worth it anymore, so I have decided it's time i take life slowly and one step at a time, taking less courses each semester means it will take longer to graduate which i'm fine with, but when I asked my friends and family for advice they all said "it's stupid and all students suffer from school stress and it shouldn't be an excuse to be lazy". but i'm NOT like all other students ! i have mental problems. what do you guys think ? am i making any sense here ? should i just keep pushing myself and maybe this would make me stronger ? any suggestions and thoughts would be truly appreciated.
  16. Hi everybody, I have been on Zoloft for two months now and it has done nothing but worsen my depression, so today my psychiatrist and I have decided we are never gonna try any SSRI again, as I have been on ALL of them except for Prozac and they just dont work for me for some reason. I chose Cymbalta because it's similar to Effexor ( both are SNRIs) and Effexor was GREAT for my depression until it pooped out after a year. anyone has success getting some relief from depression when switching from SSRIs to Cymbalta ? also, does anyone take both Cymbalta & Seroquel together for depression ? I don't have bipolar or psychosis but my psychiatrist said Seroquel can help with my insomnia. I also take Ritalin for ADD. so any insight suggestions ideas will be truly appreciated.
  17. Thank you so much, feeling like somebody cares about my happiness made me feel better already. but it has been such a long battle LowInOhio, I have tried multiple medications since 2006 and they either dont work or poop out after a while, as you see my Dr is so desperate with my case that she put me on a mood stabilizer when i'm not even diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I had two psychotherapy treatments in the past and while it was nice to have someone listen to you but mood wise they never made me feel any better or lift my depression. each time i talked to them about my suicidal thoughts they would be like " oh you are gonna hurt those who love you " " you will leave your family in pain for the rest of their lives " and that's all true but what about MY pain ?! that apparently no shrinks nor psychiatrists are able to help me cope up with. i'm sorry that my post is depressing and i'm frustrating.
  18. Yes but they weren't this horrible. cognitive impairment, just a lake of concentration and zoning out a lot but these are normal symptoms of depression and ADD. Lamictal have made them worse and also made me extremely forgetful. Suicidal thoughts, I have had them since i was diagnosed with depression but they definitely weren't as extreme and " real " as they are now, i mean calling my shrink at midnight and being tearful and paranoid, I have hit rock bottom.
  19. Hi everyone, I have been taking Lamictal for almost 15 days now, for the first few days i felt happy " probably placebo effect " but it's getting worse and worse everyday ! Suicidal thoughts and cognitive impairment " i seriously feel like i have Alzheimer and i'm only 24 " the suicidal thoughts and the sense of hopelessness are 24/7. I hoped they are only just some start up side effects, but I have been on so many meds before and i know side effects can't be THIS BAD,a couple of times within these two weeks i called my shrink at midnight and also called some suicide hotline. my psychiatrist is on vacation and won't return my calls until Sunday. " Yes Sunday is a work day in the middle east" i'm still on a low doze 25mg so going off of this med wont be a problem but my question is, should i continue taking this medication and maybe the side effects will become less intense ? or it's apparently not the right drug for me ? any thoughts or suggestions ? and btw i'm taking it along with Zoloft and Ritalin for treatment resistant depression.
  20. Hello everyone, I have been on Lamictal 25mg for about 10 days now. i was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder.not Bipolar Disorder, but my Dr decided to add a mood stabilizer to my drug cocktail "Zoloft, Ritalin, Xanax "because ADs on their own don't work for me " yes i have tried most of them". anyway, i wanted to know if this is normal, I have been feeling so drugged and literally like a zombie, i have also been forgetful and just all over the place. surprisingly during the first 5 days of being on Lamictal i felt GREAT, i was happy and optimistic and stable, i'm guessing this was all placebo effect because all these feelings are gone now, I woke in the middle of the night last night feeling HORRIBLE and had to call a suicide hotline and also my therapist, so i'm just confused. have these suicidal thoughts occurred to anybody ? any suggestions thoughts advises would be truly appreciated.
  21. and sometimes it can even take longer, i didn't feel any benefits " mood wise" until the seventh week, and yes i also had the mood swings and i absolutely hated them. but hang in there it will get better. I'm new to Zoloft myself " not to ADs though" i have been on it for almost two months now and i assure it WILL get better.
  22. i'm so sorry you are feeling so miserable.i'm not a doctor but the first thing that crossed my mind after reading your post was " Zoloft must have pooped out on you ", i thought so because i had a similar experience with Effexor, it worked wonders for years and i was on 150mg then i started falling into a deep depression again, so my doctor gradually upped my doze me to the maximum recommended dosage" 300mg" but it's didn't help whatsoever, it actually made things worse and increased my blood pressure. so sometimes you just have to accept the fact that the drug that has helped you through all these years isn't doing the job anymore. it's super common for SSRI to poop out for some people, and nobody knows why does this happen yet. AGAIN, that's just my opinion. maybe you simply need to give it more time. I know it's frustrating but dont worry you will find something that works for you, you can either increase your doze or add a new medication " benzos, mood stabalizer...etc" there is always hope.
  23. i'm sorry you are having rough times with all these start up side effects, i had the excessive sweating problem and insomnia too when i first started Zoloft, the insomnia is gone but i still have the excessive sweating issue, thanks god it's Winter now ! and yes i do think its normal, my anxiety got a lot worse during the first few weeks on Zoloft specially during school days, I HAD TO take Xanax every morning before going out. anyway, hang in there and yes these side effects WILL go away. If the insomnia persists and causes you to be all exhausted and cranky the next day " i know it did for me", maybe you should ask your doctor for some sleeping pills ? something to help you through until Zoloft kicks in. I dont wanna discourse you, but honestly 10 days is almost nothing. personally i started feeling the relief after seven weeks. so be patient " and yes i know, easier said than done" we are here for you, and it WILL get better i promise. please keep us posted and let us know how you feel.
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