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  1. I have been on Valdoxan 25 for six months ( added to Remeron which I had been on for few months )and it worked wonderfully, probably the most effective AD I have ever been on. but my depression came back so my doctor increased the dose to 50mg two weeks ago. Has anyone experienced any relief from increasing Valdoxan dosage ? I have been feeling worse than before increasing the dosage, it used to help me sleep but now I can't sleep at all after taking it, the anxiety is just as bad as my sleep. any help/tips would be very appreciated
  2. I was on Seroquel XR ( started with 50 mg and worked my way up to 200mg )for one year and stopped two months ago. The withdrawal symptoms weren't as bad as I thought they would be and were completely gone within two weeks. I experienced Insomnia but I was prepared because you can never get off seroquel without experiencing insomnia, as you probably have noticed it knocks you out completely. and I was anxious and irritable for a week but nothing too severe. I have been on Remeron for over a year and it helps with insomnia, after the first week of withdrawal my body got used to responding to Remeron only without the seroquel and i've never slept better.
  3. Thank you and your advice is very helpful. what did you do when you felt guilty ? is there anything that justifies forcing yourself to stay in a situation where it's too dreadful ? I know that I should always look after myself and my feelings but I keep thinking ( what if I'm the reason they feel lonely because I'm not there for them as much as I should be ) ( could I have made them happier if I hadn't isolated myself ? ) and so on. I realize this is the depression talking and having this illness isn't my fault but that doesn't really ease the pain. The guilt isn't always as intense as its now but i guess i'm just having one of those days..
  4. Thank you for the tips. Yeah I am on medications and have been ever since I was diagnosed with MDD.
  5. Most of the time when i'm feeling really low I can't talk to my family nor have the energy or interest to engage in a long conversation, I try to be as nice as possible but I feel bad and guilty about it. I have never been the social type even before I was diagnosed with MDD 7 years ago. but whenever I suffer a new depressive episode it becomes a lot harder..and I prefer to be in my room most of the day ( watching shows online, reading.. etc) I never turn anyone down if they have a problem or something important to say but when its just pointless talk and gossip I hate it. I go to school in another country but I come home at least once a month for the weekend and for two months in the summer and everyone gets so chatty and I feel obligated to listen and talk. They always wanna hang out and stuff but most of the time i'm not in the mood. I understand they wanna be with me before I go back to school again which makes me feel horribly guilty. How do you guys deal with this ? I try to force myself sometimes to be with everyone but I get restless and agitated very quickly specially if my young nephews and nieces make so much noise.
  6. maybe it's a good thing your psychiatrist referred you to another doctor, now you can get a second opinion. maybe you should stay on Remeron until you see the new psychiatrist ? because sometimes it's not that you need to switch to a different antidepressants but you simply need to add another one especially if your depression is the treatment-resistant type, of course your psychiatrist should be the one to decide. if you don't think it's helping you at all neither with depression nor Insomnia then obviously the benefits don't outweigh the risks ( Remeron has been linked to diabetes in patients with family history of this disease, probably because of the weight gain it causes ). Currently I take.. Remeron 30 mg, Valdoxan 25 ( which replaced Cymbalta ) Ritalin 60 mg and I also took seroquel XR for few months when my depression hit rock bottom and I had suicidal thoughts 24/7 but i'm off of it now.
  7. I have been on Remeron for about 10 months now and for the first 4 months I was on Cymbalta too, worked well for a while but my psychiatrist replaced it with other meds when my depression came back. Remeron is great, its certainly not enough for my depression so I take it along with other meds but will definitely stay on it because it kills my insomnia, I haven't taken any Ambien since I started Remeron. I hope the combo works for you, i'm optimistic about it because I too never experienced any relief on SSRIs and I tried all of them except for Prozac but SNRIs and other classes like Remeron have always worked for me. Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. it's not that simple, sometimes we just CAN'T think positively. and in order for thoughts to have influence on mood they have to be somewhat real or based on something you've experienced before. For instance let's say my antidepressants stop working so I have to go through the whole process of trying new meds again and see whether they work or not which always takes several months. How can I think positively and get all hopeful and convince my brain that "it's gonna be easy and it won't take long" when I know It has always taken me forever to get the right meds. Sure I can think positively and fake it as much as I want but it won't make me any less depressed when deep inside I know these thoughts/expectations are barely realistic. Also, Since depression is caused by hormonal imbalance, this imbalance certainly affects the way we think and process thoughts. which explains why we gain some control over our thoughts when the meds correct this imbalance and how we lose this ability to control them when the meds stop working. so maybe the way we think is simply the outcome of the way our brains function and we aren't really as in control as we think we are of our thinking processes. Sorry if i'm not making any sense
  9. I believe the way we think certainly has an impact on our feelings. However, this rule might apply differently for people with depression. When I'm very depressed or my medications are no longer so effective I can't snap out of the low mood by trying to get excited about something or by reading any positive inspirational stories...etc. and the harder I try to replace the negative thoughts by positive thoughts the worse I feel. but when my depression is lifting and I'm able to think somewhat positively self help books and positive thoughts help boost my mood. People who think positive thinking can cure depression have clearly never suffered from depression. Just the way negativity can't CAUSE depression, my parents complain 24/7 about everything and expect the worst in everything and everyone but they have never been depressed, I on the other hand study psychology always reading and learning have been to therapy trying to be positive and none of this can help me if my medications stop working.
  10. Xanax helped me with anxiety but like alcohol it's a depressant and high doses or long term use can definitely cause or worsen depression. so if your depression is induced by anxiety and racing thoughts it probably will help you but be careful with this drug it's NOT meant to be taken long term. I was on it for about a year and although I knew its addictive I didn't know it CAUSES depression, as soon as I got off the drug my depression improved significantly. Good luck
  11. Extreme Anxiety is the first symptom I get whenever I relapse and/or my meds stop working, but it doesn't last for too long, unlike hopelessness and Despair which persists most days of the year and don't respond to meds and psychotherapy even when my depression is "under control". so yeah, feelings of hopelessness despair and low motivation are the worst, not because of their severity but because they almost never go away.
  12. I haven't gained ( or lost ) any weight from Gabapentin and it's been a year now.
  13. I have taken seroquel in both forms regular and XR along with other antidepressants for Depression Anxiety and Insomnia. I have been off of it for a month now but it really did help me a lot with the anxiety and Insomnia, I started with 25 mg and worked my way up to 200 mg. I experienced some vivid dreams the first two weeks and it wasn't pleasant at all but this side effect went away when my body got used to the drug.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that and i'm glad you shared your concerns and I hope you get the support you need, I often feel lost and confused too and tell my therapist that I feel ( i'm traveling in life with no destination ) but honestly I don't think anyone is really certain about what they want in life and according to my shrink.. Life can't be planned. Missing work without informing your boss or colleagues or not getting along with them doesn't really have anything to do with ADD ( in my opinion ), maybe you don't really like what you do ? also remember that depression and anxiety impair memory and cognitive function big time ! whenever I suffer a depression relapse I can't do the easiest tasks nor really understand lectures ( even if i'm on Ritalin). if the short attention span is the problem, maybe you should give ADD medications a chance before quitting your job ? Adult ADD is common and I wouldn't have made it at school if it wasn't for the meds. Don't worry about missing work, it happens and I hope you won't get fired but in worst case scenario ... you can always find a new job hopefully a better one.
  15. This is why it's never a good idea to start two psychiatric medications at the same time, you can't possibly know which medication is responsible for each side effect. I have been on Ritalin for a few years now ( i'm 25 ) and it's a miracle drug for me, i'm sure I wouldn't have been able to be a straight A student if it's not for Ritalin and I do have adult ADD. headaches are a very common side effect of Ritalin and hopefully it will go away once your body gets used to the drug, sometimes the headache is caused by sleep deprivation or dehydration which are also results of using Ritalin, in my case the insomnia never really went away but if you take your last dose 5 or 6 hours before you go to bed you will be fine. you are on a VERY small dosage so i wouldn't worry. Also, Ritalin is often prescribed along with other antidepressants for patients with MDD and I do feel it helps, it doesn't really lift up my mood but when i'm on it I can focus and not fail behind in school and it helps me with the lack of motivation and fatigue caused by depression. good luck
  16. Yes I do, I have been on Cymbalta 60 mg for like 2 months now and on Ritalin for ADD for over 7 years. Attention Deficit Disorder is genetic, so if you think you have it and if it runs in the family then you should probably consult your doctor about it.. also, ADD and depression usually go hand in hand, 50% of people with ADD suffer from depression. I take Ritalin as needed, I try not to take any during weekends to give my brain a rest, but it's all up to you and your doctor. It helps me a lot with depression ( actually a lot of doctors prescribe ADD medications like Ritalin and Addreall as an add on medication for Treatment-Resistant Depression". but like any other drug, Ritalin has some side effects, basically any stimulant medications can worsen anxiety so you gotta be careful with that, and it causes insomnia, but all in all it's an amazing drug for people with ADD.
  17. i'm sorry for the late response, I just saw your reply. Don't worry you aren't taking too much Xanax so tapering off wont be so difficult, Seroquel and Remeron knock me out like no other drug and since I was mainly using the Xanax for insomnia, it wasn't too hard to give it up. I used to be on 3 mg immediate release, For the first week I took 1 mg pill after each meal, the second weak I took 1 mg pill twice after lunch and after dinner, and the third week I took 1 mg before bed. basically that's what my psychiatrist asked me to do but i didnt really stick to the schedule, for instance during the first week.. I didn't need to take 3 mg pills everyday. you can still taper off slower than that, like go for 0.5mg and 0.25mg. Good luck
  18. Hello everyone, I have been on Ritalin for almost two years now, and the thing is... I had a depression relapse few months ago and I have been prescribed Seroquel XR and Remeron 30mg ( both of them are extremely sedative drugs ) and even though I only take them at bedtime I still feel so tired drugged up and my mind is just numbed the next day. it's known that the maximum dose shouldn't exceed 60 mg and that's why my Dr refused to increase the dose, but I just don't feel like it's enough and I still have no energy even when I take 60 mg and I really really need to concentrate because I have finals coming up and I DO have ADD. does anyone have similar experience ( being on Ritalin AND sedative medications at the same time ) ? Thanks in advance
  19. it really is scary, the psychiatrist I go to put me on Remeron ( also for depression ) and after a couple of months of being on this med I read somewhere online that patients with family history of diabetes should NOT be on this drug, I freaked out bcoz both mom and dad are diabetic and my sister too ( type 1, which is the most serious), so when I told him about it he said and I QUOTE " really ? I didn't know that, but you seem to be doing fine on this drug( mood-wise ), so I wouldn't worry ) !!!! anyway, how are you feeling ? did it get any better ? I know you are going through a rough time right now but always remember that " this too shall pass"
  20. Hey, i'm sorry you are going through a rough time coming off Cymbalta. what you are experiencing is withdrawal symptoms and they don't last forever,so this isn't going to be how you feel for the rest of your life nor depression has hit you back again, your body is used to receiving this medicine everyday for 20 years so it's only normal for it to be "shocked" a little bit and now it's adjusting to the new changes. i'm not a doctor just a fellow sufferer, I think tapering off as slowly as possible is the best way to do it. i'm so mad at my psychiatrist, last appointment he asked me to come off Cymbalta and start a new medication " i was really worried about the withdrawal symptoms but said to myself what do i know he is the doctor, he knows what he is doing" i was sooo wrong, I have been on 60mg for 5 months now and skipped the pill for ONE DAY only and it was horrible, I felt so irritable angry and REALLY REALLY confused. I cant believe he wanted me to go off such a high dose of cymbalta cold turkey ! personally, i think SNRIs ( Cymbalta&Effexor) are the best antidepressants i have ever tried ( and i have tried MOST antidepressants out there) but they are also the worst medications to come off of. Good luck.
  21. I know what you mean, after my psychiatrist weaned me off of Xanax he asked me to never use it again because " according to him" Seroquel XR and Remeron are doing the job, but I don't think they do, maybe they clam me down throughout the day in general but when I face a very stressful situation or have a panic attack I still need my Xanax. anyway thank you so much, Merry Christmas
  22. Does it cause you any cognitive impairment if taken during day time for example ? like forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating ? Thanks a lot
  23. Thanks Jim Bow for the quick reply why wouldn't it be your first choice ? what did you hate about it ? for how long did you use it ? if I may ask.. I don't wanna be quick to judge the drug as all meds have side effects, it's just the forgetfulness/short term memory impairment side effect that I cant stand, it's scary and anxiety provoking on it's own.
  24. Hello everybody, My psychiatrist has weaned me off xanax slowly and put me on Seroquel for anxiety and insomnia. last week I told him that i still experience awful anxiety specially in the morning so he put me on this drug " Gabapentin ". when he told me it's an anti-convulsions/mood stabalizer drug i freaked out because i had a horrible experience with Lamictal " also an anti-convulsions/mood stabilizer" it was by far the worst psychiatric medication I have tried " and I have tried MANY".then he assured me Gabapentin isn't the same as Lamictal and is supposed to help with anxiety. I looked it up and most posts were from people using this drug for pain related disorders not psychiatric disorder... so far i have noticed ( shortness of breath irregular heart beats and forgetfulness ) Has anyone been on this drug ? any suggestions would be appreciated.. Happy holidays
  25. I do, and i'm sorry you are going through this. I told you what I think of sleeping pills but if they help you that's great, just use them as directed by your doctor and do NOT abuse them. School stress and perfectionism drove me insane last year, i would sleep my depression off wake up study as much as I can then take sleeping pills again even at day time ! and yes I got straight A's and all kinda compliments from my professors, but it wasn't worth it, i was more depressed than ever and needed to change all of my meds and deal with sleeping pills addiction, it was just horrible. Ironically I study psychology ! so I should know better.. Also, one more problem perfectionists and depressed students in general have is procrastination ! we keep putting off school work because we are subconsciously so afraid and anxious of what might happen if we don't do well... what i try to do is, make a list of the homework and chapters i need to finish for the each day of the week. and in each day i promise myself NOT TO think of the homework and chapters i need to finish for the rest of the week, just focus on what you have to do today. it works for me... and as I have previously mentioned, don't put too much stress on yourself, you don't have to take so many courses every semester.
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