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    I am 52 years old and have bipolar11, mainly the depression. Like everybody else here I have my up and down days. I have a daughter 26 years, and a grandson, 3 years. He is the love of my life, and also suffers from autism. I am also married, my 2nd. Hubby can be very critical of me, we are two entirely different people and more or less just live under the same roof. I know I am not alone in this. It's just when I went 50 my attitude is "No More Bull$h*t". I spent 50 years in my life doing what everyone told me to do. Am trying to break out of this bad habit. Thanks for reading

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  1. DEEBEAR. RIGHT NOW, dial 9-11. This is Linda (Moiraine) I saw your message in my email right now and if you haven't called, take the last of your strength and dial 9-11. PLEASE> I CARE. It WILL improve with help. Dial. Now. with much love, Linda
  2. thanks so much for replying Megan, Jimbow, User4035 and Mojosmama. I take so much medication and if it were helping i wouldn't complain. But i might not do thisd after all because I would have to be in the mental hospital for 2-3 weeks for testing and 6 treatments! I don't wanna go, I was hoping they could have done it out patient once they did all their testing so I have come to a fork in the road. Keep feeling bad, keep gaining weight, keep the clouds in my head (I stay in a mental fog) and don't want to go out, you guys know the whole 9 yards. Recently i have added Abilify to the mix and while I felt better for a week or so, then back I went to being depressed. Abilify is near $1,000 for a months supply of 30 weeny tablets, lucky for me i was able to get some samples my med nurse was able to get her hands on so i didnot have to pay. my question is this, if even the $1,000 stuff won't work where does it leave me. BTW Megan thanks for your long, detailed answer to my question, I appreciate all you said and I will throw it in there when i try to decide what to do. I used to be a big visitor 6 or 7 years ago then dropped out because so much pain and huring of others just got to me
  3. Has anybody gone through this treatment for depression? I was told they would try it on me because I seem medication-resistant (I take a large amount of medication for Bipolar 2 and they even added Abilify to all the rest. It helped for a week or so then back into the pit. I was taking 5mg/day. My therapist brought this up when I first saw her and I was violently opposed because my mother had these in the '60's and while I was small I remember. My med nurse has mentioned it a time or two so I am thinking of just going ahead and see what happens. I am sick of not having a life, being down all the time and nothing working on a constant basis. I wuld be very grateful to hear anything, pro's and con's, personal experiences etc. thank you
  4. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  5. Happy Birthday :)

  6. Hi Dee I haven't been here for a long time but for some reason I showed up here to see what was going on and was pleased to see that you were still here "solid like a rock". I've just read a couple of your blog entries and you have some ups and downs same as I do. Congrats on your new little kitty. Lady is right here just as fat and lazy as ever and always good company. My daughter and grandson have moved back with me, she finally kicked Mike to the curb. Things are getting rough in this state job-wise. She works for DHL and will get the chop at any time. They have been letting ppl go since last September. The ex found out that he had to sign up again for this year, he is in construction (no work there). If you apply online for Unemployment it will take at least 6 weeks to get a check. They are hiring more ppl just to try and get applications moving along (so they said on their website) I am still working 20 hr/wk but even in my nursing home they have been letting ppl go and CNA's and nurses are unhappy and rushed because work has been cut down (census low). DH wonders why his boss doesn't close up shop, there is no lace work to be done. I'm not worrying because he gets his SS check Else for me I did get my Disability passed last August and have been getting my checks which make me feel a little secure if my job packs up. Here in RI things are awful if you are looking for any kind of job. Just like you I noticed there is no one in the shops, even if you have to get something to replace an item you need, like your computer. This country is gone down the tubes. It is very depressing don't you think. I really am worried about the future of all us regular ppl and really believe this time that the curb and sleeping in the car waits for all of us. I am sorry that your grandmother's Alzheimer's is getting worse. Is she still at home. Working around old ppl in various stages of this kind of dementia her behaviour will only get worse, she will forget more and more and don't you let it get to you if she says something hurtful to you because she can't help it. Dementia is such an awful disease, it takes ppl further and further away from reality the more it progresses and I am sorry all this is happening to you. Well Dee I didn't mean this to be a book but I had to say something. I don't focus and concentrate much these days and find it hard to stick with any one thing. I am a member of many forums that I've hung around then left, not because there was anything wrong, but I just lost my focus and just wondered off down the road to something else. Believe it or not all I want to do these days is visit MySpace pimp sites and play dressup games or try out the generators to see what I can get. My latest blog is one in which I am trying to lose weight but I fell off the diet so I havn't visited for a few days. Oh well Anyway, do the best you can and keep hold of your job if you can but then you have a proper profession and hopefully your place of work will keep it's doors open, lolz Take care old friend.....Moiraine (Linda) xoxoxo
  7. Hi there, (((((((Moiraine)))))))

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hope you have been doing well there.

  8. Hey hun, How are you? Hows life been going lately. I know its been a while! Sorry for the lack of communication!


  9. I havn't been around in a while but I think I will chime in here. You might like Guided Imagery. I am using it to lose weight and I have lost 13 lbs in 2 months, where I havn't been able to shift any for a long while, just kept getting bigger. I know we are not supposed to put weights down, I'll just say I am morbidly obese. I don't know if the mods will allow it but google Belleruth Naparstek and you will see she offers many programmes. It's also cheap I paid under $20 for my cd. The reason I know about this lady is she was told me by my therapist (I've been with her for 2 years.) A couple of months ago I was so desperate about my weight that I asked her to hypnotize me. She has no license to hypnotise but she did the guided imagery and it helped a lot. It also is very relaxing and it does help me to reorganise my preferences when it comes to unhealthy food. Just thought I'd add my thoughts
  10. (((Moiraine)))

    Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope you had a lovely day, love Florry

  11. hi dtm,

    thank you for your birthday wishes!!!! If you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter!xxxx I havn't been around here for a while, maybe when I get myself together I wil be back :-D

  12. Hey moiraine

    Happy Birthday for the 23rd.

    Hope it's a great one for you!


  13. Moiraine, just wanted to send you a ((((((hug)))))) and let you know I hope things are getting better for you, hang in there hon, hope to "see" you back soon, miss you loads, take good care of yourself, Love, Belle

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