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  1. sunshine01

    Wellbutrin start up

    Hello everybody:) Just a quick question about starting wellbutrin. Im taking cipralex but my doc decided to add Wellbutrin as my mood has been low for quite awhile. I felt jittery and what not the first few days, then had 2 days I felt fantastic, and now I feel terrible. I’ve been on it about 12 days. I know antidepressants take awhile to kick in but this up and down seems weird. Anyone ideas? If this is “normal” starting Wellbutrin, when did others start to feel benefits after the crash?? thanks in advance
  2. sunshine01

    Increase In Dose And Side Effects?

    how are you feeling mark pacitti??
  3. sunshine01

    Considering An Add-On, Ideas?

    i have taken paxil forever, but it hasn't worked so well for me lately after a super stressful year..my pdoc is starting my on cytomel as an augmentation?? worth a try?
  4. sunshine01


    Welcome! I am also new. I've been poking around other sites, and get a good feeling from this one :)
  5. sunshine01

    Increase In Dose And Side Effects?

    hmmm..its a waiting game then I guess! \at least we're not alone :)
  6. Hi everyone, question for all you experts out there :) I have been on paxil for over 12 years, and have done well on it. i recently had a very stressful last 6 months, and had to increase my dose from 25mg to 30mg. I increased it about 2 weeks ago. Wondering how long it has taken people to "level out" after increasing the dose? and have you noticed side effects after increasing? and for how long? I have headaches, nausea, foggy brain and i'm still crying! thoughts? thanks you!
  7. Rapunzel, When you start an antidepressant for the first time, it can take 4-6 weeks to get over the hump, and longer for a full recovery...but you will get there. Do yoga, try to relax, eat well, rest. hang in there.