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  1. not a lot of help given as its not looked on as important to them and they did not put any money into that department so now they have cuts its going down hill fast :(
  2. sorry what do you mean my adopted dad is past away and my birth dad i can not find out nay thing about him so am stuck ina loop or asking things that mite hurt some body bt i need to know if i m like him and if so change my ways to a better fit for me sorry i am so low
  3. Thanks for the reply i am trying to change this and other meds to see if that mite help me get on with my life
  4. Hi i am on a high dose of this and its dooing me more harm than good i am trying to get off it :(
  5. ok i have been on chat for a long time and now i need to have 20 posts why ?? whats going on ? thanks sc00terx
  6. Hi can any one give me some help in getting away from this drug in a safe way but will it help me move forward to a better place ??
  7. i have been on 120mg of duloxetine for about 5 years or so is it time to call a day on this drug is it just not working for me now how long have you been on this and what do you feel like after years of the same drug ?? ty sc00t
  8. same nervousness different day is what i am right now i am in a constant state of distress and all i have done is woke up had a drink took my meds fed cat and been on here and just siting here i am just shaking all over in constant state of being on edge my days are the same its just a fight to keep from my bad habits i have scratches on my arms and the one`s at the top are bad i tend to pick at the scabs till the skin is about 2 layers down it take`s my mind off the feelings i have for a brief moment but then its gone so i sit here now same as i did before and will be next week i do not know what to do or where to look
  9. i get to see my physiatrist once every 7 months for about 20 mins to update my meds how long do you give new meds ?? its been about a week but its felt like a lot longer :(
  10. The new meds i am on are not going well i am in my mid 40`s i have been this way since i was 12 i think the thing that scares me the most is living with this in my head till a ripe old age not the idea of dying so so long so so sad :(
  11. Hi all sorry for my delay in a update but its been so hard just to stay on this earth the info i have found out about where i am from and what has gone on in my life is just to much to take in my meds are now max`d out and i have more on top i want to go but i dont know how to get there i have short spells of clear thinking but most days are foggy and pain full :( its going to be s low and sad life i wish i could just see a way out of this .
  12. Hi puting it down made me stop i still dont know why i am like this but just righting it out in front of me and reading it back some how got me to not wake up as such but i am more calm now .sc 0-0 terx. :EuroBiker:
  13. its all the time tears are just triping me it could be anything that starts me off a song a idea i just choke up and tears start to run down the side`s of my face and i dont know why ? ! ? right now the words to John Lennon - Watching the wheels are in my head and i cant stop the flow of my tears am i going out of my mind .sc 0-0 terx. :EuroBiker:
  14. am on 90 have been for a few years but i think i may need to go to 120 or change but one of the one i have had last time made me feal so bad i am in two minds to do this
  15. been on 90 for about 6 years and had Propranolol 80 added about 2 years ago just hit a spell of constent sadness all the time but never had a good week yet or is that day
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