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  1. Hi @JonathanP -- The drug you have mentioned is known for causing what is termed "Drug-induced psychosis." Usually, once you stop taking the drug, and when it is expelled by the body, your psychotic symptoms subside. However, there may well be residual symptoms of psychosis as a direct cause of taking the drug. This is, of course, related to how strong the drug was, how much you took and the length of time in which you took it for. Other factors include your susceptibility to mental illness and genetic factors etc. It may well be a case of the drug's active metabolites (which are a result of breaking down the drug in the liver) still being in your system, affecting your mental state. But it may also be, that it has caused a chain-reaction of a psychotic illness (which would need assessment and treatment.) The only suggestion is that you get checked out by a psychiatrist. Tungsten.
  2. I have never heard of Nac being used in Schizophrenia. If you feel you need more help, a more targeted approach, then it might be worth getting advice first before considering hospital. Where are you btw? Here in the UK, we have NHS Direct, 111.
  3. I don't know what you mean by "nac" but Sarcosine is a naturally occurring substance. Even at 2 grams and 200mg, it is unlikely to effect your system as much as a non-naturally occurring substance. Of course, with any added dose of a chemical in the body, you may feel some form of effect, whether that is it's intended effect or side effect. This is due to upsetting the natural levels of the chemical in the body. However, the liver is a very versatile organ. This is due to cells not being differentiated for a single purpose, which make the regeneration of those cells very quick. You only need 25% of healthy liver cells to stay alive. Substances can have different effects on liver cells. Some can speed up metabolism, and some decrease metabolism. Substances that increase metabolism, will result in a lower blood concentration of any drug or substance that is metabolised by the same enzyme. Like CYP450, for example. And the reverse is true. Substances decrease metabolism, result in a higher blood concentration.
  4. June 6th, 1994 – Day 1066 Help me. Blue eyes staring down at me, the snow leaped on the chimney… Pain, what is this? Is this something that’s fleeting or can it be measured? Is it a physical pain or emotional pain? – It won’t last, is something I say to myself… Hallucination, a deception of my reality, a visual incarnation of my soul – a sight for sore eyes, a meaningless feeling of clarity, a deception of sight. For the dead. Rain, I like rain – visual droplets of my essence – feeling that of silent pain – a withering willow of the tree, the slightest breeze of wind, destroying the burning of the sun’s rays on my tired and emotional eyes. Yet the sun’s rays piece through my personal, like the men in black of leather. Tactile hallucinations of touch, a deceiving my reality of perception, smelling the burning of black leather, that of which is the night. That which craves an outlet. The extreme end of the purity of hell. Left voices state, then right voices state – I’m in the middle of this fight, a fight for my life in the blackness of this illness. Can it withdraw? Will it? Only time will tell, goodbye they say… Yet, here I am – in the middle of the cause and effects of words said… Born of the night, raised in hell like you taught me, is this a game? A sollow diving to catch it’s prey in the rays of moonlight… Convent orders the ships to port. If only for tonight, lay me down on the street, I need a place safe to sleep... Did you forget to take your meds?
  5. Not doing well at the moment. 😢

    1. Floor2017


      I'm sorry my friend to hear that you are not feeling well at the moment.

      I hope whatever is troubling you soon pass, so that you might be able

      to go on with your day.  Hang in there my friend and I'm hoping that

      today turn out to be one of your best days ever  

    2. 20YearsandCounting
    3. Natasha1
  6. The pain won't last, this is just what i have to go through. it's the tactile hallucinations i have, so smelling like I'm "burning" ie -- going to hell or burning my soul, then the "black" feeling of having worn leather gloves for a long time (i smell the leather too) and then we move on to the voices. My voices are "left" and "right", (ie. right and left hands) both voices are on the extreme ends, so right voices are "black" and "thugs" and left voices like to think they are "pure" and "catholic" This is just what I have to bear with in a blip.
  7. Glad to have a response to this thread Of course it's ok to post here. I also have the "he knows" thing too, at the moment this is a bit of a dip for me, and all I want to do is just loose control and kick things and shout and swear, but I know that, these voices are just testing me and if history has taught me something, it's that the pain won't last forever.
  8. Hi @StoniumFrog -- It's been a while. Usually, adding another anti depressant, would, mean tapering the dose of the first down a bit. As far as I know (haven't been on Venlafaxine for years now) the max dose is 225mg. So you are on the upper end of the safe prescribable dose. I used 150mg of Venlafaxine with 45mg Mirtazapine. For that combo, that was the max safe prescribable dose, as taking one med, has a side effect profile and adding another med will increase the profile. Not by increasing the risk of rare side effects, but just adding to the frequency and maybe amount of side effects. It is though, unusual that Escitalopram has been recommended, as they both have a "stimulating" effect, in that, not sedative. I would suggest, looking at sedative meds like Trazodone for example, and seeing what your psychiatrist says. Tungsten.
  9. I have been on Aripiprazole before as well. I had no positive nor negative effects on this med. Went up to 30mg. Nothing. So I pushed my team for Olanzapine, which was very useful to begin with. After a few months, however, it wasn't as effective. I then changed mental health teams and again pushed for med changes. Olanzapine at 15mg and Chlorpromazine at 150mg is very effective for me. It has remained stable since.
  10. hi @Katzenjammer -- It is not uncommon for psychotic episodes to happen in bipolar. Both Schizophrenia and Bipolar illnesses have certain aspects they share, some common and some uncommon. While in a manic state, you may well become psychotic -- hearing things and seeing things that are "real". By this, I mean real to you at the time, but of course, if you were to ask someone physical and external from you about them, they would say no it's not real (as it's part of your illness.) While on the other hand, in a severe depressive episode, you may well have such an intense mood swing that it triggers a mood disorder (such as schizo-affective illness or psychotic depression) but unlike schizophrenia, your mood is more affected by psychotic symptoms and the reverse is true, your "schizo" or psychotic symptoms may well become more intense from the mood aspect of the illness and how intense it is. As for "dealing" with these symptoms, there's no hard and fast rule. It depends on the condition, help and support you have and how intensely you feel the symptoms. There are self help books and self help groups on the subject, but most importantly, you have to be in a situation that allows you to step back and take action, to fully understand the illness and symptoms. You could, look over the cognitive distortions to gain insight into your thinking processes and what distortion may well be at play in a certain situation that has a knock on affect on mood and/or symptoms. I have posted these in this forum. Tungsten.
  11. This thread is now locked in hopes of avoiding conflict.
  12. Note that this thread is being watched by admin.
  13. Welcome to Df Ri4n. At doses in the "safe prescribable range" so, up to a max of 200mg per day, the side effects of Sertraline are what is expected, and burning a hole in your stomach is very rare within this range. However, the higher the dose outside of this range, increases the risk of severe side effects. Taking high doses of say, Ibuprofen, for extended amounts of time increases your risk of stomach issues, as well as mixing both Ibuprofen and Sertraline at high doses for a long time frame. Alcohol is also a risky substance to mix with either one or both. However, the stomach is quite a versatile organ, you would really have to give it some hardcore abuse over a long time to really damage it. Hope this helps. Tungsten.
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