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  1. Tungsten Aromatics

    what does the spleen do

    Hi Myth -- I have had a look at your gallery and can't see any photos that violate the ToS. Could you please provide more details? As I'm sure your aware, we don't delete accounts on Df. Tungsten.
  2. Tungsten Aromatics

    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Thread

    Hi @gandolfication -- As far as I'm aware there is no thread for BPD specifically. However, the information you have provided here is better then what I could rig up, so I have pinned this thread. Tungsten.
  3. Tungsten Aromatics

    Borderline and gets angry too easily

    (((JOY))) Major hugs to you. Looking after children is worse then a full time job, so it's natural to feel emotion at times. And more so from mental health issues. Take some time to yourself, as your husband or partner if they could look after the kids for a weekend and take yourself away for a break. You need "me" time too! Tungsten.
  4. Tungsten Aromatics

    Effexor 300mg vs Caffeine ??

    Hi Bliizard -- There's various issues with this situation. Firstly, Venlafaxine is an SNRI anti depressant where caffeine isn't. Venlafaxine blocks the NE and 5 HT transporters in the brain with a half life of about 10 hours. Caffeine has a half life of a few hours and the effects of caffeine start to reduce within an hour, hence why coffee drinkers drink regular cups of coffee, where Venlafaxine is one to two tablets a day. Adenosine is an oxygen transporter and caffeine has no effect on the blockage or release of this transporter. So, in answer to your question, caffeine will not have the same effects as Venlafaxine. Tungsten.
  5. Tungsten Aromatics

    Depression & Work Forum?

  6. Tungsten Aromatics

    Depression & Work Forum?

    We don't currently have a thread for this subject. I have created one in Depression Central. However, we can't exactly create a room for it.
  7. Tungsten Aromatics

    Mental Health & Work/Career Thread

    Hi All -- This is a thread to discuss the affects of mental health on work and careers.
  8. I accidentally made a double thread... my apologies for thatΒ 

    1. Tungsten Aromatics

      Tungsten Aromatics

      Thats ok. Where's the dual thread?

    2. Aki Sky

      Aki Sky

      it's in the forums cafe labelled useless advice game

  9. Tungsten Aromatics


    Hi Maryoma -- Welcome to Df. I'm glad you feel this is the right time for you to give up Mirtazapine. I had also used it before, for about 6 years before I deemed it not needed. It was "working" but I felt I had come to a stage where I just didn't need such a strong anti depressant. I was having more insomnia then Mirtazapine could help with, so I spoke with my team and they agreed to give me Olanzapine and Chlorpromazine. I am back on Sertraline but that is at a lowish dose. (100mg.) Tungsten.
  10. Tungsten Aromatics

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    Been offered a position in the NHS. Only 50mins on the train. Now to knock out occy health and start working!
  11. Tungsten Aromatics

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    Why is it, that I have to have dual interviews for a job in the NHS? Really annoying.
  12. Tungsten Aromatics

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    Time for a new thread. :)
  13. Hi Psychocandy -- You may find Mind useful to gain information and support. However, I'm not sure what services are in Wales. You can also find useful information from your GP, and if your son feels ready or at a point where he can accept his issues and possible illness -- can take medication for anger outbursts. As he is under 18, I'm not sure if you can force meds on him but either way, I would suggest that conversing with him when you feel he may listen. Talk to him on a mature, mutual level and not as a parent. Of course, this may be hard to do but if you sense he is being reflective and non-aggressive, that may well be a time where you can talk to him on his level. I remember being aggressive in my teens and having severe hate towards my parents, but, they persisted and were more then happy to welcome me back from my illness. I was sectioned under the mental health act and detained in hospital. This was in my early 20's (I'm 27 now) and although I still had issues with family, they were there to welcome me back to normality. Don't give up feeling that he won't come back to you. Give him the time and support he needs, and he will be thankful that you were there and are there to welcome him back. Tungsten.
  14. Tungsten Aromatics

    Abilify + Prozac?

    Hi Luna -- I haven't tried this combo but had Aripiprazole in combo with Mirtazapine. Both meds, however, weren't effective for me so I pushed to get them changed. Tungsten.
  15. Tungsten Aromatics

    No GP where do I turn?

    Hi Skinnylovexx -- You have mentioned GP, so I am assuming you are in the UK. Advice can be found at local Mind centres and the CAB. You can also call NHS Direct on 111. I am unsure what help MIU can offer you, but check at your local community hospital for a Minor Injuries Unit (MIU). From what I remember, they mainly deal with physical issues, but I have been treated there in the past for mental health issues. Tungsten.