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  1. Just starting here

    Hi Kitchensink -- Welcome to Df. You will find many who understand here. Tungsten.
  2. After taking psych medication

    I have the same Gx. Olanzapine is suitable for me in combo with Chlorpromazine. I am stable and going back to college. Although my psychotic symptoms remain, I am able to function like I used to.
  3. A man tried to grab me

    Hi Sarah -- I'm really sorry to hear that you were assaulted. I train in Aikido and it's a defensive martial art. Like Cat has said, there is a big women's self defence aspect to aikido. As it's defensive, there is no kicking and punching in it. It bases it's self in movement, nerve holds and throws. Using the attackers momentum against them. I will PM you more details and a few links. I'm going for my black belt (finally!) as I took a few years off to go to uni. Tungsten.
  4. Hi Lizzy -- Welcome to Df. I'm sorry to hear about your partner. It's a tough call but all you can do, is to be there for him when he needs you. Support him through his journey and he will be glad when you welcome him back from that side. Tungsten.
  5. Tactile bugs

    Hi Teddy -- Tactile hallucinations are a little bit more difficult than auditory, however, one thing to focus on is your reactions to them. So for example, I tend to have "black" leather gloves on my hands and my voices will say "He's black" -- meaning I'm with those voices and not with the others. Although this is a simple example, it's useful to bear in mind how you react to any given stimulus. So, if fear is a reaction that's strong, think about why you’re fearful of them, and then test it out to see if what you are seeing, is in fact, a hallucination or real. If it’s real then it will be seen by other people and you will have their input, if it’s not real, then you can say that it’s a hallucination and can write it off as one. If the itching is severe to the point where you’re harming your body, speak with your GP about any cream you could take. It might also be a good idea to look into CBT to try and understand your thinking processes behind the itching. Tungsten.
  6. Hi Folks!

    Hi ShhPatrick -- Welcome to Df. Tungsten.
  7. There's no difference between generic and brand name meds. I have only ever seen one brand name here in the UK and that was for Aripiprazole. A good thing to check out would be the leaflet for your meds if your worried about some side effects being serious in nature. Side effects do level out and you will find a stable level, for some, a med isn't for them so if you feel that it isn't helping you after 8 weeks and your symptoms increase, ask about alternatives.
  8. Depression Haiku Thread

    To forgive is to breath Breath into the soul that of your and others
  9. Lets share jokes?

    My CPN took me to have an ECG as I was reporting side effects of my then new meds. we struggled to get into the room at first but managed it. He started hooking me up, he had wires and drawings and it's all cool. We took the first reading and it came out as abnormal. Odd, try again, so we did and it still came out as abnormal. I just turned to him and said, Ooo flat lined. :P
  10. Co-Dependency Section Locked?

    Hi Life -- I will PM you. Tungsten.
  11. What was a small victory you had today?

    It's not a small one, but personal to me. I have been discharged this week from my mental health team. Although my psychotic symptoms remain, this is a stepping point for me to better myself in the way that I want and signifies that I have remained well for my team to even consider discharge.
  12. Funny YOUisms

    I tend to abbreviate curse words so people know what I'm talking about without me offending them. I do that when speaking too and not just in text. My fav is "Ahh, 'king hell mate, what you doing."
  13. Chantix and Wellbutrin?

    Hi Heraldof -- I have used Varenicline before to aid in quitting smoking. I had come off Sertraline by then and as Bupropion is an anti depressant, this combination is contradicted. I'm not too sure why as I haven't been told, however, I had severe reactions to Varenicline. Nausea and vomiting and it made me suicidal. I got the impression that the tablets were too strong but it might also be that I had a susceptibility to suicidal thoughts due to depression in the past and having been on an anti depressant. I would ask your GP for further information before deciding to start Varenicline. Tungsten.
  14. Hi all -- For those in the UK, there is a national LGBTI+ survey run by the government: Tungsten.
  15. Newbie

    Hi @LJC1969 -- Welcome to Df. Feel free to browse the forums, ask and answer questions. We're all supportive and going through similar issues. Tungsten.