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  1. Tungsten Aromatics


    ((((sarahbeth24)))) I'm saddened to hear that this is happening to you. Please do let me know or another admin if this issue comes to Df. We will have your back. Tungsten.
  2. Tungsten Aromatics

    Sertraline finally destroyed my stomach

    Welcome to Df Ri4n. At doses in the "safe prescribable range" so, up to a max of 200mg per day, the side effects of Sertraline are what is expected, and burning a hole in your stomach is very rare within this range. However, the higher the dose outside of this range, increases the risk of severe side effects. Taking high doses of say, Ibuprofen, for extended amounts of time increases your risk of stomach issues, as well as mixing both Ibuprofen and Sertraline at high doses for a long time frame. Alcohol is also a risky substance to mix with either one or both. However, the stomach is quite a versatile organ, you would really have to give it some hardcore abuse over a long time to really damage it. Hope this helps. Tungsten.
  3. Due to the nature of this topic, I am closing it down.
  4. Tungsten Aromatics


    I'm glad it seems to be helping.
  5. Tungsten Aromatics


    Hi @APFSDS -- It may well be psychotic depression (depression with psychotic symptoms) however, it's unusual that Risperidone has been prescribed, if they didn't think it was Schizophrenia, but then, you have to take into account that your psychotic symptoms are more of a risk to you and others then depression. Risperidone is a typical anti psychotic and only used in Schizophrenia, as a last resort where other anti psychotics haven't helped or made your condition worse. However, this isn't really a concern as your illness seems to be leveling out. The insight gained can well be from meds but also a change in environment. You were forced out of the environment where you were having severe psychosis (loosing contact with reality), and put in a different situation. Also, it may well be that you hit rock bottom (crisis point) where your mind just said, enough. It's not uncommon for this to happen and can be useful. Tungsten.
  6. Tungsten Aromatics


    Hi KCDPN -- Welcome to Df, it's good to have you here We are all friends here, you have taken a brave step in reaching out about your issues. You will find many here like yourself, who consider themselves "friendless", but won't judge you. Tungsten.
  7. Tungsten Aromatics

    what does the spleen do

    Hi Myth -- I have had a look at your gallery and can't see any photos that violate the ToS. Could you please provide more details? As I'm sure your aware, we don't delete accounts on Df. Tungsten.
  8. Tungsten Aromatics

    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Thread

    Hi @gandolfication -- As far as I'm aware there is no thread for BPD specifically. However, the information you have provided here is better then what I could rig up, so I have pinned this thread. Tungsten.
  9. Tungsten Aromatics

    Borderline and gets angry too easily

    (((JOY))) Major hugs to you. Looking after children is worse then a full time job, so it's natural to feel emotion at times. And more so from mental health issues. Take some time to yourself, as your husband or partner if they could look after the kids for a weekend and take yourself away for a break. You need "me" time too! Tungsten.
  10. Tungsten Aromatics

    Effexor 300mg vs Caffeine ??

    Hi Bliizard -- There's various issues with this situation. Firstly, Venlafaxine is an SNRI anti depressant where caffeine isn't. Venlafaxine blocks the NE and 5 HT transporters in the brain with a half life of about 10 hours. Caffeine has a half life of a few hours and the effects of caffeine start to reduce within an hour, hence why coffee drinkers drink regular cups of coffee, where Venlafaxine is one to two tablets a day. Adenosine is an oxygen transporter and caffeine has no effect on the blockage or release of this transporter. So, in answer to your question, caffeine will not have the same effects as Venlafaxine. Tungsten.
  11. Tungsten Aromatics

    Depression & Work Forum?

  12. Tungsten Aromatics

    Depression & Work Forum?

    We don't currently have a thread for this subject. I have created one in Depression Central. However, we can't exactly create a room for it.
  13. Tungsten Aromatics

    Mental Health & Work/Career Thread

    Hi All -- This is a thread to discuss the affects of mental health on work and careers.
  14. I accidentally made a double thread... my apologies for that 

    1. Tungsten Aromatics

      Tungsten Aromatics

      Thats ok. Where's the dual thread?

    2. Aki Sky

      Aki Sky

      it's in the forums cafe labelled useless advice game

  15. Tungsten Aromatics


    Hi Maryoma -- Welcome to Df. I'm glad you feel this is the right time for you to give up Mirtazapine. I had also used it before, for about 6 years before I deemed it not needed. It was "working" but I felt I had come to a stage where I just didn't need such a strong anti depressant. I was having more insomnia then Mirtazapine could help with, so I spoke with my team and they agreed to give me Olanzapine and Chlorpromazine. I am back on Sertraline but that is at a lowish dose. (100mg.) Tungsten.