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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. psychical

    Sertralina and weight

    I would like to know if after 2 months of taking 150mg or more sertraline one is supposed to lower the dose? I've read it on the medical site..
  3. I took sertraline 6 months. My weight was the same for all this time. Most people lose some kilos when they take zoloft, wjat about you?
  4. psychical

    How old are you #2?

    19. Not a girl not yet a woman?
  5. psychical

    Closed Welcome Thread

    Hi My name is Doriana and I'm from Poland. Depression is with me since I remember. Nice to meet you guys! Hope we can help each other and know ourselves better.
  6. psychical

    Super Realistic Dreams, Zoloft.

    Interesting I head that the meds for depression generally cause nightmares and I have some. But I also have (very rarely) some beautiful dreams that I'm really happy in.. I've been having depression since my my choldhood so the only moments I was happy were in my dreams.. I wish I had more dreams like that. btw. Have you watched The Nightmare on Elm Street? Seven, eight, stay up late.. Nine, ten, never sleep again..
  7. psychical

    How Long Did Zoloft Take To Work?

    Oh my... You are extreme baby! On the leaflet of Zoloft in Poland it is written that the maximum dose is 200mg. I wonder why.. Maybe because one doesn't have to take more than 200mg to get the positive effects and the bigger dose gives you only more side effects.. What do you think?
  8. I've taken 8. Coaxil - for me placebo, don't remember the dose Afobam(xanax) - 50mg Pramolan - good 4 falling asleep, too good, I had to go to bed at 7pm Fluoxetine - 60mg, worked Stimuloton (Zoloft) - 150mg, my favourite med! The interesting thing is that in Poland on the leaflet it is written that the max dose is 200mg.. I'm not satissfied with that! I want mooore Ludiomil - 75mg, bleh I eated more, than I needed, it was horrible for my stomach and..weight (3-4 kilos, not many, but I was mad and depressed..) Fevarin (Luvox) - 200mg, there was ok Sulpiryd - 100mg, not for me I think