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  1. Hey I am on my 3rd week of Prozac 20mg after switching from Lexapro 20mg. Am currently taking it with 25mg Lyrica 3 times a day but am still a little anxious so say ill up my dose to 30mg Prozac next time im in. It takes 6 weeks for it to kick in and Im only on week 3 but definly notice a bit of a difference. You have to stick with it, give it at least 8 weeks and see then
  2. A betablocker helps the physical systems like heart palpitations, tremors etc etc
  3. Day 4 of 20mg Fluxatine (making the change from 20mg lexapro which was brilliant but not working anymore) :( So day 4 of Fluxatine and feeling so anxious, feel faint, on edge, weakness in left arm, doped out of it, tired, not fully in touch with reality, scatty but I no most people get side effects starting off and hoping the side effects will be well worth it in the end. By the sound of all the above, its sounds like its working for all ye so happy days. Fingers crossed it work for me too
  4. Day 4 of 20mg Fluxatine (making the change from 20mg lexapro which was brilliant but not working anymore) :(
  5. Im on day 4 of 20mg Prozac and am still taking 10mg Lexapro for another 2 weeks before I come off it completely. Yesterday and today, feeling a bit scatty. doped out of it Anxious, weak like im going to drop, nausious stomach, tired, etc etc. But will prolong it and see how I get on. Going on holidays the weekend so please god the side effects will have subsided by then. I just hope that this will get rid of my anxiety
  6. I didnt find beta blocker inderal any good. You may as well be taking nothing
  7. Started 20mg fingers crossed it work and kick this anxiety into outer space
  8. What dose did you start on, Im starting on it tomorrow
  9. Hi DF Support. Are you finding Prozac good? Im hoping to switch from Lexapro after many years as my anxiety is back quiet bad lately
  10. Im cutting down on Lexapro after been on and off it for 7 years. On 20mg so cut to 10mg last week and hoping to move to a different SSRI as I think my bodies after getting slightly immune to Lexapro but I have to say today the side effects are kicking in I am having severe mood swings, am cranky, very anxious, weak, feel like fainting, tired, out of it slighly....
  11. Hey, I found 20mg Lexapro everyday brilliant for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression but for Panic Attacks when they are severe you would definly need to take a Xanax as well so cool down the severe anxiety symtoms but after 7 years of been on Lexapro I find its just not working as good as it was for the anxiety and panic attacks, I think my body has built up a tolerance so I was put on Lyrica 25mg(helps a little bit) 3 times a day and Inderal(crap crap crap) which are crap. My doctor will not prescirbe me Xanax anymore as so many people get addicted to them but I only ever took them when I had a panic attack ot anxiety was severe which would only be one or 2 a week so now I have to buy them from stret dealers or borrow from my dad as Xanax are the only thing that cure a panic attack. I am now going to try Prozac and see what happens. Meeting my Phychiatrist thursday so fingers crossed
  12. Thank you. Read that link, picked up on some names of tablets, confusing so many different things have worked for so many different people. Just a matter of testing till you find what suits. Lexapro 20mg was a life saviour but think my system becoming immune to it now :(
  13. Your Health is your Wealth

  14. Wow just read everyones posts. I have been suffering with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression for the past 7 years. Sometimes symtoms can get very severe and sometimes their not too bad. I have tried many different tablets but the ONLY THING THAT WILL HELP ME when anxiety is severe or when I have a panic attack is XANAX or Valium. Xanax is a life saviour in every sense of the word but the problem is the doctors are unwilling to prescribe them to me anymore as people have become so addicted to them but I never become addicted to them, I only ever took them when anxiety symtoms were severe or I was having a panic attack which I think is very unfair so I now have to get my father to get them for me on his prescription or buy them for €2 a piece off the street :verysad3: I have been on and off diff meds over the past 7 years but I found Lexapro 20mg is brilliant for everyday use and helped my depression, anxiety etc but recently the anxiety and panic symtoms have creeped back a bit, not as severe as before but their still there so I think my system has become immune slightly to the lexapro so I was put on 25mg of Lyrica 3 times a day which is a very low dose and also Inderal for severe anxiety but its not any good. You may as well eat a sweet instead :o So now I am thinking of moving to prozac instead of Lexapro and see can I get something to finally rid this anxiety and if that doesnt work ill try something else and see. Its worth a try surely. On top of all the meds, ive had cognitive thearpy which was excellent, 2 anxiety management courses, done breathing excercises, relaxation cds, acupunture etc etc etc and am now trying Reiki
  15. I have had so many panic attacks driving its crazy. Before I was put on medication a few years ago, I went through a phase where I could barely drive at all. It is so scary when you get anxious and panicky while driving but if you keep pushing yourself to drive on and to face this year. It will improve. Still to this day I sometimes get panicky driving but thank god its quiet rare
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