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  1. Anyone else from South Australia?

  2. I think if people dont know what to say about my mental problems they should remain silent. Why cant people just remain quiet sometimes?

  3. hello snm I to have struggled with my eating for many years & have lost and gained an extreme amount of weight. Unfortunately like you & LibraryLady I understand what you mean. I find that my friends & other people can be extremely triggering at times. Often they have no idea they are doing it. I have thought about trying to explain to them not to remark/comment about food & eating until I realized it would be impossible, because I can find almost anything triggering. You are struggling in a way very few people will ever understand. Try to be kind to yourself if you can. The fact that you practice healthy behaviours for the most part will probably influence your thoughts in time to be less sensitive. What Im trying to say is the more you work at recovery the more possible it will become to bear the triggers, without tearing yourself apart. I hope I havent stepped on any toes. Also I just wanted to say that I noticed there are much fewer posts here than on depression central. I think its incredibly brave when people post in the ed forum because I honestly feel eds are seen differently from other mental illnesses, they are secretive & much harder to talk about.
  4. I read this a few days ago while surfing the internet: "Telling someone they can't be sad because others have it worse is like saying someone can't be happy because others have it better" I never thought of depression in this way. I have alot of guilt over my depression because of those who have it alot worse, so this put things in perspective. I hope this can make others feel less guilty too. Im assuming many other df members suffer from guilt & shame like me.
  5. hello thank u very much silenthunder & Megan. Your advice is very thoughtful & I should put it into practice. To all of you who replied thank you very much. The fact that there are people, absolute strangers who would take the time to read my post & reply in the hopes of helping me is heartwarming. It restores some of my faith in humanity & reminds me that there are good people out there.
  6. hello ArthurP thank you for your kind words I will keep them in mind
  7. Greetings df members I feel like I am going crazy, that I am sinking into a deep dark hole & I have no idea who to talk to so I thought it might be appropriate to express myself here. Its very hard for me to talk about my feelings because I have no idea what is going on inside my head. Im disconnected & alone. The worst part is its affecting my bf. He becomes insecure which in turn makes me feel guilty. Ive told him my withdrawal & distance have nothing to do with him but he doesnt believe me. Im so ashamed, I have hurt him so much. The anxiety & depression is unbearable. Im also losing weight so I have very little energy. He is worried about me because he thinks Im becoming anorexic again. I cant talk to anyone about my problems, it takes alot of effort to be around friends because of the anxiety & depression so I have little energy left over to talk to them about such serious issues. I have my psychiatrist appointment tomorrow. I hate that Im not over these problems yet, & I wish I was. I want my doctor to be proud of me. I hate that I keep letting everyone down. I feel so ashamed & guilty all the time.
  8. hello NorthernStar I feel anxious around everyone, so its not just friends. They are aware of my problems, but they never ask about them/take an interest & I feel like I have to act like everything is fine even though its not. They are quite ignorant when it comes to mental illness. Sometimes I wonder if they are even worth the trouble. Thanks for the response NorthernStar
  9. Hi df members I would very much like to know whether anyone else suffers from this problem. I have an incredibly hard time expressing myself around people, even my friends & often use alcohol/w**d just so I can carry a conversation with them. The anxiety can be really hard to cope with so much so that I usually just avoid them. They have no idea how bad my mental health problems actually are. i would really appreciate any tips/advice you could offer.
  10. Thank u OceanBreeze. You are right, she doesnt mean to make me feel inferior. I should keep that in mind. The problem is she interrupts me as well, & I dont want to risk opening up to her when she could but in & take the spotlight. Maybe I could ask her not to interrupt me. Thanks for your help. . Thank u computerboy I think I would have to sit down with her & ask that she listen to me as she is not very good at picking up on hints & lacks insight. Talking does help me usually. Thanks for the offer. Thanks a bunch for your help guys.
  11. What u have written makes alot of sense to me because its exactly how I feel. I love my friends & my bf but its almost like I cant feel close to them. Everyone feels so far away. Nothing seems real. I hate it because it makes me feel like a bad person. The fact that you posted a topic means that u do care & u do love them you're just sick & struggling.
  12. Hi guys its been a while since I posted & I really need help & didnt know where else to go. I have alot of trouble being assertive & emotionally honest with people especially my best friend. She has no idea how bad I am atm & I dont know whether I can talk to her about it or not. I feel as if Im a doormat & that she dosent really want to hear about my problems or what I have to say. She turns the conversation back to her constantly & it makes me feel invalidated & small. Any comments/advice is welcome
  13. Hi Butterfly33 There was, there really was. :-) Im not a huge fan of the word bisexual, it has alot of negative connotations attached to it. Really you prefer queer? I always thought that was a derogatory term. Thats cool you are so open about it. I dont hide it from anyone specifically but I dont really tell anyone either if that makes sense. I dont think how I feel about women is causing problems with my bf, but we havent exactly discussed it in depth either. No I dont vocalize how I feel about it, actually I dont vocalize my feelings most of the time. No I dont think I need to act on my desires. Maybe I am being too hard on myself, thanks. Thanks alot for your kind words & for taking the time. It has given a new way of thinking about it. Thanks Melissa :-)
  14. hello Butterfly33 :-). No I dont where my perception of badness comes from, probably my family :-/. Thank you for responding by the way. That does actually provide some comfort thanks. I have had these feelings for a while, since I was about 15. May I ask if you have told anyone about how you feel? Your right, I certainly didnt choose this & by the sounds of things neither did you, I assume no one does. My bf knows, I told him fairly early on into our relationship, but to be honest we havent really talked about it in depth. My psychiatrist does not know, Im not sure if he would give any helpful advice. I love your picture by the way :-) thanks again
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