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  1. I think all of us on this forum are beyond frustrated at all of the "man up" and "stop being so depressed" comments we've heard. There is a discussion on Quora right now that talks about this, and people are letting out steam about it. If you need to feel validated, this is a great read. http://www.quora.com/Is-telling-somebody-to-stop-whining-and-grow-up-a-little-harsh-if-they-are-depressed
  2. @Nopawn, I like that idea! It's less intimidating and also doesn't come off as a pickup attempt. Thank for you posting that!
  3. @Naitomea1224, thank you for sharing your story. I feel thankful that it wasn't worse than it was and that you weren't greatly affected by it later in life. But considering what you went through, it was enough to help you understand what it's like to be bullied as well as having compassion for people who go through it.
  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I take criticism pretty hard, no matter how much I try to let it slide off my back. People can also be judgemental of how you take criticism, so that makes it even harder. People on forums can be absolutely BRUTAL! I haven't been on this forum for very long, but from what I've seen so far, people are understanding. I think people here know better than to use the tough love approach as if that's supposed to help.
  5. You know what else this person said? He said, "There IS free college. It's called the military, folks! Most of you people are just too lazy to do it." Lazy??? First off, the military is not for everyone. Especially people like us on this forum. I already have PTSD, and I don't need someone screaming in my face everyday. Second, "too lazy?" Does he realize what an enormous commitment the military is? If you sign up, you'd better be absolutely sure you can handle it. @Hermitic, going to Germany for college sounds like a great plan! Plus, think about all the tasks you have to do just to get over there. You have to apply for a passport or visa, it costs money just to get over there, it's a foreign country that is out of your comfort zone, and you will be away from your culture. That is ANYTHING BUT lazy. I definitely give you kudos for that. And you will probably pick up a lot of girls too, with your American accent.
  6. This. I think a lot of wealthy people take for granted a lot of the advantages they have to begin with. They don't seem to realize the advantages they have, even though they did work their ***** off. And again, I don't hate wealthy people. I am a very active member in the sports car community, so most of my friends/acquaintances have money. I love hanging out with them and sharing that passion. It's just the few people who call us lazy if we aren't making it to the top. One time, I heard someone say, "College students have so much time. There is NO EXCUSE for having college debt." WHAAAATTTTTTTTT???????????????????????????????????????????
  7. That is an awesome example. People who are very giving and getting killed tragically. It brings me back to when I thought The Secret was the greatest thing ever (thank god I got that out of my life!) One of the most controversial statements in that film was that we attract everything in our lives. So each and every person on that flight could have spared themselves by changing their thinking? SMH. If I punched the author of that book, would she apologize to me for thinking the thoughts that compelled me to punch her?
  8. I've said this in another thread, but I think it's worth repeating: some people are lucky in the sense that they are blessed with a prosperous passion or aptitude. A lot of these very successful people DID work extremely hard, but they worked hard toward something that is high in demand and lucrative, such as law, medicine, engineering, ect. The problem is, we don't get to choose our passions or aptitudes. Growing up, I happened to be passionate about the guitar. I practiced several hours a day with a metronome to perfect my playing. I was DEDICATED. I played professionally for a number of years, but never came close to making a living. So I must be lazy, right? So as you can see, I did not have the luxury of having a prosperous passion. I think a lot of people who are passionate about law, medicine, or engineering tend to take it for granted and forget that not everyone has that luxury.
  9. Same here! I am a very understanding person because of my condition. I think to myself all the time, can they just step into my shoes for one day and see how they cope?
  10. Don't beat yourself up for feeling a certain way, even if it doesn't seem logical to you. You're telling yourself, "I shouldn't be feeling this way," but the fact of the matter is, you DO feel that way! So be gentle on yourself, and give yourself permission to feel what it is you feel. Remember, you are not stupid. You just have an illness, and it's not your fault.
  11. A blog might actually be a good way to go. On here, it would probably be a similar thing as the Depression and Religion section. I wouldn't mention which political party it is, and I wouldn't talk about social issues. I've just heard people say things that are extremely hurtful and insulting, especially for people like us who suffer from a mental illness that makes it hard to hold a job. It makes me feel judged.
  12. Here's an infuriating one: "We will never, ever get rid of bullying. we need to teach kids to stand up for themselves instead of passing anti bullying bylaws. We are creating a society of victims." Whoever said that has obviously never been ganged up on by 15 people every day for years.
  13. There is definitely some truth to that. There are good books and bad books, and you do have to be careful what you read. But I'm willing to bet that close to ZERO percent of those multimillionaires suffered from anxiety, severe depression, PTSD, and ADD. I have absolutely nothing against wealthy people, I have many friends who are wealthy and I love them dearly. I just resent some of the labels that they put on us, such as "lazy."
  14. LOL I love this post!! It's exactly how the non-sufferers sound. "How dare you complain when people are starving!" Sorry, but that doesn't make a mentally ill person feel better.
  15. "You are where you are because of the choices that you've made." "You are responsible for your life." "You create your reality." "Stop complaining" "Don't make excuses" These are just a few of the things I often read in books about self improvement. I love reading them, because I love learning and making myself a better person. But sometimes these statements feel more like victim blaming. I get upset and feel indignant. I'm not living at home because I am lazy, it's because I have depression and anxiety that makes it difficult to handle a full time job. It's not making excuses, it's an illness!
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