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  1. I needed to. I baked three cakes yesterday as well as fiven dozen cookies from scratch for my cousin's fundraiser today. So I woke up because they were coming over to pick them up. Fundraiser went well. Everything sold.
  2. As bad as I feel I can say that I had a small smirk on my face when I made my dad giggle. Unintentionally. So I'm proud that I made him giggle. He giggled because I asked him if he knew what I was wearing. He looked confused as if it were a trick question. "A shiiiirt..?" I said No it's a skirt but I am wearing it as a shirt. He giggled and I pranced off. ^.^
  3. So based on what I've read from all of you this sounds like we're defending ourselves. Like we push others away to protect ourselves and to protect our loved ones at the same time. I really don't understand how not do this. I myself do not like pushing away my loved ones, or those that I do hold so dearly to me. Sadly it happens. I'm so afraid that one day I'll push them away, and they'll never come back. It is true though what Teddy said, communication is a huge key factor in any relationship, or friendship that we have with loved ones. I think it is okay to have some sort of time to ourselves, before talking it out with a family/friend member. That way, we'll have our heads and thoughts collected and we won't be snapping at anyone. Thank you soo much for responding everyone. This seemed to help me understand a little bit more. I hope ya'll have a Happy Halloween~
  4. by someone that is suffering from depression? Or are you someone with depression that tends to push others, especially those that are very close to you away? The reason why I am asking is because I have depression and I tend to push the ones that are very close to me as far away as possible. When I have collected myself I know I didn't mean anything by it. I just want to know if this is "normal" for those that have either gone through this from someone that suffers from depression, or if you're someone that suffers from depression and do this? If you have been pushed away, how do you cope with it? Is there a line to draw? If you push others away, is there a way to stop? I'm not even sure if I have a good enough reason why I push them away. I just know that I don't like who I am and see it as myself dragging others down with me if I don't push them away. I see it as a bad thing to keep them around when I am at my worse. All suggestions are very welcome because I feel very confused, depressed and overwhelmed right now.
  5. I'm proud that I made a lovely green salad topped with some chicken for lunch. Dinner is going to be chicken fajitas with guacamole. A good way to make guacamole is two avocados mashed and mixed with one minced garlic clove. That right there is superb!
  6. I am proud of the fact that I am able to help my dad learn from his mistakes.
  7. Hmm..What am I proud of today? I suppose I am proud of that fact that I am awake and not in bed still. I am proud to still be here today. I am proud to know now that I am still strong. Life has so many ups and downs. I've been going through a lot of downs lately. That doesn't give me an excuse to give up though. So I am happy and proud of myself for not giving up. Take Care, Rud~
  8. My goal for this week is to actually finish up at least one of the projects that I had started. Also to get back into dancing again. I started and then stopped. Which I am going to try dancing today.
  9. My intention for today is to take it easy.
  10. PS~ One more thing failed to mention, give your son a good, big hug. Tell him that you love him and that you're here for him. He needs to hear this and feel your hug. Those small gestures mean a lot. I'm still waiting for my dad to do this for me.
  11. Hi 516. I read your post which hit a nerve. Nothing bad. More heartbreaking for me because I think I understand how my dad feels about me. I have major depression disorder with psychosis. I came off my meds by choice last year. I got tired of being on my meds. I wanted to not rely on them anymore. Up until a couple months ago, I felt myself slipping. It didn't get real bad until a few days ago. That aside I understand what your son is going through, because I'm going through the same thing myself right now. I keep to myself and want nothing more than to be in my room all day. BUT I can't be in my room all day because i have a puppy to take care of. When my sister was around and I'd not be feeling well she'd encourage me to spend time with her. Even if it were to the store to buy groceries for dinner. That little nudge she gave me helped a little. What I suggest you do, is knock on your sons door, sit on his bed and talk with him. Encourage him to get some fresh air. Whether for a walk or to the store. Tell him just a few minutes. If you go to the store ask him what he'd like to eat or snack on. If he doesn't want to gon out, pop in a movie and watch it in his room with him. I hope this helps you. Rud~
  12. My intention is to finish up my hot tea and finish up this drawing I started a few hours ago. Then later on do some research.
  13. I'm proud that I watched the new Captain America movie with my dad. It was reeeaaaaaallly good. I'm glad I did this because if I didn't I would have missed out hanging with my dad and missed out on a great action movie. Have a good morning readers and a good day~
  14. I blogged three times today. Posting some quick artwork that I did on my phone. I don't feel well today so that took the energy out of me.
  15. Eventually falls back down. Forget it I can't write right now. I'm sorry. Rud.
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