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    Suffer from Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Also suffer from a hospital-acquired super-infection I am on the antibiotic of last resort and hanging in there. My meds are Citalopram daily and Clonazepam as needed.

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  1. Hi Mrking33 and welcome to the Forums, I hope you will get many responses to your post. It must be very stressful to be going through the situation you described with your girl friend and your parents? I am wondering why your family is suspicious of your girl friend? Did they offer you any explanations for their attitudes? Do both your parents feel the same way or are there differences in their attitudes? How about you? Do you think your parents have invalid reasons, biases or prejudices and such for their suspicions? Have you had unhappy experiences with their attitudes before this time or do you think this is just something related to your present girl friend? Since you are in such a difficult position, offering you advice which might make things worse would be the last thing I would want to do. Is there someone in your life whom you trust and admire a great deal, someone who could offer you some advice? I just did a Google search of ways to spot a Gold Digger. It is a Wikihow presentation. Do you think that anything here would be helpful to you in figuring out your parent's attitudes? Not knowing much, it is difficult to give advice although you clearly deserve the best advice possible. Sorry if I could not be helpful. Hopefully others here will be able to be more helpful. In any case, I hope you will feel at home here on the Forums and amongst friends. Best to you!! - epictetus
  2. Lost and confused

    Sorry. I was going to say something but changed my mind.
  3. Lost and confused

    Profound questions. Wish I had the answers.
  4. ECT...finally!

    Thank you so much Jeff. That is so good to know. I'm very interested in ECT especially personal experiences with it. I don't believe I am alone in that. I hope you will keep posting regarding your progress. There is abstract and clinical information about ECT available in books and articles, but it is so good of you to share your own story. That is something that is very needed and very important. I want you to know that I am rooting for you! Thank you so very much for posting!!! - epictetus
  5. new here

    Hi Soyboy and welcome to the Forums, Its nice to meet you. I am really sorry you are stuck in a bad situation. I would be happy to communicate with you here on the Forums about what you are going through. Although none of us here are doctors or medical professionals, we are all fellow sufferers of "bad situations." I hope you will feel at home here and among friends. This site has helped me a lot through many a bad situation. It hope that will be true for you too. My bad situation involves old age and poor health and a lot of things that go along with all that. Like you, I am continuing to work towards my goals in spite of everything. Thank you for posting here today. Although our situations may be quite different from each other, it is a blessing to read your post because it helps me feel less alone with my own anguish and pain. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. - epictetus
  6. Tired of fighting with myself

    Hi SpeSalvi, Depression is awful. Beyond awful. There really are no words to describe it. Although I am not in your shoes, I feel a kinship with you because it feels like we are in the same boat or maybe in different boats in the same stormy ocean. The battle is so tiring. One small thing can drain one's energy in a split second, Sometimes I feel like a snow pack on a mountain top. Everything is precarious and then it is as though just one teeny tiny flake of snow can cause an avalanche. I often feel so tired and spent. You put what I am feeling into vivid words. I don't know if it will be any consolation to you, but I see you as a very noble human being of great worth and stature. You help people here on the Forums with your posts. You help me. This is healing and life saving. I could never see those who save lives as worthless. Quite the opposite. I can only look up to them in awe and great respect. There is an old saying that goes something like this: "Whoever saves a single life saves the world entire." That you help save lives here on the Forums is astounding in itself. But what is even more awe inspiring is that you do it in the midst of the most terrible personal agony and pain! I am certainly eternally grateful for how you have helped me with your posts!!! - epictetus
  7. 4 months off prozac - soooo depressed

    Hi and welcome to the Forums, Apollo555, I am so sorry you are undergoing such anguish and pain ! ! ! How awful ! ! ! Since I do not have any personal experience with Prozac, I am hoping those members who use Prozac or have gone off of it will respond to your post. It is just heartbreaking what you are going through! Just heartbreaking! ! ! Wish I knew what to so or say to help. But I am at a loss here. So sorry I am unable to be helpful! - epictetus
  8. It may sound strange, but I am helped a lot with anxiety by reading biographies of people I admire. I have found that the people I admire have been those who were not very good at many things, but very good at perhaps one thing and that this one thing justified their life and existence. For example, the Holocaust rescuer Oskar Schindler was kind of a messy person. He really was unsuccessful as a husband. He had a string of personal and professional failures both before and after he rescued Jews from the death camps. He suffered numerous personal failings, weaknesses, I guess one could call them vices. He suffered numerous bankruptcies. But he is not known for any of those things. He was very good at helping people and I think it sort of redeemed his whole life in a way. I find that many people of greatness were terrible at many things, suffered misfortunes and often devastating illnesses and tragedies and yet they didn't based their sense of self-worth and self-esteem on these things. I was like, I don't know . . . like they were doing something they felt was meaningful and important and so didn't feel like their self-worth was constantly at risk and vulnerable to things in the past, present or future. Not sure that makes any sense.
  9. Anxiety can be so brutal and can take such a toll on a human life. And sometimes almost anything can set it off. I am on Celexa 40mg/day for anxiety and panic disorder. Although my experience cannot be generalized or applied to others, I find the Celexa to be the best medication I have ever been on. I have also been prescribed Clonazepam for break-through panic attacks that do not respond to my coping abilities and techniques, but I rarely need it. CBT techniques are how I help myself with anxiety and panic. They work super well for me personally. I am sorry anxiety is intruding so much into your life, Samanta. I hope things get better for you soon, because anxiety can make everything it touches feel so miserable. Thank-you for posting this. I hope you get lots of responses.
  10. I can feel for what you are going through, Samantha! My father and I did not have an ideal relationship. He passed away several years ago. All I can say is that my heart goes out to you!
  11. Thank you so much Maria!
  12. Lost

    Hi Nirah007, I'm so sorry you are in such a distressing situation and coping with all the mixed thoughts and feelings that go along with that. I was in a job that was like a living hell to me so what you write about is not foreign to me. I really don't know what I would do if I was in your shoes. So often in my life, it is my depression and anxiety that make decisions for me. Please feel free to vent whenever you want. That is why we are here.
  13. Don't Feel Well

    I am so sorry that you suffered that back operation that destroyed your life, Lostsoul65. How utterly tragic and heartbreaking!!! I wish I knew what to say to help. I am 63 years old and have medical issues so what you write of is not completely foreign to me. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. My heart goes out to you!!! - epictetus
  14. Hi and welcome to the Forums, JackArute. Hopefully you will get many helpful responses to your first post. Although I suffer generalized anxiety disorder and GERD, I think my GERD first manifested itself after I suffered a bad bout of food poisoning. I developed a hiatal hernia as a result. I take 40 mg of Prilosec per day and have to have periodic endoscopies. It must be horrible to suffer nausea after suffering a decade of post nasal drip. Nausea is so awful. I hope you will find this site as helpful to you as it has been to me. I wish you only good things! - epictetus
  15. Hi and welcome to the Forums, Jeffneedscompany! I am so sorry you are enduring such an unpleasant and painful time in high school. Your school sounds like the one I went to and all I can say is that I don't know how I survived it, but I did. So I can really empathize with you! Although I am over 63 years old now, I could easily have written so many of the things you wrote. How sad that things do not ever seem to change. I hope you will meet many kind and understanding people here on the Forums and make friends here too. You deserve a life where you can have encouragement, understanding and compassion from others. I sure hope things improve for you!!! - epictetus