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    Suffer from Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Also suffer from a hospital-acquired super-infection I am on the antibiotic of last resort and hanging in there. My meds are Citalopram daily and Clonazepam as needed.

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  1. A lady I met today told me she lost her newborn baby to the SARS-CoVid. I hear bad news all the time, but for some reason that really affected me. When I was alone, I just cried. Hugs to everyone here.
  2. I hope you will make a lot of friends here. There is a thread in a Forum here [DEPRESSION CENTRAL] that is called "How do You Feel Right Now." It is a very active thread. I often go there myself when I am feeling low and lonely. I hope you will join our group there so you will not be so alone with your afflictions. Sometimes it is only others who are going through the same or similar things who are able to be understanding, encouraging and consoling. So sorry for the terrible burdens you bear. I think you are very heroic.
  3. Been on the computer too long. Eyes are red and burning. I think I'll put a wet washcloth on my eyes and listen to some music for awhile until bedtime. Best wishes to everyone!
  4. I wish I knew what to say but I don't know much about psychology. The situation sounds very puzzling.
  5. Hi Bulgakov, what's going on? Are you okay?
  6. Feeling sleepy. It was a long day and I am looking forward to a good night's sleep. Hugs to everyone!
  7. Today was a good one. I will be going to sleep pretty soon but am feeling fine. I'm not ready to go out yet because of SARS-Coronavirus-Omicron. Will probably shell out the extra bucks for grocery delivery tomorrow since food is getting a little low. Hugs to everyone!
  8. I am so glad you found something that helped you!
  9. Did okay today. We'll see about tomorrow. Hugs to everyone!
  10. Hi Kat and welcome to the Forums. I also struggle against anxiety, so I will be looking forward to reading whatever you post here. Anxiety can be brutal. I hope you find these Forums as helpful as I have. I wish you only the very best!
  11. This Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 19 situation didn't really get to me for so long but now it is started to wear me out. I was concerned of course from day one but it didn't really weigh me down. Now its really getting to me even though I've had my shots and boosters. I always had a lot of possible catastrophic future scenarios in the back of my mind . . . things like war and such. But I never in my wildest dreams imagined a worldwide pandemic. A family close to me all have come down with the SARS-Covid. They did everything right and still got it. They've been suffering since December 28. -- Sigh -- Anyway . . . . . hugs to everyone!
  12. I haven't heard of that medication before but I am going to do some research. You are so heavily burdened, I am glad that something seems to help a little. Wish all the crushing burdens that you shoulder could be taken off your back!
  13. Feeling sort of strange today . . . just out of it. Can't explain exactly.
  14. I am so inspired by nurses. What a great vocation. I once felt the need to take some time off from work for the sake of my mental health but guilt pushed me to go to work instead. I had a mental breakdown that put me into a psychiatric hospital for weeks and weeks. It cost me about $1400 a day not including my meds. Now when I feel the need to take a mental health break I take it and am proud of myself for taking it. You are a person who does so much good for others, please take care of yourself. We cannot be loving persons if we do not love ourselves too. Thanks so much for being a nurse!!!
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