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    Suffer from Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Also suffer from a hospital-acquired super-infection I am on the antibiotic of last resort and hanging in there. My meds are Citalopram daily and Clonazepam as needed.

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  1. That's awful. People are treating you so poorly. Things have been rough for me lately so I can definitely empathize. I sure hope things get better for you!
  2. That is heartbreaking. I hope she will be nice to you again.
  3. I remember you and am so sorry for the ordeal you are suffering. How awful and how unfair the whole process is. Long ago I experienced a situation similar to yours and it wiped me out, psychologically and physically too. Wish I knew what to say that would be helpful. You deserve better than how you are being treated. It seems very unjust to me. Wish I could write more but I am experiencing pain in my hands. Hope things get better for you . . . and soon!
  4. A racing mind is something I know about from sad personal experience. Struggling with sleep is also something I have to deal with so my heart goes out to you. I wish I knew what to say to help ease your suffering. I sure hope that things get better for you. As I told someone else today, people who are not afflicted with these unimaginably heavy burdens have no idea how much heroism and nobility it takes to bear them.
  5. I am so very, very sorry you are suffering this painful ordeal. Wish I had some great insight or wisdom that would help but sadly I am at a loss. We all do the best we can at each moment of our lives given everything that is influencing us. You were under unbelievable pressure to tell your husband what you told him. And to me, you did the best you could in that situation. None of us are all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-perfect infinite beings. We are finite beings. We each have a little 3 pound brain. That brain does the best it can given everything influencing it moment to moment. Beating yourself up for what happened and what is happening does not seem fair to your brain. Sometimes when we feel badly, our sense of guilt becomes excessive. And sometimes it helps to try to keep some perspective. What I mean is, we all do things we are sorry for, . . . we all make mistakes. I've made many. But there are mistakes and then there are mistakes. A couple of men in the last 100 years caused the destruction of tens of millions of men, woman and children through campaigns of genocide and forced starvation. You have not caused the destruction of tens of millions of people, or millions, or hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands, or thousands, or hundreds and so on. In addition to this, I am sure that in your life and in your marriage, and as a mother, you have done countless little and big acts of courage, kindness, compassion, understanding and generosity. Countless little and big acts of goodness and beauty. It is easy when one is feeling badly to forget these things or discount them. Please try not to forget. Often when we feel badly, we put ourselves on trial, mentally speaking. We have a judge, jury and prosecutor. But something is missing. Where is our defense attorney? Where is someone to stick up for us and defend us? How can a trial be fair without a defense? The truth is, such a trial can never be fair. Such trials are unfair to us and unfair to fairness itself. You are a good person. You have done so much good in your life that you should be respected, admired, appreciated and treasured. Wish I knew what to say to ease your pain. Hopefully others here with more understanding and wisdom will see your post and respond to it with something really and truly helpful to you. I think you are a very heroic person!
  6. How you are doing right now? Wish I knew what to say that would be helpful.
  7. I can totally relate to what you wrote in your post, Amaya. You write of things I have experienced and say those things better than I ever could. Wish I knew what to say that would help. If I haven't told you before, I think you are very heroic!
  8. I just had the worst episode of heartburn in my life. Excruciating pain in my esophagus and back, light-headedness, cold sweat. Yikes. Didn't know a human body could experience such pain and still live.
  9. I am so sorry you are in the situation you describe , samsaferrari. That sounds so miserable and scary. You've been through so much and are still going through a lot. What a heartbreaking situation. I wish I knew what to say to ease your pain. You sound like a very heroic person to me. Hopefully you will find these Forums to be a warm, friendly and helpful place. This site has helped me a lot. I am so sorry that I really don't know how to be really helpful to you and feel like my words are worse than useless.
  10. Amaya, I can definitely relate to what you write about from my own personal experience. Sometimes our brain takes us to places where we don't want to be. Illness is often the culprit and not some character flaw in us. People who have never struggled with ED can never understand how much heroism it takes to bear these burdens. My heart goes out to you!
  11. Hi Hazybear. I am so sorry you are suffering the things you describe in your post. That is really heartbreaking! Have you consulted with a physician? Sometimes there are organic causes or factors involved in suffering and only a licensed physician can do a complete medical workup and prescribe medical tests to diagnose those and suggest treatment options or rule them out as causal or contributory factors. I was helped enormously by physicians in my mental health suffering. Wish I knew what to say to ease your distress. My heart goes out to you!
  12. What a terrible and heartbreaking situation. I wish I knew how to help, but I am just someone struggling with depression and anxiety and don't know enough about bipolar or Caplyta to have even an educated opinion. I sure hope your neurologist is able to help you. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes but sadly I don't know how to help. Maybe others here will see your post and be able to respond with something really and truly helpful to you. It is awful that you are in such agony and pain! My heart goes out to you!
  13. I wish I knew what to say. I have not had the same type of experiences as your describe. Hopefully others here who have will see your post and respond to it with something helpful to you. Sorry I cannot respond properly to what you wrote but I am having serious vision problems.
  14. I'm so very, very sorry this is happening to you. It's just heartbreaking! Since I am having serious vision issues I am afraid that I cannot respond to your post the way I wish I could. So sorry!
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