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  1. depressedforlife

    Humidity, Mugginess, Or Sweating On Zoloft?

    my first time around on zoloft or Z-effect as I jokingly refer to it I did great on 50 mg and didnt have an increased sweating problem but my second time using zoloft I bumped up to 100mg and wow even being in a cold city i was sweating like a madman!! now Ive always had a sweating problem (hyperhidrosis) so I always sweat more WAY more then normal but when I was on 50 I was ok (for me) but when I was on 100 I was drenching cloths insanely! Im now going to start out fresh with 50 mg again and see what happens
  2. depressedforlife

    What Dose Of Sertraline(zoloft) Are You On?

    Several years ago I was on zoloft 50mg for close to a year and it worked amazingly. at the time I was going through an extremely difficult school program with severe anxiety and once the zoloft kicked in I was relaxed and confident and focused. Then after a year I suppose I felt overconfident or somehow that I no longer needed it and went off. Then of course I eventually became depressed again and tried it again. The second time I didnt really feel any dramatic effects so I tried 100mg after several weeks and it really increased my sweating problem (I have hyperhidrosis- super uncontrollable heavy sweating) so I stopped alltogether. Now Im considering starting again at 50 and giving it more time, wish me luck.
  3. ive read about studies and about clinics that treat people with 5 htp for depression but only after testing their neurotransmitter levels , and not with 5 htp alone but along with tyrosine. Ive read articles explaining that 5 htp MUST be given in balance with tyrosine for it to work. ie. too much 5 htp = too much seratonin, and too much tyrosine = too much dopamine. there MUST be a balance of the too in order to alleviate depression/anxiety. at least thats what several scientific articles that i have read swear by.
  4. depressedforlife

    Just Started On 5Htp And Tyrosine

    Hi, Id like to know how long you remained on the 5htp/tyrosine combo? how did it go? I tried it myself a while back after reading about some depression studies that involved using tyrosine/5htp. i felt pretty good for a few weeks or so, i had a lot of energy and increased libido. my libido had been low from the depression i suppose. I may start trying this again now. at the time i was taking a few grams of tyrosine in the am and about 200-300 mg 5htp in the pm. this may seems high to some but i read some of the studies online and they referenced a wide range of dosages depending on the patients so i was sort of experiementing with the dosage. i read about clinics that test your neurostransmitter levels then dose you accordingly. for a few week period i felt intense energy! then i ran out of pills and somehow ended up stopping and not buying more.. I wish there were more studies on this its such a sin that most of us resort to ssri's which do much more harm in the longrun.
  5. depressedforlife

    Remeron And Sweating ,anyone Here With Hyperhidrosis??

    hmm. did you always have the sweating ? did you have it as a kid? before taking any medications? Ive always had it and sometimes have it from the head as well. Ive known others that have it only on the head but I have it unfortunately all over my body. From what ive read its resulting from a nervous system disorder , a problem with the sympathetic nerves failing to properly regulate body temperature. Theres new studies being done for future cures and treatments but nothing has worked for me yet! did you notice any reduced sweating while on the remeron?
  6. depressedforlife

    Remeron And Sweating ,anyone Here With Hyperhidrosis??

    thanks, i hope so too, it doesnt even have to be remeron , im seeking anything that at least wont increase the sweat but that will decrease anxiety.
  7. Hi, Im a person who has always been depressed and anxious all my life mostly due to the fact that I have severe hyperhidrosis, or excessive uncontrolled sweating. In my case it is severe and life altering or at least when not in a very cold climate that is. Ive had some luck in the past for my anxiety /depression with zoloft and paxil. However one of the reason for stopping those was the further increase in my sweating problem. I even tried wellbutrin a couple times and wow did my sweating get outta control. Now Ive read about some people saying they have had success reducing their sweating with remeron and Im really interested in trying it. Now like everyone else Im also afraid of weight gain too. Now Im already overweight at 240 lbs so this is particularly scary for me but if it really can somewhat normalize my sweating this may be a trade off for me. now I wanted to mention that there was an official published article by a physician in italy regarding his patient with hyperhidrosis that supposedly improved dramatically while on remeron, this is what originally caught my attention. so if anyone on here has info on remeron being likely to reduce my sweating or if anyone on here just has the same problem as me and wants to chat about it let me know! take care and good luck, thanks