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  1. Like the song "requiem for a dream", I have a funeral for my dreams and visions that will never be, funeral music is good to cope with grand dreams, then play some allegros, fast classical music and fast baroque era music to end the music session with hope. I will post a link now that I can, about meaning in life research as it relates to well-being: http://www.psycholog...aning-your-life Also I want to share the playlist I made that contains the most meaningful songs to me, so listen here and tell me what you think: Dear Earth: http://pl.st/p/22054789899
  2. Wow, Violet, you do value a lot. The only problem is when you have to forsake one value for another when they are in conflict. That is why I am interested in what should be the ultimate value. So my question would be what is the common value among all your values, the one that guides you when values are in conflict.
  3. I can add to the list if you make a suggestion. What should I add to it? There is an "other" option. If you lack an overarching goal for your life you may experience illness. I think if you ultimately live to be happy, you are asking for your body to revolt against you (depression and other illness). The body is made up of cells that want to be part of something more grand than just the body it is part of, like being part of the world or universe.
  4. What gives you a sense of living a meaningful and worthwhile life? I think the meaning of life is asking about the essence of life. I believe the most fundamental characteristic of life is dreaming and realizing dreams. I can not reduce life any further than its ability to dream and realize dreams. If you take away a beings ability to dream and realize dreams he would not seem to be a living being. Can anyone else reduce life to something else? What gives you a sense of living a meaningful and worthwhile life? What can you reduce life too?
  5. For me it made me very energetic at first then the next time I got on it, it did the opposite, it made me slow. I am not sure if I got dependent on it or what. It is a better option than other anti-psychotics. It is good if you are sleeping all the time, but not if your energy is ok. I think I slowed down the second time, because my body was preparing to counter act the stimulating effect. It does not last longer than a month though, depending on how well your body responds to it. If you overcome its effects quickly I would say that you might be having whatever feelings you are having for a reason that needs your attention.
  6. 6/18/2012, 10:27 PM It is not really negative if you are saying it to find answers and solutions. I am very disappointed with people who act like the world is not a depressing place and tell you to cheer up when you tell them that the world spits in your face, or "just ignore it when people spit in your face or kick you when you are down." I am trying to sympathize with you I guess. Your feelings are honest, true, meaningful, and justified. I read your story and maybe you are studying the wrong thing. I tried computer science and failed, I think it is because I am too concerned about the world to focus on such complicated things such as learning to program computers when the world feels like it is about to spiral out of control if something does not change. Although if you can think you can change the world by developing a world changing artificial decision making system, then do that for sure. I am trying to learn how to provide that change before it is too late. I think for people in the sort of condition of despair would benefit from learning about the meaning of life and the world. I could share some things with you that you can read that might give your life some meaning. The Cause of despair: I think what might be causing your despair (others as well as my own despair) is a lack of an over arching goal for your life and the world. We as a whole unit and individual need some overarching goal that encompasses everything we do. Some advice about the art of conversation or discussion: I converse with people but always make sure that there is some overarching goal with everything I do and say. If you lack that then conversations will be meaningless and uncomfortable because it will lack that sense of purpose, no one wants that. It is a challenge to speak with some sensitive people. Some people see what you say as a threat to their very existence and lock down their mind from influence, literally. Norepinepherine is released when their is a difference of opinion and triggers a fight or flight response. People will then perceive anything you say as a threat to the belief system that gives them a sense of purpose. When that sense of purpose is threatened, be prepared for a defense, because that sense of purpose gives them a reason to live. No one wants to live with out a reason for life to guide them. Read more about the art of discussion and logical argumentation called dialectics on Wikipedia. I assume that you prefer not to use rhetoric, which is good, I applaud the use of logic in place of rhetoric. I would suggest that you use the meetup.com site to find a discussion group that interests you. If you want to speak to someone who will not attack you personally then a philosophy club/group is the group you will like. I still do cry at least every week about things I care about, I hold my own funerals for dreams that will not come to pass and for all the problems and suffering in the world. Message me (you and anyone who made it this far) on Yahoo or Facebook if you have questions or want to talk.
  7. What philosophy are you interested in now?

    1. Acrowley


      Anything thought provoking, be it about personal philosophies of life, questions of where we come from (or are or should be going). I just like the semi-forgotten art of thinking and contemplation :) At the moment I'm on a mission to understand myself, so I really enjoy reading about different types of people and ways of thinking. I'm INFJ, if that means anything to you. Not philosophy specifically, but more the thinking part.

  8. I would never say I suffer from depression, I might feel depressed, but I know that my feelings are justified and serve a meaningful purpose. I am ENFJ, my thoughts and conclusion have to do with the external world, I have basically committed suicide to my "SELF" and all that is left is the part that is concerned about the world outside. I try to use a "Veil of ignorance" when thinking about the world, meaning I think from the perspective of what is best for the whole world rather than for me or certain things in the world. I know that the autobiography by Nelson Mandela might have altered my personality significantly, it made me care a lot more about the world. That leader of South Africa really cared and expressed his feelings and thoughts very well. I just wanted to give some insight as to why I think my personality has evolved from being introverted. Acrowley is trying to interpret these results of the poll. I think the reasons for the results are a little of everything he mentioned, like thinking people are more likely to see how depressing the world is and are more likely to care enough about the world to take this poll. To answer his question: I do have a 100% preference for intuition over sensing, because I believe that thinking and rationalizing provide better and more useful explanations of phenomena in the world than does sensing. I took a class in perception so I know that perception is often flawed so we must check our senses with reason and past experiences. I use reason, experience, speculative and analytic thinking, and sometimes feelings to make decisions, but I never make decisions on only one authority, that would be irresponsible. My own question to discuss would be: Which preferences are most useful when making decisions in the world. What type of thinking should we prefer? Which thinking method is most effective in producing good results for the world? Because some day we might have to decide how exactly we want AI (Artificial Intelligence) to think and behave to take over after us when we die. What values and behavior will we value enough to embody forever and inoculate the cosmos with.
  9. I was thinking about ways that I deal with feelings, anxiety, and excitement in a way that is beneficial to myself and to the world and started writing this: On the uses of music for the mind: When I am depressed I listen to War Ship on Spotify, as well as the emotional and expressive music. Spotify is a music streaming program you can search the net for and download and begin streaming music legally and for free with ads. I would recommend "From Autumn To Ashes" when you are feeling inhibited yet filled with anger towards yourself and the world. There is also an app on Spotify called Tune Wiki that allows you to see the lyrics as the songs are played. This is good when the lyrics are hard to understand yet are deeply meaningful and worth reading. I have been able to cry when it is hard to, yet I want to, with the aid of all sorts of music. Meditation music is also good when my thoughts are racing and I need to focus on what I am excited about. This music helps when I close my eyes sit still and let my thoughts associate with the different sounds. My mind gives meaning to the sounds and makes a mental landscape and I can see the music. Baroque and enlightenment age classical music helps to give structure to my thoughts when I concentrate on the direction of the music. I imagine that an instrument is a thought or feeling I am having and I am observing my thoughts and reflecting upon them from time to time. Thinking about the thinking process and how ideas/beliefs motivate action: I analyze the thought process and ask about how I can think more effectively and try to bring my thoughts closer to representing what is real. I try to structure how I think in a way that produces interpretations of reality that I can act effectively on. An interpretation of reality does not help if the interpretation does not included avenues of action. I think in a way that defines how things are, what they can be or my vision of what they can be, and how I can realize these possible futures. This is a way of thinking that can be applied to almost everything. All thoughts become goal oriented. Otherwise you mind is going to pressure you to act when you are not ready to, if you are resisting a feeling and you view it as not helping you then you can look for ways to relieve the pressure these feelings are placing on you to do something. It is not wrong to feel pressure to act if that pressure is used in a way that motivates you to plan an action and recognize possibilities. Think of your mind like a steam machine except your machine directs pressure onto gears that produce effective actions, your feelings exert a force that moves an idea through a process that you have prepared that results in the finished idea ready to direct your body. See ideas as thought they exist independently of your mind, in a way that you are merely taking the idea, understanding it and deciding if you want it to direct your body. Like the law process: A society analyzes a set of rules that will govern the behavior and goals of the whole society. You analyze a set of rules/idea/beliefs that will motivate your actions/behavior of your mind and body. Please share your reflections on these ideas. Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 11:05 PM
  10. I used to feel really tired when ever I took Benadryl or similiar anti histamines, some anxiety meds are anti-histamines, anti-histamines can have long term side effects like trouble thinking. I am just saying this is my experience and that this is what I learned about a study on Benadryl.
  11. Stating the dream I want to be realized and my purpose for my writing: To help find the way to realize a better ultimate life or Eco-being, and define what that being is like to everyone, because this is the best goal/end that will also produce the most happiness and pleasure for everyone and all life. Realizing a better Eco-being, being the ultimate end, would produce the greatest sum of happiness, pleasure, purpose, meaning, and satisfaction for all life, especially human life. Sunday, July 03, 2011; 9:56 PM
  12. Me too, My personality has changed a lot over the past 2 years, philosophy is a mind altering substance. Though I should score a 100% on all 8 preferences, these are just preferences or relativities of attributes, so I am more intuitive than I am "sensing" which does not mean i am not sensing just that I am more intuitive. Here is my personality from the "Jung Typology Test": I have the ability to adapt my expressed personality when I need to, because my actual personality is dynamic and adaptive to the situation Your Type is ENFJ Extraverted 67% Intuitive 100% Feeling 12% Judging 44% Qualitative analysis of your type formula You are: distinctively expressed extravert very expressed intuitive personality slightly expressed feeling personality moderately expressed judging personality @Saria2000 You can see the link to the wiki on ENFJ: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ENFJ
  13. @alpheus: I read the Wikipedia article on Depressive Realism. It seems it talks more of a slightly depressed state rather than a distorted severely depressed state of mind. It makes the conclusion that the slightly depressed have a more realistic perspective of the world. I think it depends on what you believe and value most as to what makes a person depressed. The more that you value that is not real in the world the more sadness you will feel, but this sadness can be thought of as the desire to change the world to make it more like the ideal world that you envision for it. It is the vision of a better world that one feels as sadness. Sadness and melancholy are the feelings that drive people to think, plan, and act rationally. In contrast, happiness is akin to satisfaction with the world and that makes me nauseous, that people are satisfied with the world. Pasted from <http://en.wikipedia....ressive_realism>
  14. I would disagree about the fear of death. I think it is good to fear death and seek life. The realization of dreams is most important to life. When something realizes a dream it is alive in that moment. When you are not realizing dreams or visions you are not living, just breathing is a part of you staying alive because of some dream or hope. Philosophical thinking and rationalization should not be the enemy here even it seems unfruitful, it is always beneficial if you have the methods and do it with others. Go on the meet-up site and join a local discussion group and keep posting your thoughts here. When you are stuck with an issue then learn about how other people solve it. I am concerned with the meaning of life so I did research and found a philosophy all about it called existentialism and its related psychotherapy. Know you do not need to be alone in your reflections on life.
  15. 3:20 PM I imagine that infants are more discontent when they do not get what they need to survive and thrive. They would also be sad when they are not getting attention they need to develop an understanding of the world that they can use to get what they want later on in life. If an infant is not getting what its instincts tell them they should be getting then it should be discontent and let others know that it is discontent. If a person was discontent throughout its infancy then it is likely that it did not get what it needed and continued to not get what it needed to thrive in the world, that is understanding of the world, or meaning of life. (Search Google for the guy, "Michael F Steger, Ph.D.", who did "meaning in life" research) I was reading his article today in "The Human Quest for Meaning" but he also has a blog on Psychology Today. His chapter ("Experiencing meaning in life: Optimal functioning at the nexus of well-being, psychopathology, and Spirituality") in "The Human Quest for Meaning" is well written, I found it online in an academic Google search. 9:54 PM Insidious: Nietzsche's idea of will to power or will to life is not a depressing philosophy. I find that I was less happy as a Christian than as an honest to my self skeptical existentialist person. I was ready to **** myself believing that all my life was for the pleasure of some being that I did not understand. Biology might explain how things happen but does little to explain why. For example biology says the chemical serotonin is released and then people are happy, it does not say why, unless it is evolutionary psychology which get closer to why but that is still a question for deep philosophical speculation. I think you should continue learning about the most opposing viewpoints in order to synthesize better viewpoints, so learning philosophy you do not like is ultimately good for you, which it seems you have done. About the dualism. I know that dualism is not very defensible, that is why agree more with mind monism. That ideas and dreams are the essence of existence.
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