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  1. To stay awake: turning a yaaaawn into an AAAAAAH!!!!!!!!
  2. The main is: muscle fatigue and weakness like I'm having a huge flu!!!!!.... nausea, poor coordination, no appetite :-\
  3. thank you for your euncouragement!!!so far extremely tiredness but I also lost appetite since two weeks before even starting meds, so it's reasonable I guess! crossed fingers!! thanks again
  4. Today is my first day of Celexa/Citalopram, doc suggested to increase very slowly the dose Which means today I am taking only 2 drops twice a day, and then reaching 0,5 ml a day (10 drops) With such a low dose i feel so stoned!!...weird,who knows... I'm also taking lexotan for GAD, maybe both of them are too sedating to the point of narcolepsy I'm holding on to see results in a matter of weeks Crossed fingers,,, Have a good day all...
  5. Loss of appetite, eating in front of the tv helps a bit
  6. - Check your sensations you experience before and after a session. - Crying: If you cry a lot during a session ask yourself if is just the pain releasing that you are experiencing or it's the shame of telling something to a person you still don't trust or you feel judged. Also, some therapist are good to make you feel ashamed and wrong. - Approach/Style . (Here everyone has a different taste). Some likes to sit in front of the therapist desk , this therapist has buttocks comfort on his/her managerial chair surrounded of an infinite bookshelf of knowledge. Other feels this like that as non sense and just a useless display of pretentiousness, power and arrogance. And would benefit more of an informal, friendly, meeting with a person who is a natural caregiver. You can have an idea if you *like* your therapist or not on your first 4-5 sessions. The fact that he's good at *shrinking brain* is a different thing If you don't feel at ease or you actually censor yourself with your therapist, something is worng. Reconsider your choice! Find another therapist Hope it's helpful and not too drastic my opinion,
  7. -Opening every single windows of the house. No matter the weather conditions
  8. -stream of consciousness writing -researching online on mental health topics (but not overdoing it)
  9. Hi fellow music listener :) Its' not that weird, it's just not that common, I used to get relaxed at ambient depressive black metal. The fact is that kind of music/vibes validates some energies I have, which are totally unaccepted by society. They help recognize these parts as acceptable. For exemple depressive black metal reminds me of natural elements, so how can I consider them depressive. By the way I stopped for a while with black metal as the moment I need more easy going and uptempo music. I dont understand the labeling a music genre as negative or depression inducing. Most of the people get into this music to cope and express their emotions and not the opposite :)
  10. Ouch...somehow I hoped it would turn out well, the guy seemed nice and genuine in a way... You 're showing exemplar recovery and coping skills , you're a mature guy, while the boy frankly, I still think he has some issues (you suspested he had depression ?), he showed no emotions at all or validation for the relationship you two had. Also he didnt talked about these issues prior the break up, so that you could work it out. He's been quite devious and impulsive in my opinion Yes you're going to find the one who appreciates you :)
  11. -Deep Breathing -Coloring Books -Talking to one self about intrusive or conflict thoughts using a speaker voice, making attention to pronunciation and expressivity, it puts distance from the problem and you -Tidying, as fast as I can -Zooming out from my thoughts to the room I am in and then to outer world (birds singing, North Pole ice melting, Aurora Borealis, people stuck in traffic jam) There's a lot of stuff going on beside my head! Yours???
  12. Ettore you may have some insecurities but you sure already has ideas, The trivia night sounds very cool to me, maybe you could train yourself some days to ask those 6 people. Based on being an activity that it's well known you dont have to explain or intruduce anything, just ask them if they fancy a trivia night and be prepared to receive [yes] or [no ] answers! If I get some ideas I'm going back here to write!
  13. Hey? everything ok? We hope to make a sigh of relief for you 2! :) Stay in touch
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