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  1. Well, this is different...

    Oh, I had some bloodwork done a few months ago which he briefly reviewed - I do have a very low Vit D level (always have) and my folic acid is a bit low. I'm on Vit D, but it never makes any difference, even when I finally reach a normal level.
  2. Standing up for yourself.

    All you can do is continue to encourage and support her. The mindset she is in is a very hard one to break out of and it won't be until she sees for herself how destructive the relationship is that she will be able to leave. Always remember that whatever she does - or doesn't do - is her choice.
  3. Well, this is different...

    Thanks, Waterfalls. And welcome to DF!
  4. Well, this is different...

    Not sure what bloodwork you are talking about here. I didn't have any done on this visit. Since my problem was "spiritual" and I am not a cash cow, they didn't draw any.
  5. The Problem of Evil

    I actually don't believe in inherent "Evil." Our own bad decisions and choices throughout the ages have created all that warfare and starvation and disease and all the other suffering in the world. Until mankind realizes that, we will continue on this path. Blaming our suffering on some Other only perpetuates the suffering.
  6. Well, this is different...

    Was trying to figure out today the ethics surrounding an MD recommending an exorcism (still can't get used to writing that) for an individual with a qualified diagnosis of PTSD and DID. I found this: I also discovered that the MD in question already has a previous ethics violation with the AMA for sexual misconduct. I didn't check him out before I went. Guess I gotta start doing that now, too. Oh, except it'll be a cold day in hell before I go back to a doctor again.
  7. My therapist is unprofessional

    This would bother me, too. But before you write her off, I would have a discussion with her about it. She might not be aware she's doing it, or that it's bothering you. I'd probably also say something to her about the paperwork you filled out and how the information you filled out was very important to you but doesn't seem that way to you. See what her response is.
  8. Well, this is different...

    I have a family doctor I can go to if I have to. But I don't believe "great" doctors exist.
  9. Well, this is different...

    I will probably review him and the facility. I do that frequently when I have both good and bad experiences (although truthfully, most of my experiences have been bad in the last few years). I do it anonymously, mostly so nobody who reads it knows it's me, but I don't really care if they know. I'm not gonna look for anyone else. This was the last in a long series of doctors who treated me like crap in one way or another. I'm done.
  10. Well, this is different...

    Thank you, HeatherG. I have been thinking about reporting him. Not sure I will go that far. I haven't decided yet. I'm definitely not going back, though. Not after hearing that!!!
  11. Well, this is different...

    Thanks, and agree. Haven't found one yet that actually has a heart.
  12. Well, this is different...

    Exactly. And I was hoping he would take into account all my medical issues and give me a new direction to go in.
  13. Well, this is different...

    You know what, though. Every single one I've seen is a complete ass. I emailed my neurologist Monday (and this is like the 6th neurologist I've had) to ask if my Topamax could be contributing to my depression since it apparently is contributing to my inability to find words and he said yes, but I should try therapy and meds and a exercise and psychiatrist first before we try lowering the dose and I told him I had tried all those things - multiple therapies and multiple meds - and his response to that was well, even if you've tried it in the past you should try it again now. OMG. Why does everybody think I'm not doing anything to help myself?????????????
  14. Well, this is different...

    Thanks, Epictetus! Wondering if there are any just regular doctors who actually care about and are willing to help folks these days?
  15. Well, this is different...

    Yeah. I'm glad my therapist told me because I didn't think I was going to go back but now I know I won't. I just can't believe (well, yes, I guess I can) that a doctor in this day and age would actually believe something like that.