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  1. My psychiatrist told me at our last session that my Oedipal Complex (or Negative Oedipal Complex, or Electra Complex - I'm a woman, so I know the right term isn't "Oedipal Complex") was "pristine". What do you think he meant by that? What happened was he used the word "seductive" to describe my mother (she had come to a family session) and I told him that that had disturbed me. It's bad enough that my father finds her seductive, I said to him. He said that he didn't mean it in a sexual way, then he asked me, "Did that make you feel that I love your mother more than I love you?" I knew what he was getting at - that I need my father to love me more than he loves my mother, so I said, "Maybe". Still, it creeped me out a little. I love my psychiatrist but I know that he doesn't love me (and he certainly doesn't love my mother.) He said, "Your father loves you in a different way than he loves your mother". I said, "I understand that (and I do), but I still need him (my father) to love me more." I said, "Is that very abnormal?" That's when he brought up Freud and the Oedipal Complex, which he said was very normal. However (and here's the kicker), he said that he had never seen an example of the Oedipal Complex (mine) so "pristine" before. My psych does have a beautiful way with words, so maybe he was just flourishing. So - does pristine equal hopeless? What do you think? Thanks (BTW - Sorry for rambling -- my psych is on vacation for a week and I'm a little stressed.
  2. I have similar problems with jobs. I'm always scared that everyone else is doing a better job than me and that I'm going to be fired. Being fired is a horrible, horrible experience. (I was fired last year and it actually led to my third - and most serious - breakdown.) Thank you for sharing your story, and I added you as a friend:)
  3. Wow! So many great replies!! I'm definitely going to thank my psychiatrist tomorrow when I see him for the suggestion. I still don't know how to add friends but I'm very happy that I will have a bunch to add as soon as I find out (LOL). Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. Thanks again:)
  4. Hi nhs! Don'y you just love about the weight thing? I've been through so many therapists and it was almost always the same - "just exercise and lose weight". Uh, thanks. However, since I'm finding it hard to even get out of bed, how do you suggest that I accomplish THAT? That's what I love about my psychiatrist now. It's been months and he has never mentioned my weight. (And believe me - it's there to mention!) He treats me like any other suffering mind, and not a fat body. Your post is so nice and understanding - thank you:) Once I learn how to add friends, I'd love to add you (if that's okay with you). Thanks again for your post! Allie
  5. Hi Pippin Does the olanzapine make you tired? I had tried so many antipsychotics before the Risperidone but I couldn't even tell if they were working or not, as I was such a zombie on them! The best (sarcasm) one was Abilify. $250.00 a month for no effect whatsoever!! By the way, may I add you as a friend? I'd like to (if that's cool with you) but I don't know how! Any help with that? And I'm glad the Cymbalta is working for you as well:) Allie
  6. Cymbalta worked for me, as far as keeping me from ******* myself when I was fired in June 2011 but I was still doing odd things - mainly self-injury due to anxiety. My doctor tried a LOT of add-ons but none worked (and all made me exhausted) until he tried Risperidone for me lately. It seems to be working. Is anyone else taking an antipsychotic with their Cymbalta?
  7. What a nice welcome! Thank you so much . I'm really touched by the support and I know that I will be utilizing your site quite a bit. Thank you again!! - Allie
  8. Hello - I'm very happy to have found this site. My psychiatrist recently recommended that I try to connect with others who suffer from depression as part of my therapy. Group therapy seems quite daunting to me so he suggested that I try this. He has me on a Cymbalta/Risperidone combo which seems to be helping a bit so I thought I would reach out and maybe we can all talk each other through this beast of depression. I'm pretty shy and don't connect well with others. Being obese doesn't help. I'm really just looking to find others who have been/are going through "it" with whom to communicate. My depression has been lifelong - suicide attempt in high school, okay in college, dysthymia throughout my elementary school teaching career, an emotional crisis which caused me to quit teaching after thirteen years, working at a law firm for five and a half years, fired last year, which caused another crisis/near-hospitalization which led me to seek help. My personal life is pretty dull - I'm 41, single, childless and live with my mother (who has bipolar disorder), father and grandmother. I have little to no ambition and until recently, with the medication change, virtually no hope. I DO have an excellent and caring psychiatrist so when he suggested this, I thought I would give it a try. (Does anyone else feel a real love for their psychiatrist? Yes, yes - transference, anyone? I know. Just wondering...) I work full-time at a terrible, crappy job (literally and figuratively - it's in daycare) so I'm not online a whole lot. I do try to check in nightly or at least every other night so I would like to be an active member of the community as much as I am able. I think it's great that sites like this exist and I'd really like to become a participating and active member, if you'll have me. Thanks - Allie
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