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  1. Blah blah blah.....I hate work

  2. cassforfreedom, I hear ya on the being productive and cleaning the house, I was always obsessed with keeping things clean and now I keep putting it off and keep putting it off because I just can't start the task, It sucks!!! So I understand what you mean.
  3. I don't even know what normal even is. Being me is difficult at times with my negative attitude, but I guess that's what makes me....ME! Everyone is different and thats what I like about other people because I find them different and that interests me.
  4. I made it to the store and back and it was quite uneventful and no where near as bad as I had made it before I was actually going to go. Why do I do this to myself??? Maybe next time the dread won't come, (I won't hold my breath though' lol)
  5. I don't know about living but I would love to go to England if I had the chance. I've always thought that it would be an awesome place to visit. Boring Indiana, U.S.A. sometimes gets crummy. Just a bunch of corn and flat land and no awesome accents like the English.
  6. Me too Lily Rain and then after I've done that task of either driving somewhere or meeting for a social event, I feel like why did I obsess over it so much when it wasn't that bad at all, and then I think that maybe next time I won't dread it so much but sure enough the next time comes and it happens all over again, Arrgghh!!!! Give me a break!!!!
  7. I find myself somedays obsessing over the simplest task and dreading it in my mind for hours!!
  8. I find myself obsessing with dreading certain tasks I have to do each day. I wake up in the morning and start dreading them over and over obsessively. I have to go to the grocery store after work and I "hate" going. You would think I was having a leg removed or something because it seems to be as painful for me. Please tell me I'm not alone on this one.....
  9. I can relate to the morning thing as well. Hell, I have a thread that I started called whats your 1st thought when you wake up in the morning? So yes I know exactly what you are feeling. I love sleep bcuz I don't have to think for a little while, ya know? Cuz when I think I tend to over think and then I worry and DREAD doing things and it all starts in the morning. Any of this sound familiar to you?
  10. Hello!!! Hopefully this will be a good place for you to blog your thoughts and a place that you will never be judged and always be helped :O) "Keep your chin up" Yeah we've all heard it and I wish it did help for as many times as I've heard it. People always say that because they cannot relate to Mental Illness if that is the case with you. And if you don't understand it alot of times thats the only response you will get from other people and thats ok with me atleast they are trying to acknowledge your problem. Post more about your situation when you can. ((Hugs)) Heather
  11. My OCD is CLEANING!!!! Things that don't bother most people about their houses or apts are thing sthat drive me crazy!! I have to have a perfect looking interior/exterior house at all times. Why? Because apparently I am nuts!!! Well thats what my husband thinks, lol I've gone from general weekly cleaning to daily cleaning to having nothing left to clean and started cleaning walls???!!! But thanks to medicine I have chilled out some but its still there but not as bad. I am so PRO-meds for a couple reasons. I am not as depressed and I am not as crazy clean anymore. I actually can enjoy life a little more instead of worrying about a crumb on the floor!! LOL
  12. Great job!!! I am super proud of you and LOL on the Legally Blonde quote. Now!!!!!! Think about this, When you do get a little energy and you stay busy or accomplish stuff don't u feel good about yourself when you are done and usually have extra energy once you get ur heart rate up? Its those times that I want to relax that my mind beats the crap out of me!!!! I get depressed because I didn't accomplish anything, but still I feel like why am I not allowed to relax!!???
  13. Hey Insidious, Don't say that about yourself. I'm sure people that have everything that they have ever wanted are able to be unhappy also. I don't think it matters who you are and what you have. Its an equal opportunity disease that turns down no application and it doesn't discriminate either. So see it doesn't matter how good a life may be to someone else there is always room for depression. And I'll try to think of all the good things that I have in my life but sometimes the grass is always greener on the other side.
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