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    Memphis, TN - Center of the Musical Universe
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    Avid reader, film buff, musician, guitarist, father of 3, ex-husband of 1, outdoorsman, good cook, published author, history buff, Deadhead, Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Widespread Panic fan, live music taper, car buff, Eagle Scout, comic fan, computer nerd, Master's Degree in Business & Finance, lifelong Redskins & Yankees fan.

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About Me

I happen to suffer from:

1) Severe recurrent depression, treatment-resistant, (treated since 2000).

2) Inattentive form of Adult ADD (treated since 2012).

3) Alcoholism (sober since 1/13/98).

4) Drug Addiction (sober since 1/13/98).

So I suppose you might say that I have a quadruple diagnosis. Most anything else that's "about me" and seems relevant is in the "Interests" section. Any questions? Need a friend, or someone to talk to? Always let me know. I do reach out to, and communicate with people very freely.

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