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  1. Well that’s that. She finally responded to me. She called and told me that she’s never speaking to me again. I guess that makes things pretty simple, apart from the heartbreak. I’ve done what I can.
  2. One of my very best friends in the world is on here. I’m not going to single her out. We haven’t talked in almost two weeks. I’m heartbroken. I’m very concerned about her. I love her and I miss her tremendously. I wish she would talk to me again but I just don’t know if that’s going to happen & that breaks my heart. I honestly don’t know what to do.
  3. No! You shut up and be quiet!! And you go away!!
  4. Sad, frustrated, disappointed, depressed, anxious & most of all... angry.
  5. Today I’m not doing incredibly well. I’m bored, unmotivated, a bit lonely yet content in isolation, somewhat anxious & depressed. Part of what’s driving me crazy is a bit of ongoing drama with the (ex?) girlfriend. Unresolved matters which hopefully will be resolved in the next day or two.
  6. Yeah, that’s exactly where I am and how I feel. And I just don’t have a clue what to do with that. Ah, the joys of unrequited love. Misery.
  7. Still struggling with the breakup emotionally, but what the hell do I expect? I know this is just part of the landscape. Nothing to do but live through it. What’s making it so damned hard is that there’s no animosity or anger there at all. We still have the same feelings for each other. That’s why I’m having such an impossible time letting go.
  8. Not good. Still very much emotionally crushed by the breakup yesterday. Went to a (AA) meeting and that helped for a little while. And hell, I’m still sober, so there’s that. I just feel like shit. I love Kelly and I miss her dreadfully but the only choice I have is to let go. So actually, I really don’t have a choice at all.
  9. My girlfriend Kelly just broke up with me. My heart is broken. Those are just nonsense words on a page but right now I can’t do justice to how I feel. And I know. Everyone’s sorry.
  10. Just checking in. How’s everyone doing?
  11. Well, no anxiety-producing girlfriend text tonight even though she promised to talk to me. I’m just gonna say goodnight & leave it alone. As I’m crashing I’m gonna go back to one of my wells. The Blues. Clapton tonight. Soothes the troubled soul. Remember - “The Blues ain’t nothin’ but a good man feelin’ bad.”
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