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  1. Most everything in my life right now is a problem/situation that needs to be resolved. (Not being dramatic.) I’ve let virtually everything suffer. Having to formulate a plan to put everything back together. Also currently going through a breakup. Heartache is the worst.
  2. Back after a couple of days. I’m in a rut within a rut. Semi-paralyzed, fearful, despondent, anxious, doubtful, lonely, empty, hopeless, listless. I simply cannot live like this for the rest of my life. It’s already taken far too much out of me. Over the years, I’ve tired of fighting as I once did.
  3. God, I absolutely hate going into work when I’m feeling depressed. I do know exactly how that feels. A few months ago, I was doing extremely badly for a few days. At work, one of those days, someone looked at me & I could tell from the look on their face that I must have looked almost as bad as I felt. ”Are you okay?”, they asked me. ”<Deep breath>. No, actually I’m not.” And I went home. Take care of yourself.
  4. Oh hell. I am so sorry to hear that. Take some solace in being together.
  5. Not very well tonight. A lot of fear going on, the kinds of fear that come with depression. Can’t tell too clearly where the reality ends & the paranoia begins with respect to that kind of fear a lot of the time.
  6. Here, here. Epic put it very well, indeed. Case in point, your words helped me tremendously tonight, and for that I thank you most sincerely. I’ve been struggling, as I know you are now. You want to feel better, or you wouldn’t have posted this. Also, you still have hope & motivation, or you wouldn’t have posted this. Bite the bullet, check yourself in, and allow the process to bring benefits. A
  7. I actually feel a little better now, realizing that I can come into this thread and think about others right now, instead of being awash in self-centeredness. Amazing how that works. Now, if I can only get some decent sleep tonight.
  8. Not good. Very isolated. No appetite, haven’t been sleeping, emotionally numb, feeling closed off. Not sure exactly why I’m posting at the moment. Maybe just to demonstrate to myself that I can, and thus, certainly must not be doing all that badly. Whistling in the dark.
  9. Brother, I feel your pain. I do. I’m going through a similar sort of relationship event right now. They’re just so incredibly difficult, especially in terms of how & why they end. Closure is such a rarity. One thing that has helped me is to know that two people are/were involved. I’m never the sole problem or cause of the end.
  10. I’m sure that many others on here know more about it than I do, and could give you some helpful details.
  11. Slate, Welcome! I wish it were under more pleasant circumstances. I don’t know of anything that’s guaranteed, but I have heard of a newer electro-magnetic treatment method which is supposed to be quite effective for many people. Have you looked into this at all?
  12. I haven’t slept much the past two nights, so I’m hoping that tonight is going to be better. The AC’s on the fritz today, which won’t help. If only being tired ensured good sleep. Hang in there and keep hanging around on here. Get to know people & keep making yourself at home. I’m sure glad to have you here, and I know others are too, for sure. I identify closely with exactly how you’re feeling right now. Hang in there tonight & let’s see where you are tomorrow, my friend.
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