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  1. Hey Clarissa, I tend to find with the Aspergers I can get the effects on much lower doses with pretty much anything I take :) I hope the new dose helps, I'm sure it will, it's pretty strong stuff. It is a pity that so much negative exists on this medication, it's almost as if people think they can take mind altering drugs and have no side effects, you will always have side effects! Let me know how you get on with the new dose :) Dave x
  2. I have seen so much negative about venlafaxine that I felt I needed to write my experiences down. I am a 37 year old male with mild aspergers. I have previously used prozac which sent me manic and citalopram which I was allergic to. My main issue since I went through puberty(14) has been anxiety. i have had bouts of major depression throughout my whole life and the most current episode lead to me trying to take my life on 4 occasions. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me 75mg Venlafaxine XL. The first few days I was pretty much bed bound, it literally knocks you off your feet. I noticed that my water retention raised about 3% almost straight away. I have however lost weight on this medication, around 1/2 stone in the first month. I have been taking this for just over 4 weeks. The effect on anxiety is almost miraculous, both family and friends have commented on how much more relaxed I am. It also seems that at such a low dose I am getting very little emotional blunting. Other than that I have had very few side effects. Finding a medication when you have autism is very hard, you tend to be prone to every side effect in the book and alot off SSRI's can induce bipolar like symptoms. I'm sure I won't enjoy coming off these but for now I'm just happy to feel back to my old self, something I have not felt in years! Dave x
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