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  1. Good. I have been at my job for a month and am really enjoying it. I even updated my Linkedin account with my new position. AND I have a date tomorrow with someone that I am very excited about!
  2. I just keep thinking about the person that posted "just get over it." If it were only that simple. Feeling pretty good. Glad it is almost the weekend.
  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am happy to report that things are going really well at my new job. It has been almost a month, and my anxiety has dissipated. There is a lot of work to do, but it is work that I find interesting and challenging, and it is so nice to have my mind engaged in productive tasks. I get home pretty beat, though. But it is a "good tired" feeling. Hope you are well.
  4. Tired and glad it is Friday. It is the first day of spring but snowing in NYC. But overall, good. Just finished my third week at the new job. YAY!!! It is silly, but I told myself I would not update my LinkedIn account with my new position until I have been there for a month. Part of me still thinks I cannot handle the new job, but only a small part:)
  5. Feeling upbeat, although there is alot of work to do at my new job. But I am grateful to be feeling productive and "on my game again." Also feeling more energized to add school work into the mix. I am committed to completing my doctoral degree in the next two years!
  6. Pretty good. The new job jitters have mostly disappeared. Am really liking the new gig, even though it is alot of work. But am getting home with more energy at the end of the day. For all of you that are in the depths of despair, I am proof that you CAN come out of it, although it is never soon enough!
  7. Grateful that my anxiety over starting the new job is starting to dissipate.
  8. I accomplished my first full week back working at a new job! Not much else, but it is a start. Am so thankful it is Friday.
  9. Had my 4th day at the new job, and got a bunch of work done! Am so happy that tomorrow is Friday and I will have two days to sleep in and rest. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me in this journey. Getting back into the work force after/while dealing with depression and anxiety is very difficult - but I believe it can be done.
  10. Feeling anxious. The mornings are the worst for me, have always been when I am dealing with depression and especially anxiety. But yesterday the anxiety subsided by midday and I was feeling very energized and excited being at my new job. Hope this happens as well today. Day four of new job, and am looking forward to the weekend.
  11. Anxious and a bit tired, although I slept a good 9-10 hours. Except when my cat woke me up at 2AM and then at 6AM;) I am starting my third day at my new job. My anxiety revolves mostly around performance - will I be able to do something? Will I be able to handle pressure? Will I succeed? But I keep reminding myself that I do not have to have it all figured out just yet - I just came on board. Luckily, the people at this organization seen very friendly, and laid back. A WELCOME change from my last organization. Anyway, wish me luck DF members! It helps me to post here and read the experiences of others.
  12. Had my second day at the new job. Still anxious, but am not listening to my negative self-talk.
  13. Very tired after my first day at a new job. But proud of myself for taking this step to getting back my life.
  14. Had my first day at my new job. Even though I was anxious, I got through! Am exhausted now - and going to bed early.
  15. I think that anxiety is harder for me to deal with than depression. When I am anxious I experience nausea and loss of appetite. Sometimes I even have to vomit. I am about to start a new job tomorrow after being out of work for a year. Even though I have been feeling pretty good for the last couple of months, I am petrified that the stress of starting a new job will cause me to relapse. Partly this is due to the fact that at my last job I was dealing with a very difficult boss which contributed to my depression and anxiety. I have been trying to manage my anxiety symptoms today by taking long walks and trying to relax. But I just feel so tense and scared. I really want to be back in the work force. I know once I get settled in to a new routine I will be even better than I have been for the last couple of months. But I am trying to prepare myself for this start-up anxiety. Can anyone else relate? How did you all manage?
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