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  1. Hi, I take zoloft for anxiety attacks. For me it works very well. The older medications are best for last resort as they can have long-lasting side effects. I feel like I have an overactive bladder when I become anxious, like I need to get somewhere on time or have to drive far, but it's just the anxiety and only occasionally. You sound like you would really benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy as well. It sounds like your bladder spasms are from anxiety and a therapist would be able to help you through the systemic effects of anxiety so it becomes less and less dramatic over time. The book The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourne is very helpful. You can preview most of it online for free from Google Books. HTH!
  2. I just went through a 4 month bit of insomnia from anxiety. Yes, journaling helps. I find it helps best if I follow it with praying about all the things I just wrote down. Deep breathing for 5 minutes also. Are you sleeping at all and waking up too early? If so you might want try a light box two hours before you want to go to sleep. This helps reset your circadian rhythm.
  3. You are not weak, perfectly understandable that you went with your gut feeling that this medicine wasn't going to be the one to help you. Hope you find something that does help. Stay healthy!
  4. How are you doing now? I can't eat well with anxiety either. Maybe try to add in some protein shakes, Ensure or something. Hypoglycemia makes everything worse.
  5. Are there any behavioral health centers attached to a hospital that might have psych nurse practitioners instead? The place I first went to was like this and they had a day set aside for new appointments to get people in quickly. Just a thought. It does seem like you were moved up quickly.
  6. Sorry you are having a hard time getting through to your family to get help. Is there another adult you can ask for help with explaining to them that you are feeling so bad? Can you make an appointment with a counselor at school maybe?
  7. Hi Teddy, I can send you some links and ideas via PM. Sorry for not getting back to you.
  8. I was told the GI effects are because we have serotonin receptors in our gut as well, but it should ease up I hope. It does make me wonder that these medicine can get rejected by the body after so long. Makes me think the brain finds a way to block it for a reason and adds to my worry about SSRIs in general. Not saying they are bad, just that I overthink. I decided after three years to go off it because I wanted to be in control, but after a few months I was back to worrying about everything at high speed, non stop anxiety and not being able to eat and sleep. So I had to go back on it. It's been six weeks and I can finally sleep and do have an appetite mostly. I'm realizing even if medication dramatically improves things, it's best to talk to someone and learn behavioral therapy. People like us will always need coping skills.
  9. Hi, Sorry you are going through this. I would see about taking it in the morning instead if you are having trouble staying asleep. Insomnia is always the last thing to go away. Everyone is different but I would say you could give it a few more weeks, especially since you upped the dose. For me this medicine had strong GI side effects in the beginning too. I hope it improves for you. I do think zoloft is known to be good for anxiety. I feel for you! I am 39 also, with no issues really. I've been dealing with intense anxiety from about 17 also. It's horrible! I took a while to get help, so I can't imagine how nerve wracking it must be to have something work for you for so long and then stop. I've heard people say sometimes they need a break to "reset" and then go back on the medicine that worked. Maybe that is a possibility. It's great you are getting therapy and switching to a psychiatrist. Hang in there!
  10. Wow! What a horrible rule! I really hope they repeal that quickly. You seem capable of writing, but I'm sure there are many who are not. Glad your are getting help.
  11. Hi you are going through something and it does sound like it would be good to.talk to someone. Being depressed and anxious for years is tough, it would really help to see someone. I think heightened empathy goes with anxiety. I can't watch movies when I'm going through anxiety and I worry about strangers. It can get overwhelming. Please look up coping techniques for anxiety attacks like deep breathing and try one next time you feel one coming on. I have found the book The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook very helpful.
  12. Sorry posted too soon. So I respect your opinion. Would you like to elaborate? I have never taken benzos or anything else and I'm going to start seeing a therapist who is known for not pushing meds, so I'll see what her opinion is too
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