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  1. Atleast she is honest when she says she does not want a relationship, i think its worse when girls say they want a relationship knowing deep down in their hearts that they dont want one. It sounds like she is keeping her options open, it sounds like she may like you. But dont put your hopes on one girl. If she is seing other guys she will probably dump you the minute she finds a better guy. Perhaps you should also consider seing other girls, if she knows shes the only woman in your life that will give her more power.
  2. Sometimes i wish i was 18-19 again. It scares me when i think someday i will not be part of the young crowd anymore. It also scares me when i see 35 year olds looking old, because i know that oneday the same is going to happen to me. I just wish there was some way of stopping the ageing process. Some people look very young even in their forties, i think genes play a major role. I think that woman that have kids tend to look older, im not sure why that happens. I think the modelling industry and the media in general puts so much pressure on people to look young. Its probably worse for woman because people tend to judge woman according to looks. People usually say that once you turn 30, things usually go down hill because your metabolism starts to slow down etc. How was your 30th birthday? just saying 30th birthday makes me depressed.
  3. Hey Now that you are in your thirties how do you feel? What is your health like, is it better or is it worse? How do you feel about your age, do you still feel young? I feel like society puts alot of pressure on people to look young and once you a certain age, you are simply not good enough anymore.
  4. I wonder what does the process of death feel like. How would it feel if my heart stopped beating, how would it feel if my blood circulation stopped. I can only imagine what it might feel like. What does it feel like to bleed to death? What does it feel like to drown? What does it feel like to die in a car crash?
  5. Hey When i look back at my life i have many regrets. There are so many things that i wanted to do in my life, but due to anxiety i did not do many things. I'm not happy with the way my life has turned out. Fear has controlled my life for so many years, and it still continues to control my life. Fear even control my decisions i make in life. When i make a decision i usually think about everything that could possibly go wrong. 1. I regret staying indoors for so long, i really regret isolating myself. 2. I regret not taking more chances when i was younger. 3. I regret allowing other peoples negative attitudes and opinions to bring me down. 4. I regret always postponing things. ( I regret always saying, "I dont have to do it today, i can always do it tommorrow").
  6. Hey I suffer from anxiety and i get panic attacks almost everyday. Some days are better than others, sometimes it feels like my anxiety is getting better. But just when i think things are starting to go better my anxiety gets worse. My mind is filled with worst case scenarious from the moment i wake up, i think of everything that could possibly go wrong during the day. My anxiety also stops me from doing many things that i want to do. Sometimes i want to do something productive, but then i usually come up with allsorts of reasons as to why i cant do it, i usually talk myself out of things. I also worry about getting panic attacks before i even get them, eg. if i go for a job interview i usually think to myself, "What if i get a panic attack during the job interview?", "What will the interviewers think of me if i get a panic attack infront of them?" When i get a panic attack this happens: 1. I start to stutter 2. My heart beats very fast 3. My hands get very sweaty 4. I struggle to think straight What has helped you to deal with panic attacks? What works for you? I would also like to know what makes your anxiety worse?
  7. I think it also depends from which angle you look at it. An 80 year old would consider 25 to be young, but a 16 year old would probably consider 25 old. Some people say i'm young some say i'm old. I can relate to what you are saying, i feel like my youth has gone down the drain.
  8. Hey I also get upset every year when its my birthday. I also tend to get upset with myself during new years eve, because i realize that i just wasted another year. Every new years eve i think about the year that has passed and the missed opportunities i had during that year, if i think about all the missed opportunities i had it makes me feel worse about myself. I think the only reason i get upset when its my birthday is because i'm in my mid twenties and: 1. I dont have friends 2. I have achieved nothing in my life 3. I dont have a car 4. I dont have a house 5. I dont have a girlfriend 6. I had so many dreams when i was younger and i have not achieved any of them I think if my life improved i would probably feel better when its my birthday, at the moment i dont have friends that wish me on my birthday and it does make me feel sad. Getting older really scares me, why must we grow old. I hope things improve for you.
  9. Hey I also have a fear of dying, i think about death almost everyday. This world and life in general seem so pointless. Why were we designed to die? What happens when we die? We will only know what happens after death when we die someday. I have a huge fear of the unknown, uncertainty really bothers me. I have never been dead so i dont know what happens after death. Even if we die, our posts and threads will remain on this forum for other people to read and understand what we went through when we were alive. Whenever we post something on this forum there is somebody somewhere out in the world reading our posts, sometimes we think our posts are useless and pointless but there may just be somebody out there that reads your posts and think to themeselves, "I can relate to that post". I hope things go better for you! Good luck!
  10. Hey Sambo1 Why was your job interview terrible? Were the questions difficult or were you too nervous? I dont like job interviews, it makes me very nervous. Once i went for a job interview and it turned into a complete disaster. When the interview started i got so nervous that i started to shake and stutter. The interviewer asked me questions, but due to my anxiety i could not answer the questions properly because i was too busy wondering what the interviewer was thinking about me. I think going for interviews is one of my biggest fears. The interviewer has to judge my personality and that makes me nervous. In an interview we have to live up to a certain standard and if we dont live up to that standard we are not good enough for the job.
  11. Hey I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and ocd. I have a hard time making friends, and at the moment i dont have any friends. Because i have no friends the only things i usually do is eat, sleep, watch tv, listen to music and play video games. I have noticed that when i am isolated for long periods, my anxiety increases and i find it harder to relate to people. The longer i isolate myself the worse it gets. Staying indoors for a few days is still ok, but the minute i stay indoors for a few weeks, my anxiety gets very bad. I watched a tv program once in which a guy talked about how he got lost in the middle of nowhere. When he got lost he had no cellphone, radio or tv. He was lost in the middle of nowhere and he was all by himself. He said the only thing he could do was think. I would like to know from other people on this forum, does isolating yourself increase your anxiety or does it relieve you from anxiety. How do you feel when you are isolated for long periods?
  12. I also noticed that if i dont make an effort to start a conversation with a girl, they wont start a conversation with me. If i sit next to a girl she wont say anything unless i say something. I also have to greet first, if i dont greet they dont greet. It seems like girls dont want to take the first step in starting a conversation.
  13. Hey jeremiah I dont feel much better, some days are better than others. My anxiety levels fluctuates, some days i have more confidence, but some days i feel so nervous that i struggle to leave my room. Joining this site has helped me, it makes me feel less lonely. I wish i had friends in real life. I think short term isolation is probably ok, but i dont think long term isolation is good. Atleast i have a tv and radio i can watch and listen to.
  14. Hey jeremiah At the moment i am isolated and its making my anxiety worse. I think social interaction is a very important part of life. I find it very hard to make friends, i usually end up being rejected and ignored. Having no friends makes me feel like im not apart of this world.
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