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  1. I had to be switched off Prozac onto Paxil because Prozac stopped by birth control from working, I'm surprised my psychiatrist didn't see the reaction but I'm glad someone else did. I am experiencing suicidal thoughts on Paxil and a real lack of energy. I may have to up my Paxil again or switch.
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    Self Isolation

    Hey noselfesteem, I hope things have gotten better in the time that has passed. I just thought I'd share that I am self isolating because I'm afraid of hurting people or being a burden. It's a lot of depressive thinking, and joining in with other people with help. It all takes practice, and I hope we can all practice together. I am making it my own goal to join in with the world because being alone seem to amplify the effects of my depression. I hope this helps.
  3. Just thought I'd say hi. I've been battling depression ever since I was about 13 and I'm now 20. I am happy I made it through high school, I never thought I'd see the day. I actually tried going to an alternate school at the age of 16 because the year before I would just stay home and cry. I am sick of my depression weighing me down and I'm hoping on fighting back. I am still lacking motivation and my house is a mess and sometimes I don't even cook dinner. The worst part is that I"m actually the caregiver for my disabled mother. She's been disabled all my life and I just learned recently that I've resented her for most of my life. However I've learned to let this resentment go through a caregiver's support group. Now I'm trying to get my own life on track. I've always let my depression stop me from doing things I love and sometimes the things I need to do. I actually just stopped going to my job at the age of 15. I just stayed home because I didn't want to burden them with my presence. I find myself holding back a lot of days. Whenever I'm upset I just hide it and try to make everyone else smile. I also bottle my anger and explode. I've been seeing a psychologist since I was 12, and went to the hospital where they put me in the psych ward for having suicidal thoughts and planning on doing it that night. I've felt so alone for the longest time, and I hope I can find some answers here. So I'm joining the group on here so we can all fight our own individual battles together. I'm here for you.