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  1. any one takes the combo? its good combo? there is any drug interactions/interfearance between those 2 drugs?
  2. any one takes the combo? its good combo? there is any drug interactions/interfearance between those 2 drugs>
  3. any one here has experienc with taking prozac before bed? now im taking 300 wellbutrin + 20mg prozac in the morning and i want to transfer the prozac to before bed for convinient. any one has taken prozac before bed?
  4. and suddnley its gonna help? how should i feel it? and it really takes from 4 - 8 weeks? beacuse
  5. hey, i was taking wellbutrin 300mg that wasng helpful, the pdoc gave me prozac 40mg to take together with wellbutrin. i take it alredy 2 weeks and really dont feel any diffrance at all and my depression still very very bad and i dont have mood to do nothing at all. should i wait more for prozac to effect or its just not helpful?
  6. oh and i forgot to ask, there is a differance of efficancy between prozac and generic prozac?
  7. after wellbutrin alone wasnt helpful and didnt worked my pdoc prescribed me wellbutrin 300mg + prozac 60 mg, any one heard about this combo, it is a good. common combo? he also suggested cymbalta + wellbutrin, what combo is better and any one have experience with wellbutrin + prozac?
  8. thanks, well i have meeting with my adoc tomrrow and hopefully ill get prozac or other combo with wellbutrin that gonna help me unlike wellbutrin
  9. i forgot to mention that cipralex helped me alot for 6 months beacuse i gained weight and i stopped it beacuse of it.
  10. hey again, after some diggint in the net i found info about drug that called Fluoxetine(prozac), has any one have tryed that med? its cause weight gain or its neutral? its helps depression?
  11. so heres my story: i used cipralex 20mg for 6months and its helped alot, i also found a job and was pretty happy but its caused weight gain, than i stopped it and swithced to 300mg wellbutrin whice i take alredy 4 months and its not helps even a bit and my depression got worse i dont have motivation for nothing. so the question is whice anti depressent is highly effective but not cause weight gain? maybe if i try cipralex and wellbutrin together i wont gain weight? this combination is possible? thanks. oh and before i tried the cipralex i tryed topmax and it really didnt helped...
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