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  1. I feel bad. I had intense rumination and crying. I am tired of bein treated like shit because im unattractive, ugly... Yesterday I was walking and envoying the sun. When I came back a car drive by and the driver scream at me then drive aways. Back in high school it was a inside joke : the guy would scream in horror when they saw me cuz im ugly. The incident from yesterday was one of the same guy from high school. I graduated HS 12 years ago.. that same guy did the same when i was walking back in 2012 too. Can you imagine that same shit go on years after graduating. What is my crime? Being ugly. And I checked the bully fb and like most of my bullies he his pretty succesfull. Its weird before walking I was ruminating about the 2012 incident and that sh*t happen yesterday..the worst part is im always wearing my hat n sunglasses plus i gaigned 60pound since HS... Im really tired of this.
  2. Haha nope. Beside I gotta study 😣😂
  3. I had a weird dream where I burned down the shopping center by putting a bomb inside an enveloppe. The police was on to me and wanted to search my cellphone. This was such a stressfull and realistic dream that I was so relieved when I woke up. I dont feel any better with the rumination. All the crappy moment of my life keep rewinding im my head non stop...
  4. We are from the same area I think 😛 Im glad I dont have to leave home this w-e and be stuck in the grand prix rush like last time 😧
  5. Same here. I'm tired of rude people, people that look at me in a rude way, giving me the stink eye look, looking at me in disgust etc. FIY im not in high school...
  6. Cleaned my room. Found 2 halfs empty pot of salsa under my bed. I Think the monster who live under my bed had a party hmm 🤔
  7. Cleaned a bit Study one subject and I have a lot more. Took care of my pet tamagotchi
  8. Right now hot coco would bring me comfort but I must resist
  9. I feel dizzy. I still went to class. but danm its so cold. cant wait for the day to be over.
  10. I've decided I had enough and will start eating right starting today. I was hesitant when I went to the store yesterday yet I still bought chips and chocolate. but I want to steer clear from these foods... I cant keep thinking tomorrow ill do better . I dont plan to go back to the gym at school dont feel like it lol
  11. I wish I could go back in the 90s and just be a child again. and go back to the 00s and work harder in school.
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