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  1. Jeez the last 3 weeks have been terrible Soooo much junk food consumed. today and yesterday was good. did 50min of light cardio while watching TV. happy new year everyone 😛
  2. My healthy november challenge was a disaster 😞 but i got back on track look like i lost 6 pound. Im trying to stick to a 1200-1300 cal diet plan.
  3. Lost 2 pounds. I feel it will be really hard to not eat my emotion. Ive got a long road ahead of me.
  4. We didnt have electricity for 53 hour. Glad thats over
  5. In less than 2 days it will be a new month. I Want to try a healthy november challenge. Im tired of failing ..
  6. This is so accurate and frustrating.
  7. i am also tired of ruminating on people who have been rude to me. I Shouldnt waste my energy on them.
  8. Rant on: I am so sick of people. Sick of total stranger looking at me in a rude way. They all give me the same stupid look. Either the look of disgust or the good ole rolling their got danm eye at me.. wtf even when im concealing my face with my hat and sunglasses i get the same shit look. Im not talking about kids but adult. Yes adult. Well ok we all know adult are more awful. Anyway rant off.
  9. How are you guy doing? Im not making any progress. I did do a lot of yard work but I keep eating like crap.
  10. its was a good day until those 2 rude teenager got in the train. I one point when a passenger came near them they were saying loudly how it stick, its smell like someone dirty etc etc but I dunno if they are talking bout me. Im so paranoid. I do shower each day I dunno it pissed me off and pissed me off I didnt say something. I hate being a coward, but its best for me to ignore people insult plus when a black man came in they started snickering. some people are just rude n nasty. Ive seen plenty of respectful teenager but today ughh anyway that was my mini rant
  11. I feel really self concious. I dont feel like walking in public. im angry at how ugly I am. Its not only because Ive gained weight. even when I was at a "normal weight" it was the same thing. My classmate would comment on it even some of the teacher. The bullying started in fourth grade. I didnt think myself as a weird ugly child until then.Even when I changed school it was the same. Even after HS its the same. Now Its worse in my adult year. I feel odd and out of place. Losing the extra 60pound ive gained might make me feel better but it wont change much in the social aspect. But i really need to lose that weight. But im sad that I will never be "acceptable" looking.
  12. Bad. Just ruminating on rude comment, people from 15year ago....im tired of my brain
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