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  1. Im watchimg a bunch of cooking tutorial video. made my first submarine bread it was delicious! my parent where thrilled. but I found myself eating way too much...
  2. yup trudeau failed big time. I also buy my med for 2 month but cant anymore. its was so weird and quiet in the bus and subway last week. and wtf at the 12$ dispensing fee.
  3. this suck. I had my first real job at the beggining of the month but was lay off because business was slow due to covid. well thing are worse for a lot of people. Im also encouraging my dad to stay the F home loll. anyway since quarantine I just be eating and eating. Also i've lost 10 pound before all that.guess all the weight will come back...
  4. Hey im doing fine. Im on vacation for 3 month and trying to find a job in the meanwhile. Tired of getting rejected. My eating habit havent improved 😞. How are you?
  5. my favorite show bojack horserman ended yesteday. Im sad 😐
  6. Jeez the last 3 weeks have been terrible Soooo much junk food consumed. today and yesterday was good. did 50min of light cardio while watching TV. happy new year everyone 😛
  7. My healthy november challenge was a disaster 😞 but i got back on track look like i lost 6 pound. Im trying to stick to a 1200-1300 cal diet plan.
  8. Lost 2 pounds. I feel it will be really hard to not eat my emotion. Ive got a long road ahead of me.
  9. We didnt have electricity for 53 hour. Glad thats over
  10. In less than 2 days it will be a new month. I Want to try a healthy november challenge. Im tired of failing ..
  11. This is so accurate and frustrating.
  12. i am also tired of ruminating on people who have been rude to me. I Shouldnt waste my energy on them.
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