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  1. Cleaned a bit Study one subject and I have a lot more. Took care of my pet tamagotchi
  2. Right now hot coco would bring me comfort but I must resist
  3. I feel dizzy. I still went to class. but danm its so cold. cant wait for the day to be over.
  4. I've decided I had enough and will start eating right starting today. I was hesitant when I went to the store yesterday yet I still bought chips and chocolate. but I want to steer clear from these foods... I cant keep thinking tomorrow ill do better . I dont plan to go back to the gym at school dont feel like it lol
  5. I wish I could go back in the 90s and just be a child again. and go back to the 00s and work harder in school.
  6. had a odd breakfast : drumstick (ice cream), an apple and a cup of coffee. now im paying the price. I dont feel better because of that encounter with that rude stranger yesterday :(. first I feel stupid and it happened near the campus . anyway rude people will always exist and since I dont like confrontation well I never say anything. I feel like im the only one...
  7. I dont feel well l. I started my day okay then some idiot ruined because i was distracted and started yelling swearing at me. some peopl3 have no class. when i see people being distracted and need to move I tell them politely. anyway i feel stupid...
  8. eat shower and watched a good movie with my dad.
  9. I want my grade. teacher stop enjoying your vacation and put our grade up. 🤣
  10. yesterday I keep thinking about junk food a lot. today I went to buy some :chocolate nachos chicken wing ... I was a non stop eating machine. well now I dont feel good or happier and have 25$ less in my account. when will I learn
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