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  1. I can relate. I have a serious fear of going to the dentist. Just remember they won't take your BP at the dentist so that may calm you some. Also I know it's hard to tell someone with a serious phobia to "just relax" But in your case your nervouseness will make your blood pressure worse. Take you meds and try to relax the best you can. I had alot of dental work last year and it was very difficult for me to go through, but I got through it because I know it is for my own well being and health. Just remember that. Also, do you actually have high blood pressure, or is it mainly from your nerves? If it is a little high remember to eat healtly, fruits, vegtables, excercise, drink plenty of water. That should help, good luck.
  2. Are you on medication? Even if your not, you can still talk to your doctor about getting on temporary anti-anxiety meds to get through your finals.
  3. Hello, I am curious how many people take benzodiazepines daily? I am new to meds (more than a month now) and did no major research before going to a GP and requesting AD and AA pills. Then I started to research the particular medicines I was perscribed and was shocked to read about the withdrawls and dependencies when taking benzodiazepines. I take 1mg of lorazepam daily and feel like I need a stronger dose, because I feel like it wears off, possibly becoming tolerant of it. Some days it affects me differently, does anyone else feel this way? I am shocked that doctors don't tell most patients about the percautions or dangers associated with these pills. My doctor called this a "good" medicine, and also said I probably have to be on medicine the rest of my life, the pharmaceutical companies love that. By the way, I wanted to add a poll to the thread, but couldn't figure it out?
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