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  1. What Do you do when the only thing that helps with your depression/anxiety is Klonapin, Xanex, or one of the other benzos? Do you just suffer in pain, or get addicted?
  2. Try not to think about your enemy Duck. Try to distract yourself. I know this is hard though.
  3. Glad things are working out for you Skylark
  4. You can handle it LaurynJcat. Best wishes and (((HUGS)))
  5. Washed clothes, put out birdseed and corn for the deer. Took a shower, cleaned house a little.
  6. Glad things are going pretty good for you. LH
  7. Sorry you are having to go through this RL
  8. I know what you mean Duck. I think about things that happened years ago and then get more depressed.
  9. I have had depression on and off since I was a child. It also runs in my family. I think I am predisposed to have depression and then stress triggers it.
  10. Yeah I have a hard time with this issue too. Always beating myself up because I should be stronger, being male. I know that's bull----, but society has brainwashed us.
  11. I'm sorry you lost your friend. I know that is tough. Relationships have always been my downfall. Hope you feel better soon.
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