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  1. Thanks! :) I will have to see about CBT then.
  2. Thank you! I will have to start calling psychologists then. :)
  3. My name is Jolene. I am from Pennsylvania. I have been having trouble with depression and anxiety for a while, but especially since they cut my hours at my main job and not giving me hours at my other job. PHEAA is also garnishing my wages because I don't make enough money to pay back my student loans. I have been looking for a job in computer science for 6 years, and there are none that want less than 5 years of experience in the field and all kinds of crazy qualifications. I am very frustrated and discouraged, and I worry that I won't be able to live on my own anymore and will have to live with my parents. I have been trying to find a job, but it seems like nobody wants to hire me, especially since I still want to work at my main job. I really don't want to quit my main job because it is a few blocks away from me, and I get low cost health insurance. After a knee injury 2 years ago, I worry that something bad will happen if I do not have the health insurance. I also don't have a driver's license or a car so my job choices are limited. :( Another thing that doesn't help is that I am not good with job interviews. I always get so nervous and probably don't do the best job ever. =/ I have been trying to find a psychiatrist, but it seems to be very difficult to get one around here! I may have to go to a psychologist, even though I think I need meds because my symptoms are severe and getting out of my control. My symptoms tend to get much worse at night! I actually found this forum because I googled to see if other people have trouble with depression and anxiety at night. :o Apparently it is a common thing! It bugs me because I seemed fine mentally until my hours were cut. After my hours were cut, I slowly went more and more downhill mentally. I am also worried because my main job is making us change our uniforms majorly. I just bought new clothes and a new pair of shoes a few months ago, and now I have to buy an entirely new wardrobe! I am very upset because I do not have the money. I can only afford to buy and wear clothes until they start falling apart. I don't even get fancy clothes. My stores of choice tend to be stores like K-mart and Wal-mart. =/ Thanks for listening! I would appreciate any advice. I'm going through such a rough time the past month and a half. =/
  4. I have called a few psychiatrists and have not been able to get an appointment. One even sent me a form letter saying they have too many patients! I have also called my family doctor for help, and he said to go to the emergency room, even though it is not an emergency. Seeing as how the emergency room is expensive, I'd rather not do that. Should I try seeing a psychologist even though I think I need meds? What would you do in my situation? Thanks in advance!
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