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  1. i did NLP for awhile and found it very effective but i think the best way is doing the exercises with a professional as they can be a bit confusing. if you google chris howard he often does free nlp seminars that go for a few days and can have a really big impact on people (myself included). the benefits didnt last but thats because i didnt continue with it.
  2. I have some crazy dreams, very intense, realistic, its like watching a movie sometimes. i know what you mean about the association, i sometimes dread going to sleep because its when i have my panic attacks and get the most depressed - sometimes i also look forward to it because the dreams are more enjoyable than real life
  3. Happy birthday! I just spend my birthday with my parents and siblings because i have no friends, i actually removed my birthday from facebook to reduce the awkwardness of most likely not getting any birthday messages. Even when i had some friends, after having a party one year that one person turned up to, im completly off them. Treat yourself! its your day not other peoples :) Please PM me for the link to the video.
  4. Yesterday i only fell asleep at 530am -it seems to get progressively worse each night as well! the difference for me is that i can sleep so just end up sleeping the whole day - its a vicious cycle.
  5. "Because somewhere deep down in my twisted mind is an obnoxious undying hope that some day I will come across something or somebody who will help me escape all of this." Thats exactly how i feel - you did a great job of summing it up. That one day you'll wake up and something will change like flicking a light switch, and everything will be different. i have no friends, and any time it seems like someone might enter my life i latch onto them in a totally unhealthy way. I cannot count the number of times i have envisioned marrying different people, who i have had all but one conversation with but who im certain are perfect for me and in love with me. This extends to celebrities.
  6. Insidious the advice above is really great I would also recommed just talking to a therapist, i think even just talking about it can be helpful. just so you dont feel alone, I have a voice in my head who i sometimes converse with, its only really when i am in the deepest pit of despair, so i think its just a way of coping and not feeling alone for me. she actually has a name but im not sure if its her name or a name i gave her, its hard to remember.
  7. ive had to goto the post office for over a month now - still putting that off. the reason to goto the post office is to re-direct all my mail, because i cant seem to get around to changing my addresses as ive moved. so yep - simplest things just dont get done!
  8. i go once a week - any less and it just feels too long. however i dont have any friends or family who are aware of my condition, so i think that affects it - the only time i talk about my situation is with a therapist or on the internet.
  9. me too - must be one of those days.
  10. i havent showered since monday ( i think ,it gets hard to keep track!) so thats 3 days now. been like 1 month since ive shaved my legs. being female requires SO MUCH up keep its horrible
  11. no one knows i dont have anyone i trust enough to tell, apart from medical professionals. people must be darn stupid if they dont at least suspect though
  12. i know how you feel, i used to be able to function okay at work as ive always been a closed off person and am good at faking it. recently though its all fallen apart and im on unpaid sick leave until i can pull it together. hopefully i still have a job when that time comes! i cant imagine job searching while my depression is really strong, its hard enough getting out of bed let alone all the bs that goes with job interviews. i used to be on the hiring end and half the time we didnt even bother with references, it was just based on what we thought of the person. i think the old adage fake it till you make it is really true.
  13. Im actually going through this issue right now. im currently full time employed and have been with the company for about a year. have been depressed the whole time however in the last few months my depression and anxiety have gone through the roof and i am having daily panic attacks and feel like i cant function at all. ive had a meeting already to advise them i need to reduce to part time work due to health issues but havent expanded on that. they are being supportive and accomodating and have asked for a doctors letter / certificate saying that i am getting treatment or something to that extent, and then it will be put in place. i dont really know how to ask a doctor for this because ive moved house 3 times in the last 6 months and have only seen a doctor once since being in the area, he did then prescribe anti-depressants and valium. im also wondering if i should disclose in more details to my manager / hr what my health issues are. i work in a very large company who are very by the book and am part of a union so it would be risky for them to discriminate against me however once those issues are out there you cant take them back. im also concerned because ive had many days off due to my illness and want protection if my job is in jeopardy due to that. any advice on the above would be great!
  14. my dog has saved my life, if i didnt have her to go home to and care for i wouldnt have made it through some dark periods. the unconditional love is amazing - they are always happy to see you and always love you - no matter what!
  15. going to work for the next 2 days and not calling in sick
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