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  1. I feel miserable. I just quitted a job i really dislike. I felt great for the first few days but the after-effect hit me.Cuz I haven't found a job yet. I know I shouldn't leave without a job but it has been taking a toll on me. So who cares

    I know how you feel. I had my first days at a new job and I hate it.. I'm going to call them tommorow that it's not going to work and I'm going to quit. So nervous about it though :(

  2. Just disappointed.. I really thought I had finally found a nice guy friend (not into dating currently) he's funny, easy to talk too and smart. So I'm like, great to finally meet a guy who just wants to be friends. I was wrong, suddenly he's starting to hit on me and talk about sex.. This is the third time in a few months already! I just want friend that is a guy, purely platonic but I guess that's too much too ask :(

  3. Yes I feel like that quite often. Not even so much because I've suffered mental illness but also because I just am so different then people my age. I am almost 24 and I pretty much don't like most things people my age enjoy. Going out, drinking alcohol, date.. People always look weird when I tell them! I just really don't feel like doing those things though. Besides that my family has always called me different. I still don't really know why, I was an extremely shy child? So that definitely hasn't helped on me feeling normal.

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