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  1. I haven't had a proper diner in 3 days because I'm soo busy during work.. So yeah I've lived on bread, some pieces of fruit and candy.
  2. Exhausted.. I even fell asleep at 4 pm which has been ages!
  3. I feel like I am too busy lately.. From sitting at home all day I went to having a job and following a 10 week course.. I'm just tired.
  4. Lots of chocolate.. For diner I had meatballs, baked potatoes and veggies.
  5. Not too well.. I'm sick.. Luckily I have a day off tomorrow! :)
  6. Ohhh I'm studying for my drivers license too! Actually its for my permit but still the same thing. What a coincidence! Do you guys need permits in Europe before you can actually get your license?No we don't. You can just follow lessons at a driving school from age 17. Once you're learned enough you get an exam and if you pass you're ready to drive by yourself :) Before you can do your driving exam though you have to pass your theory first.
  7. A delicious cookie, a chocolate bar and other crap.. So it wasn't my healthiest day but I'll make it right tommorow again haha.
  8. For helping a buddy with his resumé and his job application.
  9. One of my goals is acomplished, I found a job! :D My next goal is pass my theory to get my driving license next week.. Other then that I just want a relaxed day tommorow.
  10. Pff tired.. I'm so busy lately I feel that I have barely time for things that matter. Luckily I had a free Sunday this week :)
  11. freckeldface, what a fabulous username. I love freckels haha! I see you are still fairly new, I hope you stick around :)
  12. I'm sorry, that's aweful. Can't you just block him though? She's logging in as our daughter. Gosh some people are so desperate.. Just try to ignore her then I guess. Good luck with it!
  13. I'm sorry, that's aweful. Can't you just block him though?
  14. A bit overwhelmed.. I have so much things to do and just too little time! What doesn't help is that I have a ton of people who can't leave me alone and keep bugging me about it. Just blah!
  15. I actually joined an online dating app a while ago by encouragement from others. I thought I'd hate it but I actually quite enjoy it, definitely met a lot of nice people. Not nessecarily all love interests but I've had some great conversations on there :) So yes, if I were you I shohld try it. What do you have to lose?
  16. LaurynJcat; I love your avatar and if your name is Lauryn for real, I think you have a beautiful name! :)
  17. Since I don't have a job currently I have to volunteer in a thrift shop. I thought I would hate is but it is really nice. A lot of special needs people work there, people who have autism, mental retardation etc.. It's nice working with those kinds of people and seeing how much they like new people around :)
  18. I totally agree! If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all especially online.. Some people are just so pathetic they like bringing other people down. I hope everyone is doing well today! :)
  19. I am not a huge animal lover but we do have a cat and I adore him. He's just so cute and easy going! He's my little buddy haha. On the unrealistic side I'd love to own an orangutang.. They're my absolute favourite animal but yes, it would only do harm to them to keep them in my house obviously. I just think they are so precious and cool, like very hairy humans haha.
  20. I don't think you can learn being alone honestly.. At least not completely alone. Us humans are just social beings. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  21. Mainly my genes because I've had a very happy childhood and I still have a wonderful family.. However on my moms side almost every woman has/had mental health issues especially depression and anxiety.
  22. Roti again, baklava and Turkish cakes. Yum!
  23. That my laptop broke and it will cost me at least 75 to get it fixed..
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